Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hulk Hogan is having sex with Brooke Hogan!!!!???

That's right. I'm calling this out. This is my theory. Hulk and Brooke at one time or another, have done it together. Hulk and one of Brookes friends were gettin it on, and Brooke herself joined in on it. They are celebrities and from stories I have heard, they get into some weird and crazy shit. And this would not be surprising if it was proven true. I mean look at his "girlfriend". Is that not the spitting image of Brooke? My thoughts on this. He has a girlfriend, that looks exactly like Brooke, so in cases where he is caught making out with Brooke, the press just think its his girlfriend that looks like her. Well guess what, IM NOT BUYIN IT! Plus all the proof was out today, as Hulk was snapped rubbing oil on Brookes crotch and ass area. Sheesh.
Look Brooke, I know you're my daughter and all but, you two are gonna make out, right now.

All joking aside, this is not as strange, no where NEAR as strange as the Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus love connection. Hulk and Brooke is just a little joking here and there but Miley and Billy Ray? YIKES.

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  1. Can you really blame the guy? She's one big hunk of woman!!

  2. I agree.....all that ass layin there, why not lend a helping hand, she's gotten hotter.

  3. Brooke is sooo hot now.....post more pics!