Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jessica Biel Is Not Hot. She Is Queen Butterface!

I don't understand what the big deal is about Jessica Biel. Seriously. She has a bad case of Butterface. And as for her body, it's fuckin average. On top of that, the movies she is in blow. So what is the big damn deal? Seriously.Now the body is lookin alright. She has some pretty sweet love handles goin on. But her face? WTF? I just don't get the obsession some guys have over her. No thanks. I think on the top list of celebs I would give anything to be with, she would rank far beyond the 100 mark. Blargh.

For those of you that think Jessia is actually hot, check out Jessica Biel nude at MrSkin.com.


  1. And Devon is the only homosexual on the site? One of the hottest women in the country, on every major list of sexiest celebs, yet you think she's not hot? Somethin wrong there. May be your opinion, but your wrong on this one if you can't see the Biel sexyness. Should've posted a collection of pics, not just 1 bad pic, the good ones would win.

  2. Yeah, DOM. Sorry but Biel has massive Butterface. I prefer the actresses that don't have ANY bad pictures.

    Oh, and as for that being just 1 pic....


    Yeah, Biel is a hottie alright, especially when she has to use a firehose to rinse off those massive teeth.

    Thanks but no thanks. I'll stick with the hotter actresses.... who actually have a career and can make 1 good movie.


    I am not a homosexual.