Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why People Go Postal...or rather, why they use FedEx.

Like many Americans living in the digital era, I enjoy using the internet to browse and shop online. Once in a while, I actually make a purchase, and it's situations like what I had to endure today, that constantly make me regret it.

Three days ago, I bid on, and won the complete first and second seasons of LOST, from a loyal Ebay seller, and much to my chagrin and surprise, he promptly emailed me, thanking me for my purchase, and letting me know what my USPS tracking number would be. If you're a regular Ebay user, you'll know that most Ebay'ers aren't so kind, and you usually just end up waiting around until your parcel arrives. However, this was not the case this time, and it made me happy...until I actually tried to track the package.

This is where my story begins....

Sitting at my desk at work, I logged into the USPS website, and entered my tracking number, which I had copied and pasted from the email my ebay merchant was kind enough to send to me. Within moments, the website informed me that my package had been received and scanned, on April 23rd, in such-and-such town, North Carolina. It was being shipped Media Mail, which usually takes 2-9 days. (I'm betting on it being closer to 9)...I, being the perfectionist I so often am, felt that this was just not enough information. I wanted to know where the package was right now, and when I could expect it to show up in my mailbox. So, I did what any normal person would do. I called the USPS customer service and information hotline. Immediately, I was greeted by a warm, gentle, female voice. She was there to help me with all my US Postal Service needs, and all I had to do was speak in to the phone, and tell her what number selection I would like. First, we tried Track and Confirm. I read off my 16 digit number to her, and she promptly told me the exact same thing, word for word, that the website did previously. At this point, I already knew I was going to need to speak to Customer Service. So, again, like any normal person, I spoke clearly into the phone and said "Operator". This simple word, for most companies, would quickly have my call transferred...but oh ho ho, not the United States Postal Service! Do you know what "Operator" got me? Instructions...IN SPANISH! Guess what happens when it transfers you to the Spanish computer? You can't talk to it anymore, because I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH, and apparently, it doesn't understand English...

So I hang up.

I call back.

Once again, I'm welcomed by the nice, fairly attractive sounding woman. Rather than waste my time, and her megabytes, I clearly speak in to the phone, and this time, rather than "Operator", I try "Customer Service". "Excuse me", she says. "Did you say, Track and Confirm? Say yes, or say no." "NO" I say. "Ok then, please select the number of the option you wish to hear"....."Customer SERVICE".

This is already getting redundant.

"Excuse me, did you say Track and Confirm?" "NO! I SAID CUSTOMER SERVICE!!"

"OK, goodbye."

At this point, I have a handful of my own hair. My blood pressure is rising, my face is turning red, and I'm pretty sure there's an NSync song on the radio. Things are rapidly getting out of hand. I hit redial. She answers, her warm, inviting, sexy voice has been reduced to the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard...and into the phone, I simply state - "Let me talk to a person, bitch, or I will Kill YOU."

"Please hold, while I transfer you to the next available operator."

Finally. I'm in. She actually transferred me. I don't know how, I don't know why. I don't even care. All I know is, Allen has just picked up my call, and do you know what he tells me? "Sir, the number you recieved in that email is only a pick-up confirmation number. It doesn't actually track the package, but instead only tells you when the package was dropped off at one of our Postal Stations".

I thank Allen for his over-achievement and hard work, and hang up the phone.

Is there a moral to the story? Probably not... All I know is, my love for Newman was tainted today, and it's all thanks to the voice of a sultry diva, trapped in computer lingo.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In the Land of Women. More like...In The Land of Cliches!

So this evening, under the scrutiny of my cousin and her mother, who feel like I don't spend enough quality time with the family, I was forced into sitting through the movie that is "In The Land of Women". In The Land of Women is the first movie from Writer and Director Jon Kasdan. It stars Adam Brody as the lead, with a female supporting cast including Meg Ryan, Kristen Stewart, and the show-stealing Olympia Dukakis.

Now don't get me wrong, the premise of the movie is a decent enough idea. However, within 30 minutes of it, you can tell the writer/director was heavily influenced by shows like Dawson's Creek (from which he got his acting debut), and he makes it painfully obvious that he intended this movie for the teenage girl and her mom. Seeing as how I am neither a teenage girl, nor a mother, I was able to pick the movie a part like a well smoked pork loin.

