Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ultra Entertainment's Hot 25!

Welcome to the first edition of Ultra Entertainment's Hot 25! We writers here at UE have compiled this list of 25 gorgeous women, in no particular order. The list does not represent a contest, however, we will have a vote by you, our readers, on who you think is the hottest of the hot. Leave us a comment, telling us who YOU think is the hottest, and we will list the Top 5 vote-getters! So now, sit back, scroll down, and enjoy the Ultra Entertainment Hot 25!


She is the front-woman for the all female vocal group, the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger!

Check out Nicole Scherzinger at


You might catch her on MTV's TRL, Entertainment Tonight, or hanging from the arm of Nick Lachey, it's Vanessa Minnillo!

Check out Vanessa Minnillo at


Whether she's bruising bitches in the ring, or taking a taser shot to the back, she's one tough cookie... Trish Stratus!

Check out Trish Stratus at


She's our favorite number...6. The cylon woman with a heart of steel .... Tricia Helfer!

Check out Tricia Helfer at


Currently dropping jaws on CBS's Rules of Engagement, you may remember her from Dawson's Creek... Bianca Kajilich!

Check out Bianca Kajilich at


Her daddy is a big time director, but it's her we love to see on film... Bryce Dallas Howard!

Check out Bryce Dallas Howard Nude at


A sultry soul and r&b singer, possessing 9 Grammy's, 11 Billboard awards, and 3 AMA's... Alicia Keys!

Check out Alicia Keys at


She's been in Playboy, Maxim, FHM, and why not here too? It's Diora Baird!

Check out Diora Baird Nude at


This beautiful Britain born actress has starred opposite Joaquin Phoenix and Zach Braff... she's Jacinda Barrett!

Check out Jacinda Barrett Nude at


Not just a Revlon spokesmodel, but a talented actress as well... Eva Mendes!

Check out Eva Mendes Nude at


At one point she was just the loud female backer for the Black Eyed Peas, but she's now proving herself as a dominant Billboard contender.... It's Fergie!

Check out Fergie at


The second Eva on our list, may play the role of desperate, but somehow we doubt she ever could be... Eva Longoria!

Check out Eva Longoria at


The host of Project Runway, and wife to singer Seal. She's one of the most recognized supermodels ever... Heidi Klum!

Check out Heidi Klum at


I don't know about you, but I've never wanted to be a can of diet coke so bad. Thanks, Kate Beckinsale!!

Check out Kate Beckinsale Nude at


Whether she's slaying vampires, or reliving days over and over, she's always given us faith....Eliza Dushku!

Check out Eliza Dushku at


She wants you to stand under her umbrella, but frankly, we'd rather see her get all wet...Rihanna!

Check out Rihanna at


Adam Sandler gets to feel up her boobs in Chuck & Larry, and we envy him for's Jessica Biel!

Check out Jessica Biel at


A girl like this will make guys like us go see the biggest chick flick ever... she's Rachel McAdams!

Check out Rachel McAdams at


She's the mousy little chick from Party of Five all grown up, and we like what we see...Lacey Chabert!

Check out Lacey Chabert at


She's Seattle Grace Hospital's bustiest surgeon, and we'd let her work on our anatomy... Katherine Heigl!

Check out Katherine Heigl at


The best thing to ever come from a galaxy far, far away. Bald or not, we love her... Natalie Portman!

Check out Natalie Portman at


Whether she's singing her heart out, or making us laugh on the big screen, she's the cutest hot girl out there... it's Mandy Moore!

Check out Mandy Moore at


She turns invisible from time to time, but believe me, tears would be shed if she got stuck that way... Jessica Alba!

Check out Jessica Alba at


She can be seen as The Girl Next Door, in Captivity, or helping out Keifer save the day... it's Elisha Cuthbert!

Check out Elisha Cuthbert at


Best known for her roles in Independent roles, and lately as a less than virtuous girlfriend in a Justin Timberlake movie, she's also working on an album of covers of Tom Waitt's songs...she is Scarlett Johansson!

Check out Scarlett Johansson at

So there ya have it, the Ultra Entertainment Hot 25! Now it's up to YOU, the readers, to determine who will be the first ever Ultra Entertainment's Hottest! Cast your votes in our comments, and then check back next Wednesday, when we announce the winner!!


  1. So I spent most of my time while reading this list saying... "who?" "huh?" and "why?"

    Anyways, the fact that the horse midget Eva Longoria is on this list officially makes it a terrible list.

    On top of the fact that Scarlet is on it. Which yes, she is hot, but come the fuck on, can there ever be 1 fucking list where shes NOT on it?

    Ugh, anyways, Elisha is my vote....

  2. Katherine Heigl x 1000. Hottest woman on the planet.

  3. yeah about 20 of these girls are not even hot.....

  4. So #21 is pretty fucking ugly, I can list tons of other girls that are way better looking.

    Besides that, the only other problem that I am having with this list is the creepy one liners for each girl, did some 40 year old warcraft loving virgin write this? I'm scared.

  5. Tony, you could really have the balls to use your own name, considering you said the exact same thing about the "one liners" on the goddamn message board.

  6. Oh and for the record, my picks were:

    22, 20, 17, 13, 11, 8, 5, 4, & 1.

  7. For one thing douche bag, you above anyone should know I have no problem with letting you know who it is thats punking your fat ass out.

    Another thing, how fucking PATHETIC is it that 2 days later, your panties are still in a bunch over this. Have you sat back and thought about exactly what it is you are mad over. A FUCKING BLOG, ON THE INTERNET, ABOUT HOT CHICKS. You need to drink some damn prune juice and let the shit go kid. On Wednesday, when this happened, it was funny as shit watching how angry you are over this. But now its just sad man, seriously. Let it go.

    By the way, I called them "quips" not one liners. Because they're not one liners, they're quips. I know the difference. And either way, they are still creepy. Uh oh, look out, I said creepy, just like bob said, which automatically makes us the same person.

  8. D Money told me you left a comment. So I came to read what is said. You are quite the detective....

  9. As I knew he would.

    The little shit stirrer....

    o'well, bygones. The hot list was a novel idea.

  10. FWIW,

    Here is my list I submitted. Not gonna make another post about it though. This is no particualr order:

    Scarlett Johansson

    Jessica Biel

    Keyra Augustina ( well known online and to Stern fans,etc)

    Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain ( see above)

    Lacey Chabert

    Adriana Lima ( considered by many the hottest Victoria's Secret model)

    Eva Mendes

    Katherine Heigl

    Bianca Kajlich ( I think she is hot, mostly when she was on Boston public, but the picture is not good, she doesnt have many pics that I know of)

    Joanna Krupa ( I really dont know how she couldnt make a top 25. Maybe thats just me? no, doubt it)

    Diora Baird