Thursday, July 31, 2008

Danny Way Takes A Huge Fall at X Games 14

It is one year later after Jake Brown took the biggest fall known to man, and tonight Jake Brown returned. And it was a big moment when Jake Brown landed his trick which put him in first place....

Until Danny Way stole his spotlight. Although not quite the horrific tumble that Jake Brown took, Danny Way still stopped hearts in that arena tonight, and at homes around the world with a pretty rough landing that left him with a sprained back and a broken foot. And those are just the injuries known right now. Because after his spill, he told the doctors he would be going back up to try it again. Which he did, successfully, and landed himself in 1st place. It came down to the final run though, and Bob Burnquist (my favorite skater for many years) once again after falling a dramatic moment, steals the gold medal for the 2nd year in a row.

Here is Danny Ways fall, followed by his 2nd run after his fall.

Thoughts on Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana?

No matter what I do for RVTV. It will never be as awesome as this kids videos.

This is why I don't like Canadians OR Greyhound Buses!

This is some seriously fucked up shit!

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Manitoba (AP) - A man aboard a Greyhound bus repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated a fellow passenger, witnesses said Thursday.

The man was arrested for the killing, which occurred Wednesday night aboard a bus traveling from Edmonton, Alberta, to Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement.

Authorities declined to name the attacker and victim, and provided no other details about the attack.

But passenger Garnet Caton said the victim was stabbed dozens of times by the man sitting next to him. The passenger then severed the man's head with a large knife.

"We heard this bloodcurdling scream and turned around, and the guy was standing up, stabbing this guy repeatedly, like 40 or 50 times," Caton said from a hotel in Brandon, Manitoba, where he and other passengers had been taken to rest.

"There was no rage or anything. He was like a robot, stabbing the guy."

Caton said passengers raced from the bus but then he, the bus driver and a trucker at the scene re-boarded to see what was happening.

Caton said he saw the suspect had the victim on the floor of the bus and "was cutting his head off and pretty much gutting him."

He said the attacker calmly came to the front of the bus to show off the head.

"He dropped the head and went back and started cutting the body back up," said Cody Olmstead, a passenger from Kentville, Nova Scotia.

The victim, who Caton said appeared to be about 19, had been on the bus since Edmonton. He said the attacker boarded the bus in Brandon, Manitoba, about 80 miles west of Portage La Prairie.

The suspect had been on the bus about an hour and initially did not sit near the victim.

"He sat in the front at first, everything was normal," Caton said.

"We went to the next stop and he got off and had a smoke with another young lady there. When he got on the bus again, he came to the back near where I was sitting.

"He put his bags in the overhead compartment. He didn't say a word to anybody. He seemed totally normal," Caton said. "About a half an hour later, we heard this bloodcurdling scream."

Greyhound spokeswoman Abby Wambaugh said 37 passengers and one driver were on the bus.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day called the attack bizarre, but did not discuss details, saying he did not want to jeopardize the investigation.

That sounds like a good horror movie.

Leaked from Comic Con: Movie Trailer: The Wolfman

Took a couple days for this one to hit. It's not quite as in bad shape as a few of the other leaked trailers. You can clearly see everything you need to see. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ghostbusters 3...... the MOVIE?!?!

Rumors are going wild today with this news. After all 4 original actors reteamed to lend their voices to the all new Ghostbusters video game, it appears they have all got the itch to return for one more Ghostbusters movie!

And the real kicker, is the plot somewhat revolves around the 4 old and out of shape guys ready to give up the business and pass the torch on to a new group of Ghostbusters, rumored to be Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill and Romany Malco!

If this news proves true, this could be the greatest movie ever made. I will be on the look out for further proof to these rumors, or anything debunking them to keep everyone updated.

The Princess And The Frog Teaser! Old School Disney Returns!!

I am very excited for this movie. A. It has John Goodman doing a voice, and anything with Goodman, is good to me. And B. Disney returns to old school hand drawn animation! Weeeeeeee!!!!! Their animated movies lately have been kinda crappy, like Brother Bear, blagh. But the team behind The Little Mermaid and Aladdin are back and directed this, so it should be excellent.

Check out the trailer right here, which will take you to another site to watch the trailer in nice clear formats, instead of you staying here to watch a pixelfucked youtube quality version.

Cheech and Chong are back! Hey, What's That Smell Tour Coming!

Stoners and comedy lovers all over are rejoicing today. After 25 years Cheech and Chong are back. After many failed attempts at reuniting the duo will return and go on tour. It was announced today at a press conference in Hollywood that after a conversation about how if they're ever gonna do it, they need to do it now cause they're not getting any younger, they decided a comedy tour would be the easiest thing to do.

No word on if a final Cheech and Chong movie is also in the works, but one would hope that they come along and show Harold and Kumar how a real stoner comedy is supposed to be. Also no tour dates or cities have been announced just yet.

I find it pretty funny that this announcement came today, yesterday I bought Up In Smoke at Best Buy. It was only 5 bucks!

Movie Trailer: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Here's your first look at the theatric trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, due in theaters later this year.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Review: The Lost Boys: The Tribe

Gonna make this quick, I'm tired as shit. And shit is pretty tired.

Anyways, this movie wasn't as bad as I was expecting. But I was expecting complete and utter shit. This was still stupid, but not as stupid as I was waiting for.

The premise is simple, Bro and Sis move to Malibu, new group of vampires there, they turn the sis into a vampire, brother tries to save her. Same shit as the first. Corey Feldman returns as Edgar Frog and helps the brother out. The end....

SPOILERS LIE AHEAD!!! But the surprise is actually the finale, even after the credits start rolling, they stop and a new scene opens up, one that leads into the THIRD MOVIE???? Well actually, I fuckin hope so. We see ol Edgar Frog, out in the dark, waiting, shit is spooky, and he yells CUT THE THEATRICS, I KNOW YOU'RE THERE!!! And out of the dark steps.... Sam Emerson. (Corey Haim). Who from what we can see, is now a vampire. And him and Edgar have a major beef. From the sounds of things, Sam turned vamp, and killed Edgars brother. All through The Tribe we see Edgar hint at shit that happened in his past, to his loved ones, but never what. This is somewhat pointless, because the way The Tribe ends, is how it should have started. No one gives a fuck about new characters, they want the old ones! I would love to see a movie where Sam is now a master vampire and Edgar has to hunt him. Hopefully we will get the third movie, and that will be the plot. Which should have just been the pointless second movie.

All in all, The Tribe is, ok. Nowhere near as great as the first movie. But still an interesting watch. Also, interesting tid bit. The head vampire in this movie is played by Angus Sutherland. Yes, the half brother of Kiefer Sutherland.


Sam Raimi Announces Evil Dead 4? We Will See........

