Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Review: Hancock

I liked this movie. But that is about the extent of it. It is not a bad movie. It is not a great movie. It is a good movie. July 4th weekend has been the weekend of Will Smith many times. But I was never really that impressed. I was never a big fan of Men In Black. But this movie I am a fan of. The previews make this movie out to be a comedic action movie but its not. There is comedy here and there. But it is a deeper dramatic story about a superhero being alone in the world. And instead of being sad about it, he just is pissed off and drinks himself into oblivion all the time. While, kinda saving the city from bad guys. Even though it costs the city in the millions to fix the damage he created by catching the bad guys.

The story line is in the commercials, he is an asshole, and gets Jason Bateman to be his PR guy to clean up his image. But there is many more surprised and things in the movie that is not shown in the trailers, and that I will not mention here because they are worth you finding out on your own. Sadly though, all the cool action scenes and laughs are thrown into the trailer. All the drama and acting that is displayed is not. And you can tell that A TON of things were cut out of the movie to give it the PG 13 rating. This movie was made as an R rated dark super hero action comedy drama movie.

I say, check this out in theaters, but then also give it a watch when and hopefully if the Directors Cut comes out on DVD. I have a feeling this is one of those rare movies that is much, much better with the directors cut dvd. I know most dvds say DIRECTORS CUT and you watch it and find out there is about 4 seconds of extra crap, but I bet there is tons left out of this movie. Much like Daredevil. The movie sucked shit, but the Directors Cut of Daredevil is a much, MUCH, better movie.


UPDATE: I slept on it. And let the movie settle on me and after thinking about it more, it is actually a VERY good movie, instead of just a good movie.

My main advice, go into this movie NOT EXPECTING A COMEDY. I think that is what is going to ruin this movie, it's not a comedy. It is a dramatic action movie first but a comedy last.


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