Kasdan utilizes several cliche moments in this film, some of which are so painfully obvious you'd think it was a case study on John Hughes movies. The distraught teenage girl flinging paint at an oversized canvas...the precocious 8 year old, who tries to steal the show, but ends up being more annoying than anything else...and worst of all, Meg Ryan...the overbearing control freak mother, who secretly yearns for a bigger and better life, but only gets cancer for her troubles.

I found myself reliving Mystery Science Theatre 3000 time and again, as I mocked the film, much to the delight of my cousin, and even my Aunt. The movie became 100% predictable during the second half, and much to my further dismay, the ending was abrupt and served no purpose whatsoever.

Bottom line, this movie sucked so bad, I'm actually disappointed my first post here on Ultra Blog is about it...

That's it for me, until next time:


Tuesday, April 24, 2007 SUCKS

This is the worst wrestling news site on the fucking planet. They report about the same news report in almost EVERY fucking posting. And even mention it! Example...

"On the subject of Randy Orton, the 'scheduled match' between him and Edge was never going to take place on RAW last night, but the company was aware that reports had leaked online about him being sent home from the European tour, so it was used as a smokescreen as I said earlier. "

As he said earlier? Earlier was about 30 MINUTES AGO! Seriously post some REAL news dig up some dirt stop posting 10000 times that Orton was sent home. Fucking piece of shit wrestling site!

Who Reads This Shit Anyways?

So does anyone actually ever even come to this blog to read shit? Probably not. But fuck it, Im gonna touch on a few subjects anyways, very briefly.

Virginia Tech - Sad story, some stupid fucking kid with a stupid fucking gun thats a little whiney asshole got off easy with suicide. To all whiney ass kids in the world, if youre a lil bitch dont go killing people, just off yourself and leave it at that.

Sanjaya - Voted off Idol. Ungrateful bastard. Fuck him. No talent ass clown.

Shark Attacks - Fuck the ocean, I will never go in the ocean. I mean look at this pic!

Britney - Stop wearing a fuckin wig we know youre bald. Stupid whore.

Paris and K Fed - Apparently theyre hanging out together, its like if Megatron teamed up with Skeletor or some shit. We need to stop them, now.

Rosie O Donnell - Go kill yourself. You are a fat ugly disgusting pig. BLAGH.

Hot Fuzz - Best movie of the year so far. Kinda. Its better than Planet Terror, better than 300, and probably tied with Death Proof for best pic of the year so far. I say Hot Fuzz is the best so far because to get to Death Proof you gotta get through Planet Terror. Which isnt a bad movie either, just not as good as Death Proof.

Roseanne - This show fuckin rules your face, deal with that.

WWE - Boring as fuck, I havent watched in a couple weeks now. John Cena has killed my love for wrestling in general, I have almost zero interest in it now. Thanks Cena, you fucking hack.

The Shield and Heroes - The best shows on TV.

24 - A great show that is really fucking annoying because 98% of the characters on this show are MORONS.

Thats it for now, I may come back to touch on some more things briefly later. I will leave you with this, my fav thing in the world that makes me very happy.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Internet Message Board Nerds

This is going to be short and brief. This is just a message to people that spend their days on internet message boards.

You are not cool.

I have noticed on boards that every member of said message board, thinks they are a complete bad ass. And are really cool. And are always right about whatever topic they start, no matter how much truth points that they are wrong. They are always right.

What is really annoying that I notice is when someone starts a convo, or a topic. And people immediatley go into it and complain about how stupid the topic is. Its like TV, if you dont like it, dont watch it.

Also if it shows that you have only been a member of a message board for just a couple months but your post counts are well over 1000, you are officially a fucking loser.

In closing, this is a old saying now that has been around for a long time that alot of people seem to forget about....

Fighting on the internet is like being in the special olympics. No matter what, win or lose, you are still a fucking retard.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let the Anti-WWE Begin, Hogan and Big Show hit the Indies!

