Monday, November 5, 2007

Winona Ryder Gets Naked in the New Movie "Sex and Death 101," Are You Excited?

Well we debated reporting on this, yeah we're usually the first to give our fans news about a famous chick getting naked in a movie (search our Eva Mendes or Danielle Harris posts,) so when we heard that Winona Ryder was getting naked in her new movie "Sex and Death 101," we were ALL over it as usual. But then we watched the actual scene, and were slightly disappointed to say the least. Yeah, sex scene with Winona alright, and it lasted about 10 which we see a fraction of a boob maybe. I guess for you die hard Winona fans, ANY sort of sex or nakedness is a good thing, but when we hear of naked sex scenes, we expect more. But none the less, after much debate, we've decided to post the video for the Winona fans. And also, we've got a screen cap so the boob shot is visible, just in case the video is too fast for you to see anything (and it prob will be). So here are the goods...

And just in case you missed it.......

And if that's not enough naked Winona, and it's probably not, check out Winona Ryders's bio, nudity review, pics and clips at!

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