Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kate Beckinsale Goes To The Beach In An Orange Bikini!

Kate Beckinsale is so fucking hot it isn't even fair. Shes 100 times hotter than Scarlet Johansson. That's right I said it. God damn even my wife thinks she's hot as fuck. On top of that, she's got that accent goin for her which adds on even more to her hotness. Plus she is in an orange bikini, and orange is one of the colors for the Phoenix Suns. She's.... perfect...... And, she was in Serendipity with John Cusack which damn near made me cry. Fuck you god damnit she has the other glove ok? Fuck off, let me be.......

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  1. These were awesome when I saw them the first time at wwtdd.com! Good work!

  2. Hey, you fucks wanted some hot chicks on here, I deliver, and you BITCH about it?

    So sad, this is the last time you'll see hot chicks in bikinis on this site, thank Paul for ruining the fun everyone.

  3. Thanks paul, do you enjoy being a faggot?

  4. Oh my goodness! She makes me weak in the knees! I see her and I move like David Elsewhere Thank you!

  5. OH god yes this girl so fuckn hot, oh i love this post, more bodies like this here please.

  6. Well see... paul ruined it for everyone but maybe Ill show kindness and ignore this lack of faith that he shows.

    Also Devon says I ruined the site with posts like this....... maybe I should post Zach Effron pictures