Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lindsay Lohan is Out Of Rehab, and Could Now be a Playboy Bunny in New Movie!

How could we not feature a Lindsay Lohan story on the launch day of! Things worked out quite nicely in that theres big story breaking just today...apparently Miss Lohan could star in a new movie that will be a new biopic of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, if she can stay sober that is. The movie will be directed by Brett Ratner, who told E! Online: "She is very talented - if she is sober. She would be great as a Playboy Bunny." Well ok, we'll definitely be rooting for Lindsay if it means she could be playing a role in a movie that will have Playboy bunnies all over the place no doubt. This is a big IF though, since no one knows how Lindsay will do being back in the real world and out of rehab, and usually everyone prefers the crazy drunk wild celebs since they provide endless drunken pics getting out of cars and whatever else, but for the first time, a celeb staying sober may equal something better than drunken upskirt pics! So good lucky Lindsay, we hope to see the bunny (or birthday) suit soon! And as always, Lohan > Hilton!
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