Well, on the heels of something i expected, which was WWE pulling Jerry Lawler out of the upcoming Memphis show on Friday April 27th, due to fear that Hulk Hogan vs. Jerry Lawler might outshine their crap, Memphis has fired back with an even BIGGER match, a match that was originally supposed to be on this years WrestleMania, but due to WWE thinking John Cena and Bobby Lashley are what people REALLY want these days, it didn't. The match is the Hulkster himself, taking on the Giant Paul Wight, aka the Big Show. This has to be the biggest indy match, in more than 20 years, if not more. The Giant is free from WWE and is said to be in better shape than ever, while Hogan always will be the biggest attraction of all time. I'm more hyped for this match by far than I would be if it was happening in a WWE ring. This match will hopefully light another fire that will take on WWE, whether is TnA trying to get Hogan and or the Giant to sign with them, or if its Hogan going forward with his proposed legends tour, SOMEthing good should come of this. Also on the card are legends Jimmy Hart, Koko B. Ware, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Greg the Hammer Valentine, and more! Hopefully this is a success, and the legends can go on tour and outdraws WWE's Bobby Assley and John Fagna love-a-thon, and WWE will be forced to get their shit together, or go back to being the #2 promotion they were when WCW/nWo kicked their asses. The Ultimate Clash of Legends goes down April 27th from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, and tickets goin on sale this Saturday, April 14th.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rocky Figure Collectible 6 Pack Exclusive Announced!!

Jakks has done it once again, and doing it big this time. has announced a huge 6 figure box set, that will feature 1 Rocky Balboa figure from each of the 6 movies. This set just looks cool, and is definitely a must own for collectors. You can pre-order now and the box set is going for $59.99, so its probably priced for the true collectors out there, but this an awesome display item, and what might be the biggest box set that Jakks will produce for the Rocky Series. I wrote about the last exclusive announced, which will be the awesome Apollo vs. Drago 2 pack, but this new 6 pack may very well be the crown jewel of the series (Although I may take that statement back if they come out with "Robert Balboa: Complete with Coat" in series 5, as this was momentous in Rocky movie history :-/ ) As always we'll keep the updates coming on the latest figures in the Jakks Rocky Series and WWE Classic Series Lines.

Racism, Girls and Gays. Random Villains thoughts on the world.

Some people are gonna get all pissy with this blog, some wont. Either way, I dont care. I am just going to list off some things to think about, mull over, and deal with.

All over the fuckin news all I hear or read about is how Don Imus a radio talk show host, called a girls basketball team nappy headed hoes.

Big, fucking deal.

50 Cent calls girls hoes and bitches in every single song, nobody makes a big deal about that?

Look I hate Don Imus because hes a moron. Seriously why the fuck do people care so much what this douche bag has to say? WHO CARES? I can garauntee you those girls have been called much worse by people and they didnt give a shit. But why do they give a shit now? Cause Imus is a celeb, and they can get famous from it too.

Mel Gibson, leave the guy alone. People to this day make jokes and shit, and call him racist and that he hates jews. No he doesnt. He was drunk, lots of people say wacky shit when theyre drunk, big fuckin deal.

What really annoys me is black people get mad when you call them, "you people" yes, there are black people, and white people. Deal with it.

I hate when a black guy gets mad that theyre stereotyped as bad people that are going to rob you. Lets take a look at Prisons, now how many black people are in prisons, and how many white people are? I can garauntee you in every prison in the country, there are more black people in there than there are white people.

Now dont get me wrong, white people are crazy as shit. Most black criminals rob stores and people for money. White criminals cut up gay dudes and eat them. When was the last famous serial killer that you ever heard of black? None. White people are crazy.

How come a black comedian can go on stage and make fun of white people to no end and it can be called comedy, but if a white comedian went on stage and made fun of black people theyre immediatley a racist? Grow up.

How come when a celeb makes a racist comment, they immediatley go to JESSE JAMES and apologize? Mel Gibson said he was sorry, Michael Richards said he was sorry. Get over it.

Gays. You know why gays piss me off? Not because theyre gay, but theyre selfish. When was the last time you saw gay people supporting some other cause in the world besides their own? There are far more important issues in the world that need to be dealt with before Bob and Roger can get married.

Girls. Stop showing your tits on camera. Girls always get pissed when you call them a slut, well. Look at you people. When a girl is drunk and sees a camera first thing they gotta do is flash their fuckin tits. That is not hot, at all. It is gross. Girls it does not make you cool, or bad ass, it makes you a fuckin slut. So next time you are called a slut, dont get mad, just say. Well, alot of us are but Im not.

People need to stop getting all crazy about gays and racism in the world. So here is a final word to all...

Gays: Someday it will be legal for all of you to get married, more than likely when Bush is out of office. Do I care if you get married? Nope. Go right ahead. Gay people getting married has zero effect on my life. Do I support them getting married? Yes. Why do I support it? So theyll finally shut the fuck up about it.

