Sunday, September 30, 2007

For the Danielle Harris Fans: Video Interview Discussing Halloween, Nude Scenes, Pole Dancing, and More!

After more than a month since the release of Rob Zombie's Halloween, Danielle Harris is dominating our traffic and has proven to be Ultra Entertainments most in demand female in our history! Various Danielle Harris searches (most of you searching for her naked) have brought you to Ultra Entertainment, so now we're going to give the Danielle Harris fans what they want, MORE Danielle Harris. We've found this lengthy interview where she answers questions from her fans. She covers just about every topic you can think of, from her experiences with Halloween 4 and 5, and why she didn't accept the role in Halloween 6 (which WAS offered to her,) to Rob Zombie's Halloween. She is questioned on her thoughts on the different versions of Michael Myers, to the differences between the Dr. Loomis'. One of her fans straight up asks her what she thought about being topless in the new Halloween, and she not only gives answers, but also gives her reasoning for deciding to go for it. Surprisingly, she is even asked, and answers a question about the stalker that she once had years back, to which the story even made Dr. Phil awhile back. And one more interesting tidbit, she reveals that she takes pole dancing lessons, that's right, Danielle Harris, pole dancing, you heard it from Ultra Entertainment. Not only that, but she's trying to get her co-stars from Halloween to attend the classes too! And no, believe it or not, we're NOT making this up. We'll provide the video here to the portion most of you will be waiting for, the part where she talks about being nude in Halloween, and for the rest of you who want to see the rest of the interview, the other parts will show up at the end of this video:

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