Earlier in my comic con post, someone dared get pissy with me after I said nothing major outside of Tron 2 was announced at comic con. As they called me an asswipe after pointing out Sam Raimi announcing Evil Dead 4.

Well for one thing, Sam Raimi announced this AFTER I posted that article. And even if he said it before, I still wouldn't say anything about it. Why?

I am a HUGE Evil Dead fan. I dare anyone to challenge me on Evil Dead. From lunchboxes, to figures, to posters, to the multiple versions of the damn movies on DVD, Blu Ray, and HD DVD. I got it all. I have read The Evil Dead Companion multiple times. I am a hardcore fan of these films and of Sam Raimi. He is the only director who I have seen EVERY one of their films. So why am I not excited about Evil Dead 4? I'll tell you why....

1. Sam Raimi has been saying for YEARS, that he wants to make another Evil Dead. It has been announced over, and over, and over again that Sam Raimi is making another Evil Dead, and nothing comes from it. So even though he says that him and his brother are going to start working on the script this week, means nothing to me. I'll believe it when I see it is the approach I am taking on this.

2. Sam Raimi is a HUGE practical joker, and him saying this then going home and watching fanboys lose their minds over the thought of Evil Dead 4 while he sits in his chair and laughs is just like him. Bastard.

Even though, I will of course hold out hope that FINALLY he is serious about this and really will be making Evil Dead 4 already. Of all the movies in the world that deserve sequels and fanboys demand to see, Evil Dead 4 is at the top. Fuck another Star Wars, or Indiana Jones, give us Evil Dead 4 damnit!!!!!!!

I will be keeping my ears clean and open to ANY Evil Dead 4 rumblings that go on to see if this is indeed going to be happening.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Heath Ledger WILL Be Nominated.

The huge question, will Heath Ledger be nominated for an Oscar for his performance as The Joker? As far as my thoughts. I am willing to bet money he will be. Now do not get me wrong... the man deserves it, he seriously does. But how often do people that really deserve it, actually get it? Rarely ever. But I can 100% guarantee that he will be.

The reason why? Ratings. The Academy Awards ratings have been slipping a bit every year, and interest in the show is starting to go to crap. So what better way to get everyone on the planet to tune in, than to nominate Heath Ledger and see if he wins?

That is all.

San Diego Blahmic Con

So you might be wondering, where the hell was the Comic Con coverage? Well Comic Con was pretty fuckin boring this year. Nothing insanely new or awesome came along besides Tron 2. And The only footage of Tron 2, or wait, sorry, TR2N that came along was some cell phone camera bootleg shit, when or if the footage is every up on quicktime or something better, then it'll be posted here. There's no point in posting the bootleg shit because it'll be taken down by days end anyways.

So let's see what we learned from Comic Con.....

Most kids experienced boners for the first time ever, not from seeing a girl, but from seeing Gambit in action finally.

My interest in the Watchmen, which wasn't that high to begin with, died. Sorry but the trailer was more like CGIMANIA over a comic book that only extreme nerds give a fuck about and no matter how many times I watched the trailer, I just could not get interested. Anyways, My Chemical Romance is doing music for the movie.

Friday The 13th redo looks like Texas Chainsaw redo just, with Jason instead. Meh.

Disney kicked the shit out of everyone in San Diego. While companies we're trying to be smooth with OH CHECK THIS OUT KIDS... ITS FUCKIN WOLVERINE!!!! Disney is like, wow way to go showing off something everyone knew was coming, cool, no really, cool, oh hey by the way, here's TRON MOTHER FUCKING 2 SON! BANG!

Anyways, nothing of real importance besides TR2N. So bah.

Trailer: X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Leaked from Comic Con 2008!

Watch while you can, and try not to bust a nut all over your keyboard. Obviously it was leaked from Comic Con, so don't expect it to look that great. But you can see it enough to get the idea.

UPDATE replaced old yanked video with new one.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sirius and XM 2 BECOME 1?!?!? The Merge Approved!

Not many details are known at the moment. But the FCC has approved the merge between Sirius and XM. Meaning if you are a subscriber to either one, you will be givin a shit load of more channels. No word on when it takes effect, or if it will change the price plans. So stay tuned. As a Sirius Subscriber I will be paying close attention to this!

Oh and if you are wondering if the 2 Become 1 is a reference to the Spice Girls song... it is.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Soup Town Superior, Stinky Beach, BlackLick, French Lick- Weird Town Names

Do you ever wonder why some towns and places have unusual names? No? Well who cares. I do. I was just sitting here thinking about a story my uncle told me about Soup Town aka Superior Wisconson. Soup Town? Yeah, wtf is that.

I grewup near a place called Stinky Beach and I lived on a street that sounds like it has peyronie's. So yeah I've been around a lot of weird named places.

Stinky beach? Well that's obvious. It was a beach and it stunk. I guess people liked to dump trash there and it was kinda run down. Though it was a very popular hangout.

I remember French Lick because Larry Bird was The Hick from French Lick. I also went through there when I was in Indiana. I don't know what a French Lick is and probably don't want to. The same goes for another place I saw called Blacklick. Then one time in Amish country I saw a place called Inc&$t-wth.

So anyway, I was talking to my uncle Rob about my recent trip to Wisconsin. I bought something large off eBay and it made more sense to take my truck up there than to have it shipped. Besides I like roadtrips anyway.

I was talking to Uncle Robbie about my trip and he said " So did you visit Soup Town?" Huh? " He said "yeah, you know Superior aka Soup Town." I had no idea what he was talking about. I just figured oh, the "Sup" in Superior sounded like "soup" so people just nicknamed Superior Wisconsin Soup Town because of that. He said that was part of it but that when he lived and worked in Minnesota back in the 70s/80s ( I think maybe it was in Duluth, but I forget) he and his buddies from work would drive over to Superior for a good time. Apparently Superior had a lot of bars and that's where you went for the soup, to get souped up, aka drunk/wasted. I guess it's a short trip and all the bars in Soup Town Wisconsin are open later and there are a lot of them.

I kinda thought this was a little mundane and boring but Uncle Rob is that kind of talker. And if I decided to write about Souptown there is definitely a reason I wrote about Soup Town as anyone should know.

Rob didnt know about Blacklick or those other places, but I asked.

Random will be along shortly to be amazed by my contribution.

MTV to remake Rocky Horror Picture Show

According to Variety magazine's website, MTV is planning to remake the 1975 cult classic turned 140 million dollar pop culture staple, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

The new version will use the original screenplay by Jim Sharman and Richard O'Brien but may also include music not featured in the original.

The director and casting decisions have yet to be announced. The hope is for the project to be ready by Halloween of next year.

That really doesn't give them much time, when they haven't even begun writing or casting yet.

