Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lindsay Lohan is broke? Time for a Hollywood Comeback!

Word has it that Lindsay Lohan is already on her way back to Hollywood, because she needs some cash! Unbelievable, she's gone through all those millions already with all the movies she's been in. You would think a person could live off one Herbie movie alone, but hey maybe not. She's said to be returning to Hollywood to film a tango movie or something, which doesn't exactly sound to us like a big money making return, but I guess she's taking what she can get at this point. But being that we all know Lohan > Hilton, Lindsay can definitely make this comeback happen, and after a couple of movies she'll be back on top, being the past few months she's made headlines even without any movie work. Personally, we'd like to recommend Lindsay take the role in the upcoming Hugh Hefner movie, she can take the role as a playboy bunny, she can make some money, and we're all happy. We'll keep you updated on the Lohan watch, and hopefully we'll have some good news on upcoming good roles, and not too much tangoing!
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