Monday, June 15, 2009 is the Address for this Blog, for now anyway

I just thought I would mention that I changed the domain for this blog to This is because of Blogger's Content Warning bullshit. I did not want the main domain ruined any more than necessary while I sort some things out with it.

Eventually I will probably migrate every page of this blog away from blogger and make it a static ssite to preserve the content and links,etc. In the meantime I just made a static page that is a copy of this page at the time I made it.

I think some people might be going to and not know what is going on. Well, that's the story. To read the blog or archives, it's easiest to go to or type in will also always work because that was the original name when the blog was setup on blogger. No matter what custom domain is used that blogspot address will redirect to the correct current setup.

For the foreseeable future, this blog will not be updated but will be kept up because of old posts that are somewhat popular. You can see new blogs at Bunch of Jerks and Hey Buddy Reviews.

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