As a fan of the original (not one of those obsessed, gets dressed up and goes out at midnight to watch kind) I'm of course disappointed that MTV of all studios would go out and remake this. I can't imagine anyone being able to play Frankenfurter the way Tim Curry did....

but I guess we'll see.

Holy shit guys! These are like, the same!


RVTV......................COMING............................SOONER THAN YOU THINK.................................

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I always Thought These Were Very Similar

Aesop Rock was first in September 2001. The Limp Shitzkit from December 2001.
And of course in the early 90s the same graphic was on a CD ( art on the actual CD, not the cover) by The Smashing Pumpkins and one by Lenny Kravitz.

That reminds me of some shit I saw a couple years ago...

Anyone else ever notice this shit a few years ago? Man, I loved Birds of Prey, and it just came out on DVD too. Gonna pick that shit up.

What the fuck is going on here?

Below are the new posters for Jennifer's Body, starring Megan Fox, and the new HBO show about vampires, True Blood. Notice something strange?

I'm slightly excited about True Blood. I'd like to see a decent Vampire show that doesn't involve dipshit teenagers running ala Scooby Doo, or some sappy fuck like that show on CBS.

As for Jennifer's Body... so long as it features a lot of Megan Fox's body.. I'm sold.

Of course we all know who started that trend....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knights Breaks More Records

The Dark Knight can now add "the fastest movie to $200 million" to its tally of records it is destroying. So let's break them all down for ya....

1. widest release (4,366 theaters)

2. biggest opening weekend ($158.4M)

3. biggest July opener ($158.4M)

4. biggest PG-13 rated opening ($158.4M)

5. biggest single day ($67.2M)

6. biggest opening day ($67.2M)

7. biggest Friday ($67.2M)

8. biggest Sunday ($43.6M)

9. fastest to $200M in five days ($203.8M)

That's 9 records broken in less than a week.

I'm sure right about now, Christopher Nolan is sitting at home saying.....


Movie Mash Up Cinema = Makes My Belly Full of Giggles!

Man... I just stumbled across this on youtube. This is some of the funniest shit ever. And makes me smile all day. I don't think I need to really explain what these videos are. Just watch.

Discussion: The Next Joker?

SPOILERS LIE AHEAD IN THIS POST! Heath Ledger did an amazing job as The Joker. He made Jack Nicholson look lame as fuck. And now there is the question... what next? Who could come back in the third Batman movie as The Joker? Many people are saying there should not be another Joker. Heath was the best there was, is, and ever will be. But remember, everyone said that about Jack. EVERYONE said, meh fuck Heath, Jack Nicholson IS The Joker and no one can beat him. And now look. Heath destroyed Jack. But sadly, Heath is gone, and we will never see what more he has to offer as The Joker, so now, do they replace him? Do they leave the character to rot away in Arkham? Discuss in the comments kids.

As for my personal opinion... even though Heath was great. And did indeed give a performance worthy of an Oscar. I still stand by my feelings that my #1 pick for The Joker would have done it even better. And now with Heath gone, The Joker should be replaced and played by my pick. Which is this man below....
Yes, Crispin Glover. Mostly known as George McFly. Just look at him. He was born to play The Joker. His performance in Willard is creepy as all hell. Crispin could do it give him the torch! And if they decide to not bring back The Joker in the next movie. And go somewhere else. I am going to start a petition called CRISPIN GLOVER FOR THE RIDDLER! God damnit, make it happen.

Guess What George Lucas Is Doing Now......

If you thought George Lucas was doing fucking up the original trilogy and the god awful new trilogy of Star Wars films you thought wrong.

Lucas is now starting work on taking all 6 episodes of Star Wars and turning them into.... 3-D!!!


Why? Jesus fuckin Christ on vanilla ice cream George leave the god damn Star Wars movies alone already. Let it go man. Move the fuck on. I understand you realize you have no real talent in directing and can't really do much else and I respect that. But fucks sake, go produce Howard The Duck 2. Do SOMETHING else. Stop fucking up Star Wars worse than they already are.

No word yet on when these 3-D Star Wars movies will come along. I'll keep you posted. I guess.

INTERESTING TRIVIA: The BEST Star Wars movies, Episodes V and VI, aren't even directed by George Lucas.

The Dark Knight is pretty much unstoppable.

The new Batman movie keeps on making money along at record paces!

The Dark Knight took in an almost unheard of $24 million at the box office in the U.S. on Monday.

Thats' on a Monday!!!!

The film has already made a massive $182.9 million in less than a week of release.

Spider-Man 3 had only $10.2 million on the Monday after it opened and that movie went on to make $336 domestically.

The Dark Knight looks poised to easily make $400 million.

And, with 64% of Dark Knight fans saying they plan to see it AGAIN, the movie could take in upwards of $500 million in America.

Click here to check out my review of The Dark Knight!

I'm going to see it again this weekend!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Music Video of the Day: Electric Feel by MGMT

OK I had to post this video, since a few nights ago I randomly ran across it on MTV, and it sparked some great old school memories. At first glance, this looked like some weird emo video with a bunch of cracked out stuff going on. But then, suddenly, the cameo made by one of the most legendary bands of all time immediately made this video great. If you don't recognize the legendary band making their cameo, then all I can say is, wow, you missed out on a GREAT period in the 80's when life was perfect. Check out this song and see if you catch the awesome cameo:

**OK now that you've seen it..... **

Here is a BONUS Video of the day, that's right, we have Electric Feel performed once again, but this time, performed by the one and ONLY...legendary...ROCK-AFIRE EXPLOSION:

Christian Bale Didn't Beat His Mom or Sis. The REAL Story Here....

Alright, news sites are losing their brains today over news that Christian Bale assaulted his Mom and Sister. To us silly Americans, when we hear the word assault, that means someone got a beat down. But here is what went down....

In England, they don't have the great thing we have here, like freedom of speech. See there if you yell at someone, sternly, and they feel threatened, they can call the cops. Verbal assault is a no no there.

So, what happened was there was an argument, his idiot Mom and Sister called the cops on him. He went about his business and found out he had the cops called on him and VOLUNTARILY went to the police station and told his side of the story. And then they said he could leave.

This is no big deal.

There was no REAL assault going on.

No one was hit, or, slapped, or abused.

It was an argument amongst family members, that is all.

There is the straight up truth about what happened, now let this die. TMZ needs to fuckin relax.

What do the other Batmans think?

So MTV finally has something interesting up... they interview Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, and West and ask their thoughts on The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. Keaton seems awesome, I think the idea of him coming back to Nolans Batman films as a villain would be seriously awesome. I wish he would make more movies, what the hell was the last movie the guy made? Jack Frost? I can't even remember. Sigh....

