Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Danielle Harris Set to Direct Her Own Horror Film! Can She Provide an Old School Slasher Movie?

Well this is an interesting and unexpected tidbit. While checking out the latest interview that legendary DevonLohan.com subject Danielle Harris did with IGN.com, we came across the news that she will be directing her own horror movie. Hmm, that's different. The interview covered the usual talk of Halloween 4 and 5, some other work she's done such as Roseanne, and of course her work with Rob Zombies Halloween and showing her boobs, but the news of her directing a movie is new to us. She says the movie will be an old school style slasher flick, and she'll be pulling in her friends from the genre, as well as her friends outside the genre. The title is yet to be named, but she suggests a good tagline for the movie would be ""What does it take to make it in Halloween?" This is all so weird, of course DevonLohan.com has covered, and uncovered a lot of Danielle Harris material, but we're not sure how to take this news. On one hand, you have someone who has been a part of some great Halloween movies that are awesome, and she also likes old school style slasher movies, without any new school CGI stuff, but on the other hand, there aren't a ton of female made horror movies out there, and usually when an actor gets some bright idea that they think will be great, it more often than not turns out shitty. But hey, more power to her, hope it works out. Unfortunately, she said she'd do no more than a cameo in her movie, possibly as herself. She DOES mention once how she was comfortable topless, and didn't even want to be covered up or anything on the set between takes, and basically just hung out with her boobs all out, works for us! Hopefully that means in her next movies she'll be just as open! Here is what she said on her directorial project:

"I can't give anything away right now, but it's called The Untitled Danielle Harris Project, and it's a feature film. I'm going to pull all of my friends into it that are in the genre as well as quite well known outside the genre that are just really amazing actors and friends of mine that I've always wanted to work with. I'm just going to make it happen myself. I think a great tagline would be "What does it take to make it in Halloween?" And it is a slasher film. Everyone will then know exactly how I feel about the entertainment industry and about actors and actresses that are about my age, as soon as the movie is done. I've got a lot of actors that are going to be playing themselves and doing cameos and I think it will be really, really fun."

Check out the full interview, including topics such as never meeting Jamie Lee Curtis, why she wasn't in Halloween 6, but still got paid, and news on her other upcoming projects visit: Danielle Harris IGN Interview
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