Blacks: Just because Imus called 1 group of girls hoes doesnt mean he called you all hoes. So calm down. Honestly why do you really give a shit what this moron redneck douche bag has to say? Go on with your lives. You call white people crackers honkeys and rednecks all the time, do you see me getting pissed about it? No.

Girls: Stop being fucking sluts and we wont call you sluts. Flashing your tits around makes me lose all respect for you. Get some self respect.

In closing. Im not racist, Im not a homophobe, I have zero friends that are sluts. I have gay friends, and black friends. And they all feel the same way I do, they dont care what people have to say all the time. Cheer up world. Stop getting so mad over stupid little things. Sit back next time something pisses you off and think, why should I care?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Larry Birkhead Is the father.

It was just MOMENTS ago announced that Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicoles baby.

Now that it is all said and done...

Howard K. Stern can go back to being a nobody, and the world, especially me, can go on not giving a shit.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Rob Zombie's Halloween---The Trailer is Upon Us.

So ever since the announcement was made that Rob Zombie would be creating the next Halloween movie, which would actually be a prequel (or new vision in Rob Zombie's words,) many people, including me, have been HIGHLY skeptical, being a remake of any CLASSIC, is usually total and utter shit. Well, I for one havent given up on this being that I really liked Devils Rejects and the way Zombie portrayed the bad guys in that movie, so I figured since Zombie is a horror fan himself, maybe he could pull this off if anyone could. Rumors had spread that many things were being changed, most noticeably the classic Halloween theme wasn't even being used. Rob Zombie denied many of these rumors, and now some things can be confirmed now that the Halloween Trailer has been released, and this looks like some total kick ass classic Michael Myers action. It appears we're gonna get a lot more of the history of Michael before he tore ass on Haddonfield on that fateful Halloween night. I've been a Myers fan for years and years, and the more history on the legendary character the better! I'm ready for this new spin on the series, and I'm hoping Rob Zombies vision of Halloween is as bad ass as this trailer makes it look! Check it out Now: Rob Zombies Halloween Trailer

Thursday, April 5, 2007

People need to start using their brains. R.I.P. Bob Clark

Ya know, nothing in this world pisses me off more than bad drivers. But whats even worse is when said bad driver goes out, gets drunk, then drives and becomes an even worse bad driver!

Seriously dumbfucks, if you plan on going out drinking, bring someone along that can drive, rent a hotel, get a taxi! Most bars now offer a free taxi ride home now if you are too wasted to drive! By all means, go out, have fun, drink, get wasted and laid. But do it using your fucking smarts! I go out drinking, but I always plan for it, if I know I have to drive, I don't drink much, Ill have a couple drinks and that be that. Or, I go out get trashed and rent a hotel I can stumble to, or a friends house.

So most of you wanna know, who is Bob Clark? Why so pissed about drunk drivers? Here is the news story below. And I will then leave you to your thoughts. So a final word from me. Go out, get drunk, have fun, party your ass off, but do it smart! Don't be a fucking dickwad like this guy and kill someone great! Ya know on the beer when it says, Do not opperate heavy machinery while drinking this. Yeah they're talking mostly about VEHICLES! DURRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! God I hate people, and this is a prime example why.......

'Christmas Story' Director Dies in Fiery Crash

Police Say Bob Clark and Son Were Killed by Drunk Driver
LOS ANGELES (April 5) - Bob Clark, whose film "A Christmas Story" became a seasonal fixture for its bittersweet cataloguing of holiday dreams and disappointments, was killed with his son in a car crash. He was 67.

Clark and Ariel Hanrath-Clark, 22, were traveling on the Pacific Coast Highway in the Pacific Palisades when they were killed Wednesday, said Lyne Leavy, Clark's personal assistant.

Their car was struck head-on by an SUV that a drunken driver steered into the wrong lane, police said.

"It's a tragic day for all of us who knew and loved Bob Clark," said Scott Schwartz, who played the flagpole-licking character Flick in "A Christmas Story" and kept in touch with Clark over the years. "Bob was a fun-lovin', jelly-roll kinda guy who will be sorely missed."

The driver of the other vehicle, Hector Velazquez-Nava, 24, of Los Angeles was arrested and booked for investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol and gross vehicular manslaughter. He was being held on $100,000 bail.

"The initial investigation has concluded that Nava was driving without a license northbound in the southbound lanes while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage," said Lt. Paul Vernon, a police spokesman.

An LAPD officer said early Thursday she didn't know if Nava had an attorney.