Clooney fucking rules the world. He's the only actor I've ever seen that knows how shitty his past movies are, and admits it. He freely destroys Batman And Robin at every chance he gets. And now Clooney wants to play Geritol Man! And his power is pooping his pants!

Kilmer is a fat. But he's mother fucking MADMARTIGAN! So he will always be cool to me.

Adam West is a mother fucking legend. And he wants to be Batmans Daddy. And thinks Batman needs a PB & J sandwich in his utility belt...

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight Is So Fucked.....

Yeah, Dark Knight is the best movie ever made... for now. And it also broke records for the biggest opening weekend ever.... so far....

Because in just a couple weeks this epic mother fucker drops into theaters and is going to destroy your brains.

Yeah.... I'm pretty sure I don't need to say much more other than AWESOME.

Friday, July 18, 2008


For 13 long years Braveheart has sat atop my list of all-time favorite movies. Last night, at 12:01am, that 13 year old record was shattered, when along with thousands of others I sat down for what I'm sure will be the first of several times and watched 2 hours and 35 minutes of pure brilliance, entitled The Dark Knight.

I'm almost at a loss for words when it comes to describing how actually awe inspiring this film is. Over the last few weeks I've read several reviews from various magazines, i.e. Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, AICN, etc. All of those sites more or less gave the same review. They recommended Heath Ledger for a posthumous Oscar nod, they compared the movie to the Deniro/Pacino classic Heat, and they all bawked at the movie's length, stating that it gets a little slow in the middle and lags. To say I went in to the movie with certain expectations would be a bit of an understatement.

So where do I begin? How about where this film began: Batman Begins. I do enjoy Batman Begins. I enjoyed it when I saw it the first time, but found that when I went to rewatch it, I would often skip the first couple chapters that find Bruce climbing mountains and fighting old dudes on ice rinks. The Dark Knight pretty much picks up where Begins leaves off, but I don't see myself ever skipping any chapters when I rewatch it.

I'll be honest, I'm really at a loss for words for this movie. I don't want to follow suit like all the major movie review outlets. I will agree with them that Heath Ledger would deserve an Oscar. I'll address his performance in a minute. I would agree that the film has the feeling of an intense police drama, reminiscent of a film like Heat, but at the same time it had a very... almost Godfather feeling to it. However, I completely disagree that the movie lags in the middle. Not once did I ever feel bored, restless, or uninterested. I would even go as far as to say I was on the edge of my seat from the word Go. The movie starts off with an awesome, fast paced bank heist, wrought with double-crosses and twists and turns, and it never really strays away from that feeling. There are a few touchy-feely Bruce/Rachel scenes, but they're short and far between, so it's bearable.

Speaking of Rachel Dawes, Maggie Gyllenhaal steps in to the role, replacing Katie Holmes. The role itself isn't all that revolutionary, but Gyllenhaal does a good enough job to help us forget Katie originated the role in the first film. You could say Gyllenhaal brings a slightly more masculine approach to the role. She carries a certain confidence that Holmes lacked as her predecessor, and has no problem standing up to Bruce, The Joker, or her fiance Harvey Dent, played by Aaron Eckhart.

I've always been kind of so-so with Aaron Eckhart, but in The Dark Knight he finally showed to me that he can play a character with depth and emotions. In fact, he does it so well that I'm really shocked he hasn't been cast in this sort of role sooner. Harvey Dent is supposed to be the great White Knight (notice the play on words there), the anti-Batman, who will bring Gotham's criminals to their knees. Behind the scenes he needs Batman's help though, and it's that beautiful play on their characters interaction that makes you grow so attached to Dent. Wayne/Batman sees him as his way out of having to hide under a cape and cowl, but The Joker refuses to let Batman step aside while Harvey Dent takes all the credit for his hard work. In Begins, Rachel Dawes told Bruce Wayne "the day that Gotham City didn't need Batman, was the day they could be together" and Bruce sees Harvey Dent as being the only way to reach that day... too bad Harvey wants to marry Rachel.

Christian Bale reprises his role as Gotham City billionaire by day, masked vigilante by night Bruce Wayne. Gone are the days of Bruce's shattered past and angst-ridden decision making. There's nothing "Begins" about The Dark Knight. The movie's centripetal plot is the inner turmoil Bruce must face, as he attempts to catapult his competition for the love of Rachel in to the city's spotlight. He knows he has to do what's right by helping Harvey Dent, but at the same time does it for selfish reasons, thinking it will bring him closer to Dawes. As Batman, he's faced with his biggest challenge ever, in The Joker. Never before has a villain or an obstacle faced been this much of a challenge for Wayne, and as the story unfolds you see him more as a man, than as a superhero. How does Batman react when the entire city he loves is falling to pieces around him? Does he abandon all hope for a normal life, or does he delve deeper in to himself than he ever has before, and become something entirely different and disturbing? It becomes evident that Batman will have to dig in to a deeper side of himself to get the job done, but at what expense?

The man causing Batman all of this turmoil is the film's villain, played to an art form by Heath Ledger, The Joker. I found myself often looking on Ledger's presence in this film with such despair and anxiety, because I was seeing not just a marveling tour de force performance, but I was seeing a great loss to the world of Cinema. Heath Ledger, to me, was always just one of those run of the mill guys. I'll be honest and say none of his performances ever really stood out to me enough that I would've thought the guy could be capable of such depth. I enjoyed some his roles when he was younger, The Patriot, 10 Things I Hate About You, and a couple years ago Lords of Dogtown. However, Heath had never really shown me before that he had this in him.

Everyone knows the stories about how he couldn't sleep at night from performing this role. He had a difficult time with reconnecting to this world, with stepping out of that character, and returning to his own personal innocence. To me, that comes as no shock. I've seen many villains in my day, and it's always kind of been my nature to root for them in my own way... but never before have I witnessed a performance that actually made me loath the character I was watching. Heath Ledger did not just portray The Joker. He revolutionized this character. He took the role to a place only seen in select graphic novels. He turned what had originally been designed as a gag in the early comic books to a place rarely seen on film. Ledger portrays the Joker with such brilliance, that you actually develop feelings of disgust and hatred for this person. Every nuance and idiosyncrasy is played to such perfection, that you would think he was born in to this role. I assure you you will forget all about Jack Nicholson, or anyone else to ever don the purple suit and face paint. This Joker is just as dark and psychotic as he was in the graphic novel, killing without a thought, destroying entire buildings without flinching, and bringing the entire city of Gotham to their knees without ever really getting his hands dirty.

