Monday, July 28, 2008

San Diego Blahmic Con

So you might be wondering, where the hell was the Comic Con coverage? Well Comic Con was pretty fuckin boring this year. Nothing insanely new or awesome came along besides Tron 2. And The only footage of Tron 2, or wait, sorry, TR2N that came along was some cell phone camera bootleg shit, when or if the footage is every up on quicktime or something better, then it'll be posted here. There's no point in posting the bootleg shit because it'll be taken down by days end anyways.

So let's see what we learned from Comic Con.....

Most kids experienced boners for the first time ever, not from seeing a girl, but from seeing Gambit in action finally.

My interest in the Watchmen, which wasn't that high to begin with, died. Sorry but the trailer was more like CGIMANIA over a comic book that only extreme nerds give a fuck about and no matter how many times I watched the trailer, I just could not get interested. Anyways, My Chemical Romance is doing music for the movie.

Friday The 13th redo looks like Texas Chainsaw redo just, with Jason instead. Meh.

Disney kicked the shit out of everyone in San Diego. While companies we're trying to be smooth with OH CHECK THIS OUT KIDS... ITS FUCKIN WOLVERINE!!!! Disney is like, wow way to go showing off something everyone knew was coming, cool, no really, cool, oh hey by the way, here's TRON MOTHER FUCKING 2 SON! BANG!

Anyways, nothing of real importance besides TR2N. So bah.


  1. 4 words and a number, asswipe:

    Sam Raimi Evil Dead 4

  2. "Sam Raimi has confirmed, to Bloody Disgusting, that he will be directing and producing "Evil Dead 4", which will star Bruce Campbell as Ash, and will also have many of the actors from the previous Evil Dead movies."

    That bit of news is back from 2005.

    Sam Raimi has been saying he'd LOVE to do another Evil Dead for fucking YEARS asswipe. So fuckin blow me know-it-all. Just because today he said the same exact shit he has been saying for years now, is no news at all. When I see an OFFICIAL statement, with a release date and production and real news, then I will get excited. Till then, it's just Sam running his mouth as usual.