We see The Joker not just as an enemy to Batman, but as an enemy to everyone. No one is safe from his madness, and I think it was there, in that unbelievable darkness that Heath Ledger fell apart. Whether the actor took his own life, or died of an accident may never be known, but coming in to this film, and having now watched it in full, I could honestly see where a person could have trouble coming to terms with the level of evil they had to tap in to, in order to play this role to such magnificence. If Ledger is given a posthumous Oscar nomination, it will be completely deserved. If he were to win it, it would be completely deserved. I simply can not imagine that anyone else would have been as good in this role. The Joker was truly the part Ledger was born to play, and whether or not he died due in some part to having done so, I feel he would not have died in vain. You want to see this film for his performance, if not for anything else. Believe the hype, it IS that good.

Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Cillian Murphy all reprise their roles from the previous film. I would say Oldman's character, Lt. Jim Gordon goes through the most change in the film, and Oldman plays the character with such ease it's remarkable. I didn't know if I'd ever love him as a character as much as I loved him as Sirius Black, but as Jim Gordon he reminds us that honest men do still exist in the world. Michael Caine is still wonderful as Alfred Pennyworth, and as I've remarked before I still wish he was my granddad or something. Freeman plays his part, but it's nothing special. He's more of a tool of the story if anything. Murphy doesn't stick around long, as we had more than enough of him in the first film.

As I started to write this review I wasn't sure how I could possibly explain or convey how I felt about this movie. To say it changed my life would not necessarily be an understatement. Films have been known to do that before. It's just that this film is so much more than just another comic book movie. I said yesterday after seeing the trailer for Watchmen that The Dark Knight may not remain the best superhero movie ever, but now in hindsight I could be wrong. The Dark Knight is not only the greatest comic book adaptation done to date, it's one of the best films as well. Forget that it revolves around a caped superhero, and forget that the villain wears the makeup of a clown. Go in to this movie with an open mind, and expect nothing more than to enjoy yourself while watching an expertly done film. Christopher Nolan deserves more props than I've seen him getting in other reviews. He did what many directors have done and failed at. He made a Batman movie that leaves you wanting more.

I think I just might go see it again.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Bat-Day from

The day, has arrived.

The zero hour, is upon us.

Here, in AZ. The Dark Knight starts in just 15 minutes.

Sadly I have to work tomorrow, and after only getting a mere 4 hours of sleep last night, won't be hitting the midnight showing tonight. Getting another 4 hours of sleep tonight would not make for a happy Friday. Plus I couldn't fully enjoy it, since I would just be thinking about how much sleep I would be getting.

So I have my tickets. 7:30pm. Friday. Imax. I shall be there promptly at 5:30 to secure decent seats. Tonight, we had a Batman party here at the lair of RandomVillain. Cooked hamburgers in the shape of the Batman symbol. And watched Batman Begins on Blu Ray.

So to you all, the day has finally arrived, after a 3 year wait. HAPPY BAT-DAY EVERYONE!!


Prepare to have your ass handed to you courtesy of a movie trailer.

The Dark Knight is going to be awesome, but by no means do I think it will be more amazing than the live action version of the acclaimed graphic novel, The Watchmen.

Now excuse me, while I pick my jaw back up off the floor.

Oh yeah, click HERE for the link!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Terminator Salvation Trailer!!!!!!!!

I dunno about this movie. It's directed by McG who from what I have seen has yet to make a decent movie. But it also stars Christian Bale who has yet to make a bad movie. One of these men will change their current records. I am holding onto hope. Click below to see the trailer.

E3 Results, Playstation, Microsoft, and Nintendo come out swinging.

The annual E3 convention went down this week, and here's a report from the Associated Press regarding the event...

LOS ANGELES (AP) - One word sums up the announcements made by the Big Three gaming companies at the E3 this week: more.

During their flashy press conferences, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony all announced plans for more games, more sequels, more exclusives, more connectivity and more ways for gamers to use their systems for stuff other than gaming.

Such an escalation in enhancements is undoubtedly good news for existing owners of the Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 consoles, as well as their handheld counterparts. However, the upgrades may leave the systems feeling less distinct than ever before. Similar features and comparative accessories could confuse financially strapped consumers looking to power up this holiday season.

Microsoft kicked off E3 Monday at the Los Angeles Convention Center with a ceremony pitching the Xbox 360 as family-friendly. Perhaps the biggest announcement was a redesign of the console's interface, which will allow users to create avatars that can interact with each other and play select games online. The Wii's already had that feature - called Miis - since its 2006 debut.

The parallels only begin there. Microsoft flaunted "Lips," a new sing-along game similar to Sony's popular "SingStar" franchise. Unlike "SingStar," this karaoke game developed by iNiS enables wannabe singers to croon their preexisting tunes from MP3 players and to bust moves with a microphone that's motion sensitive, a feature that's been a hallmark of the Wii.

The next day at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Nintendo unveiled WiiSpeak, a "community microphone" that attaches to the top of the console's sensor bar and will allow users to vocally chat. The WiiSpeak accessory will cost $29.99 and be available later this year. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 already feature voice chat capabilities and their own headset microphones.

Nintendo teased the news that new entries in the decades-old "Mario Bros." and "Zelda" franchises were currently in development. And for the first time, Nintendo will bring the "Animal Crossing" series to the Wii with "Animal Crossing: City Folk" later this year. The cutesy open-world game will boast a bigger playing field and an online auction house selling virtual items.

"You're able to just do all the things you love to do in 'Animal Crossing' but even more," said Cammie Dunaway, vice president at Nintendo. "And particularly with the new WiiSpeak peripheral, it just opens up the experience, so that you can be playing in a roomful of people, talking to people somewhere across the world."

At the end of their press conference, Nintendo struck up "Wii Music" - yet another play-along music game but one that uses the Wii's controls instead of instrument-shaped peripherals like "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero." Nintendo's game will give makeshift musicians the ability to conduct an orchestra as well as simulate playing 60 instruments. That's 56 more than "Rock Band."

Later at the Shrine Auditorium on Tuesday, Sony debuted its long-awaited video download service for the PlayStation 3. Standard and high definition videos from such studios as MGM, Fox, Lionsgate and Disney can be downloaded and watched on the console and transferred to Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld system. Rentals cost $2.99 to $5.99 while purchases range from $9.99 to $14.99.

Microsoft announced a deal the day before with DVD rental company Netflix which will allow Xbox 360 owners to stream videos from Netflix to their TV. Microsoft launched its own video download service two years ago with programming from providers such as Paramount Pictures, MTV Networks and Warner Bros. Lionsgate and Disney since used the service to dispense their content, too.

Sony surprised some spectators at E3 by announcing it would focus on and reduce the price of the 80-gigabyte PlayStation 3 to $399. Previously, the company sold a 40-gigabyte version for that price. Before E3 began, Microsoft revealed it would cut the price of 20-gigabyte Xbox 360 by $50 to $299. The company will also begin selling a 60-gigabyte version for $349.

Microsoft and Sony used part of their press conferences to showcase a crop of upcoming sequels. Microsoft will unleash role-playing game "Fable 2" and third-person shooter "Gears of War 2" later this year. Sony sequels due in time for the holidays include follow-ups to "Resistance" and "Motor Storm." The first next-generation "God of War" game will be released next year.

"Franchises like 'Resistance' and 'MotorStorm' that did so many key things for us at launch are going to be very key for us this holiday season, with 'Resistance 2' and 'MotorStorm Pacific Rift,'" said Jack Tretton, chief executive at at Sony Computer Entertainment America, following the Sony press conference Tuesday.

In what may have been E3's best-kept secret, audible gasps were heard from the audience Tuesday when Nintendo announced that Rockstar Games was developing a "Grand Theft Auto" title for the portable Nintendo DS system that would be released in winter. Titled "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars," the game will be set in Liberty City and focus on the Triad crime syndicate.

While the Big Three presented much more of the same, they also used E3 to show off completely different products. Microsoft demonstrated a game that uses a video camera to transport players inside B-movies while Nintendo showed off Wii Motion Plus, which adds more precision to the Wii Remote. Sony is betting the new user-generated puzzle game "LittleBigPlanet" will be a blockbuster.


AP Entertainment Writer Ryan Pearson contributed to this report.


On the Net:

If you're not a Michael Moore fan, you will be. Moore vs. Westboro

I enjoy Michael Moores documentaries. But for some reason many people don't like him. All he seems to be doing is trying to point out the flaws in the system and make things better. And make people aware of what's going on in the country. Like when he won the Oscar, and spoke out against George Bush people got all kinds of pissed off at him, then we skip to a few years later, and no one likes George Bush. Hmmmmm.

Anyways, I just stumbled upon this video and it is fucking fantastic. If you are not a Moore fan, this might change your mind. I hope he revisits this with a new documentary.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alex Murphy Returns! New Robocop! A Sequel! No Remake!

For a long while now there have been mumblings and rumors of a Robocop remake. And many fanboys collectively said UGH. And I for a long time have always said, why bother doing remakes of movies? Why not just continue the damn story?!

Well, someone, somewhere, heard me.

It appears that the new Robocop movie is in fact not a remake, but a SEQUEL! And they have a good man to do the job right, Mr. Darren Aronofsky! He will be our trusty director to lead us to a new Robocop. And hopefully wash the Flying Robocop taste out of our mouths. Anyways, the plot for the new Robocop goes something like this....

Present day Los Angeles, 20 years after the termination of the RoboCop program, the city decides to reinstate the program.

Id buy that for a dollar!

Monday, July 14, 2008

First Trailer and Pics From the Legends of Wrestlemania Video Game!

There are very few posts that are a true pleasure to write, this is definitely one of them for me. When "Legends of Wrestlemania" was announced for all the next gen game systems, the idea alone was something I'd been waiting on for YEARS. Finally, a legends game, that brings back the magic, and leaves out the current crap that ruins wrestling. Today, direct from E3, we get the very first look at the game, and wow, even though we only confirm 3 superstars on the game, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan are a great way to start! Not only that, but the graphics look great, the old school red white and blue ring ropes are there, the re-creation of classic moments will be there, this should be a wrestling game fan's dream. The story mode apparently shows classic footage in story mode of matches that you are about to re-create, and the game will feature 40-45 stars from the 80's and 90's. Check out the trailer below, and the moment the blue cage was shown around the ring, I was sold, just so awesome. So far so good! I was afraid, because this game could easily be ruined, and I"m so glad the first thing we saw in this game was not some shit like John Cena FU'ing Andre...that alone would ruin the game from the get go. Just imagine the Wrestlemania matches that can be recreated. Hell, with wrestlers from that era, the replay value here could be HUGE. And I'm hoping if it's a success, we could see sequels, unless this game is just so great it does the job on its own. I cannot wait to see more info. on this, people are already wondering about downloadable content etc., tons of possibilities here. The trailer has sold me, and the info that the game features managers and classic arenas is just over the top, enjoy the trailer, old school wrestling fans cannot help but love this I'm sure hearing Gorilla Monsoon's voice in the trailer is cool enough, and confirms that legendary commentators will be included, which is awesome, but not sure how that will work. Enjoy this awesome trailer:

**Edit** Upon further investigation, if you look at the shirts on the fans in some of these pics, I think it's safe to assume that the shirts confirm more wrestlers on the game, as I doubt they'd have shirts on for guys that aren't in the add Bret Hart, the Legion of Doom, Old School Undertaker, and Ric Flair to the game. We need more pics soon!

The Dark Knight; Taking a look at the Reviews

With the latest film in the Batman saga only 5 days upon us, most if not all of the major entertainment news sources have put out their reviews. Compiled for you here are some of the more prominent ones, spoiler free. Have a look at what everyone is saying about The Dark Knight, and then sound off in the comments to let us know what you expect out of the film.

Verdict: 3 of 4 stars
''Christopher Nolan's film is indeed an epic that will leave you staggering from the theater, stunned by its scope and complexity. It's also, thankfully, a vast improvement over his self-serious origin story, 2005's Batman Begins.'' — Christy Lemire

Verdict: Positive
''Batman flies around the skyscrapers of Gotham and Hong Kong, rips through any number of villains with his martial arts, tears through streets in his armor-clad, two-wheeled Bat-Pod, and has more tech backup than James Bond. While all modern movie action is visual-effects driven, the stunt work in Dark Knight looks like it's happening on the streets and not in a computer.'' — Kirk Honeycutt

Verdict: Neutral
''There's not a touch of lightness in Bale's taut, angst-ridden superhero, and as the two-and-a-half-hour movie enters its second half, the unvarying intensity and the sometimes confusing action sequences take a toll.'' — David Ansen

Verdict: 3.5 of 4 stars
''I can only speak superlatives of Ledger, who is mad-crazy-blazing brilliant as the Joker. Miles from Jack Nicholson's broadly funny take on the role in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman, Ledger takes the role to the shadows, where even what's comic is hardly a relief. — Peter Travers

Verdict: Positive
''With little humor to break the tension, The Dark Knight is beyond dark. It's as black — and teeming and toxic — as the mind of the Joker. Batman Begins, the 2005 film that launched Nolan's series, was a mere five-finger exercise. This is the full symphony.'' — Richard Corliss

Verdict: Positive
''One of the few action filmmakers who’s capable of satisfying audiences beyond the fanboy set, Nolan honors his serious themes to the end; he bravely closes the story with both Gotham City and the narrative in tatters, making this the rare sequel that genuinely deserves another.'' — Justin Chang

The Dark Knight: HBO First Look

See all kinds of behind the scenes stuff from The Dark Knight. Viewer beware, ALOT of new footage is shown and given away....


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Devon Lohan Radio IS COMING! What do you wanna hear?!

So while Devon was making pathetic attempts to make his own web series, I was making this site bigger and better and NOW we have an internet radio station set up! There are a few things though before we start it goin live.... we wanna know what you wanna hear?!

We will be playing a WIDE variety of music, from rock, to country, from metal to indie rock, from movie soundtracks to TV themes, from oldies, to 80s, to anything and everthing EXCEPT EMO. There will be no, Panic At The Disco or My Chemical Romance kinda shit played on this.

Also on this station will be a little bit of a Talk Show format here and there. Sometimes specific things, sometimes I will be drunk on a weekend and take over the airwaves with prank calls and drunken ramblings.

ALSO if you are curious as to what the hell you gotta do to listen, there are two choices you have. One choice is to just click a simple link, which will open up a small webpage and the station will start playing. Thats it. Only problem with that is the sound is in MONO, meaning, the sound is kinda shitty, you can hear the music and the talk but it sounds like caca.... BUT....

The other option is to download the Destiny Media Player, which you can do so now, so you are ready. And using that player you can simply click the radio button, go to our station which will be located in MIXED FORMAT, and listen in STEREO, aka MUCH BETTER THAN MONO.

This is just the start for the station, so things won't always be perfect for it, but it'll grow.

So now, in the comments below, tell us what bands/music you wanna hear? Or topics you wanna hear us discuss? Hell if you even wanna listen to an audio book maybe I can hook that up for you.

Also if you, or someone you know has a band thats whats their music played to the world, send it my way, I'll stick it in the rotation.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


You've heard about Random Villain's big plans for RVTV, right?


Friday, July 11, 2008

Rock Band 2 Song list?! Or set list... whatever you wanna call it....

This person went through some vast research and has claimed to have found the list of songs that will appear in the next Rock Band game. Which seems awesome to me... Tenacious D MASTER EXPLODER = WINNER! Watch the videos below to hear / see what songs will appear in the next games.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Villains Declaration

I am officially done with fast food. I am not that big of a fast food fan, but we usually always end up getting it. But after tonight, never again, no more....

I got home from work, and had a slice of left over sausage pizza from Pizza Hut. The wife informs me she is hungry and wants a cheeseburger, her being pregnant, I must comply. I head to Burger King and I get her cheeseburger, and I get myself 2 rodeo burgers........

Later that night....

I am laying on the couch, and suddenly, I mean within mere seconds, my stomach turns to shit, and I knew something wasn't right. I went into the bathroom, and fired up the laptop. Yes, my laptop is set up in my bathroom for my bouts with #2 so I can the world.




RV: god damn
RV: thats it
RV: i am officially declaring NO MORE FAST FOOD
CC: what will u eat?!
CC: u eat fast food every day
RV: i had leftover pizza slice and 2 rodeo cheeseburgers from Bk for dinner
RV: and god damn i feel like im dying
RV: my stomachs all fucked, im shittin like, soft serve ice cream right now
CC: BK made me sick last time i ate there
RV: god damn dyin here
RV: seriously i cant even move off this toilet
RV: im in bad shape
CC: all messy
RV: ugh
RV: like
RV: i wanna puke
RV: i feel like if i puked id feel alot better
RV: but i HATE puking
RV: so thats out of the question
CC: no greasy fast food shit
RV: thankfully i only got 4 hours of sleep last night

CC: :: dying ::
RV: video of a guy shitting pisspoo
CC: hahhahaha
CC: its the comments and facials that would make it $$$
RV: ugh
RV: fuck damn shit
RV: freakin hell
RV: thank god i only slept 4 hours, im tired as shit right now so i can atleast go sleep this off
RV: let my stomach settle while i sleep
RV: hibernate
RV: fuck fast food
RV: fuck pizza
RV: done
RV: seacrest out
RV: salads and yummy stuff forever
RV: well i cant sayy NO fast food, ill still eat Subway
RV: Subway doesnt make my ass erupt with poolava
CC: that doesnt count
CC: Subway is different
CC: how i dont know, it just is
RV: ok
RV: i rank anything with a drive thru as fast food
RV: and some subways here have drive thrus
CC: ok there ya go

RV: it
RV: took
RV: 3 flushes
RV: to get this done
CC: lmmfao
CC: must smell like death
RV: it was kinda like, ID4 when Goldblum says TIMES UP, and my ass is space ship, and the toilet was the building in new york and the giant beam shot out of my ass
RV: and destroyed the toilet
CC: rofl
RV: my legs are asleep
RV: thats where i am odd
RV: i go through ALOT of washcloths
RV: im very uh, well, kinda funny, but the word fits... i am very ANAL about my ass being clean
CC: u use........wash cloths? lmmfao wtf!
RV: so i wipe with normal TP and if i feel just the slightest odd ill snag a washcloth dampin it and do the job and then throw the cloth away
CC: like.......wash cloths.......the little towels?!
RV: gotsta clean that ass
CC: good lord
RV: oh no
RV: i dont get up till i know the jobs done
CC: hahahaha

Now, a song I dedicate to myself....

Criss Angel makes my brain hurt.

I was bored and looking at random Criss Angel clips on Youtube, and the more I watched the more I found myself completely unable to comprehend what I was seeing. I don't know where these 4 clips came from, his show Mindfreak, or what... but I decided to post the four that really left me speechless.

Watch these clips and then sound off in the comments. Maybe you have an idea how he did the things he did?

Criss rips a woman in half.

Criss walks through a glass window.

Criss walks on water.

Criss levitates across a parking lot between two buildings.

Jesus Christ, help us. Ace Ventura Jr. is coming.

I believe that photo above says it all. And yes you guessed it, Jim Carrey is having jack shit to do with this movie.

The movie is about Ace Venturas son. Ace Ventura came back from Africa to be with Melissa, now played by Ann Cusack. And then they had a baby boy, Ace was then whisked away on another mission and was never to be heard from again. Melissa and Ace Jr. open up a zoo. And Ace Jr starts to follow in the footsteps of his father by helping 7th graders find their missing pets. God damnit I know that I am going to end up watching this movie, and I am going to hate it so much I will feel embarrassed to be watching it and hate it even more for making me feel that way. Ever get like that? Ever be watching a movie that is so stupid you seriously feel embarrassed to be watching what is happening before your eyes?

The next Superman movie....

Superman Returns fucking sucked. Seriously huge chunks of suckness all over the god damn place. I put Superman Returns up there next to the god damn Hulk. Seriously. It sucked that much. So I held out hope that the sequel would make up for it, and maybe in the sequel we would get some action, some fights, some bad ass happenings. And it looks like I just might get my wish.

Bryan Singer coming back to direct the next Superman seemed less and less likely. And now it seems there is no way in fuck Singer will be back. THANK GOD. Turns out the job might have been offered to Louis Leterrier. Who directed The Incredible Hulk. I guess they saw that Hulk sucked so this guy came along and said fuck Hulk, that movie never happened, here is a real Hulk movie. And figured he could do the same for the Superman movies as well. The plan is for them to take a totally different approach from the last Superman and make something different and new. Works for me. I hated the last movie for so many reasons. The shot in the trailer when Superman is shot in the fucking eyeball, then just smirks at the crook was awesome, and I could not WAIT for the movie to see exactly what happens to that crook, and what happened? NOTHING! THE GOD DAMN SUPERMAN IS SHOT IN THE EYE, HE SMIRKS, IM THINKIN OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!! BUT THE MOVIE CUTS TO SOME BULLSHIT! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I am done now. Anyways, this is a huge rumor, Louis Leterrier has stated he MIGHT have been offered the part, but of course won't say if he was for sure or not. Needless to say we are getting a new Superman movie, and they are forgetting that god awful Superman Returns ever happened.

Jon Favreau back for Iron Man 2! Phew! Yeaaa dig that!

It got a little scary, but now everyone is dancing on the tables like Trent at the diner in celebration that Jon Favreau is back to direct. Marvel going on about Iron Man 2 being out in 2010 and yaddah yaddah yaddah and everyone going to Jon Favreau asking him for the scoop and he's saying "uhhh I don't know shit. What I do know is I am not signed on to direct and if I am signed on both me and Robert Downey Jr would say fuck Iron Man 2 in 2010 no way it would be done that fast." So Marvel low balls, and goes on and on more, things are looking bleak, but rest assured. The original director is back with Downey Jr. But will Iron Man 2 still come out in 2010 or will it be pushed back? We will have to wait and see.

This is all good and well but Jon Favreau needs to stop fucking around with this 100 million dollar budget shit and go get 50 bucks and Vince Vaughn and give us their third movie together already! Thanks. Bye.

Jeepers Creepers III is on the way!

I really really liked the first Jeepers Creepers, many didn't but I think it was mainly due to the fact that unlike most horror movies, the Creeper ends up winning at the end of the day. I think it deserves a little more credit. Kinda like the movie Joy Ride that came out around the same time as this. Both were pretty damn good but kinda forgotten about. The second Jeepers Creepers was alright I guess, it was fun but didn't give me the willies. But that doesn't stop them from coming back for a third time which actually sounds somewhat promising.

The script, now titled JEEPERS CREEPERS III: CATHEDRAL, is about to enter preproduction at MGM and does include a prologue in the Old West where we see how the Creeper became a frightening part of cowboy and Native American folklore...

" aspect of the third film features Trish Jenner [again played by Gina Philips from the original film], who, 23 years later, has a teenage son of her own, named Darry after her long lost brother. Trish is having a terrible recurring dream where her son meets the same terrible fate as her brother. Now a rich and powerful woman, Trish is determined to stop the Creeper once and for all.

The actor who played the Creeper, Jonathan Breck, is a pretty funny and laid back guy. I got to shoot the shit with him once at this horror convention that about 19 people went to. Seriously, the place was deserted. Which was bad ass because there was no lines and every celebrity that was there you could just walk up and talk to and there was zero madness. Speaking of which, Tony Todd has to be about 7 feet tall, god damn guy towered over me. I got a picture of me with him to my left, and Ken Foree to my right, who is also a giant. Me between two huge black men, Devon must be jealous.

Max Payne Trailer... For Now

From what I read, this was leaked online. So not sure how long this will remain online so watch it while you can, cause it actually seems pretty fuckin cool. For those not in the know, Max Payne is yet another video game turned movie. And even though video game movies usually always end up sucking, this looks like it has some serious promise.

And while were on the subject, I don't give a shit what anyone says but I loved the Super Mario Bros movie. Probably mainly cause I was just a kid when it came out and I didn't know any better. I'm just hoping for the day to come that we finally get a Legend Of Zelda movie.

TMZ.COM is full of morons.

I fucking HATE going to But as someone that has to scour the internet to find stories and shit to write about on here, I kinda have to. On top of that they have a retarded TV show that my mother constantly watches, so when I drop by my parents, she has it on and I'm stuck listening to their idiotic shit while their head honcho drinks out of a water bottle. Seriously every time I see that guy hes drinking out of a water bottle.

Anyways, what leads me on this rants? Today I stop by and see their story about Tobey Maguire. Here is what they have to say....

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was anything but last night -- with an extremely frustrated Tobey Maguire screaming as he unloaded on paps for blocking his exit from Madeo.
Not exactly what we'd expect from Peter Parker, but Tobey's rage would be perfect for another comic franchise -- the Incredible Hulk!

Now is that not the most retarded bullshit you have ever read? He is a human being, trying to drive a car, and he has 20 god damn idiots jumping in front of his moving vehicle snapping off the flashes on their camera in the middle of the night! Anyone on the face of the planet would react the same way he did. But for some reason, TMZ thinks Tobey is now a huge asshole for not wanting to kill a group of people who deserved to be ran over. Shame on you Tobey, shame on you for acting like a human being when 20 idiots jumped in front of your moving car and for you getting upset that you could have killed someone.

Another reason I hate TMZ, is one day on their show, they had a picture of Jason Priestley working out at the gym. And the idiot "reporter" is talking about the picture to water bottle man, "We got this picture, of Jason Priestley at the gym, and he's working out and he's all hairy and sweating all over the place" which was followed by HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH from everyone laughing at poor Jason Priestley.


THE GUY IS FUCKING WORKING OUT AT A GYM! OF COURSE HE'S GONNA BE SWEATING HIS ASS OFF! God damnit TMZ why do you make me hate you so much. I seriously could post a daily article about something stupid TMZ posts since damn near everything they post is pointless and retarded.

Home Alone 2: Lost In Gotham?!

When 300 came out there was a shit load of parody trailers made using the audio from the 300 trailer and clips from other movies. This is the audio from The Dark Knight trailer, used with clips from Home Alone 2.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

RVTV Is Coming!

This has long, long been talked about. It was actually supposed to be on here a year ago but, fuck off I didn't get around to it. What will RVTV be exactly? Who knows? Below is the teaser for the first web series brought to you by! Starring... me. Random Villain. And others.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed... the best video game EVER?!

I'm not one to usually link to other sites, but Entertainment Weekly for once did something right on their website. They posted an exclusive first look at the new Star Wars game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed... and holy shitballs does it look amazing. My wiimote is itching for some lightsabery goodness.

Take a look at the video here. Then sound off in our comments and let me know what you think of this game. Does it look as awesome to you as it does to me?

Here's the trailer to really whet your appetite.