Clark had a prolific movie and TV directing career. He specialized in horror movies and thrillers early on, directing such 1970s movies as "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things," "Murder by Decree," "Breaking Point" and "Black Christmas," which was remade last year.

His breakout success came with 1981's sex farce "Porky's," a coming-of-age romp that he followed two years later with "Porky's II: The Next Day."

In 1983, he directed, co-produced and co-wrote "A Christmas Story," an adaptation of Jean Shepard's childhood memoir of a boy in the 1940s.

The film starred Peter Billingsly as Ralphie Parker, a young boy determined to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.

The film was a modest theatrical success, but critics loved it. It eventually joined "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street" as one of the Christmas films audiences watch year after year.

In 1994, Clark directed a forgettable sequel, "It Runs in the Family," featuring Charles Grodin, Mary Steenburgen and Kieran Culkin in a continuation of Shepard's memoirs.

In recent years, Clark made family comedies that were savaged by critics, including "Karate Dog," "Baby Geniuses" and its sequel, "Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2."

Among Clark's other movies were Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton's "Rhinestone," Timothy Hutton 's "Turk 182!", and Gene Hackman and Dan Aykroyd 's "Loose Cannons."

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A final word on

Well after much crying and whining from them, they decided to lie as well.

See in the world of the internet, the rule of thumb is if you link to a website, in turn they should link back to you. Well in the blog world, if you review someones site and link to it, be it bad or good, they can review and link back.

Well Ja of Ja and Kel called me a 5 year old, or a 4 year old, I don't really remember. Mainly because I thought his blog sucked. Even though it sucked, I still linked to it because I am obviously much more mature than him. How do I know? Well he DID have a link back to our blog up. But since I said his site sucks and he sucks, he stomped his little L.A. Gear shoes jumped on his bed screamed into his pillow "I HATE EVERYONE AND EVERYONE HATES MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" And removed the link to our site from his site.

We will keep his link up on our site, because we are not big babies like him. And because you can go for yourself and see how much his blog sucks my balls.

So in closing, Ja, looks like I win this. Go cry to mommy some more ya fucking bitch. You have been PWNED by Random Villain.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Ja, from Ja and Kel responds....

Read below this for my review of a boring blog site. Well, Ja had a response...

"Your review is up and the Ferrari was a rental (no shit) which I state on my about page. (I might have got to the about page if I wasn't falling asleep reading everything else.) You can rent one also for $1000 one day that is if you are not still working at McDonalds that is.(This would be funny if I still worked at McDonalds, I actually did work at McDonalds when I was 17, I quit after one day, went home smelling like french fries, ugh! I have better respect for myself unlike people that need to rent cars to look cool.)"

Even if I had $1000 bucks, I wouldn't blow it on renting a fuckin car. You should take that $1000 and go learn how to make a better site.

So what did Cool Manchu have to say about us? Its pretty damn funny.

"Ultra Entertainment - Now here’s some online entertainment written by a four year old still wearing diapers and shitting himself with no hope of making enough money to pay for a 5 cent jolly rancher."

I love this. Why? His "review" of our site is just a personal attack on me, big deal. Because what he has to say about the SITE is that it is some "Online Entertainment". Awesome review ya bag of dicks!

Now, people Im going to state this once and for all. WE ARE NOT HERE, TO MAKE MONEY, WE ARE HERE, TO WRITE BLOGS. Get it through your moronic unorignal boring as fuck heads. This poor sap got Kels panties that he stole and is currently wearing all in a wad because someone thought his blog sucks. BOO FREAKIN HOO. It all boils down to this buddy....

You had to rent a car to sit in to look cool. That's like taking the hot high school cheerleader on a date and saying "Yeah babe I'll pick you up when my mom gets home form work so I can use her station wagon"

Like I said, I'm way cooler than this Ja guy anyways, because a Ferarri is for douche bags, this is more my style.

A Review Of "Ja Kel Daily Dot Com"


First off, the name of this site pisses me off. It's ran by some dude named Jason and some girl named Kelly. So being the clever ones that they are, this is the convo I imagine...

Jason: "Oh my god like Kelly since we are doing blogs together on the same site we should totally come up with a name!"

Kelly: "Totally but what could it be?!?!?"

Jason: "Oh wows! What if we just, take the first two letters of my name, and the first three letters of your name, and that be it! Ja and Kel Daily!

Kelly: "Oh my god Jason how did you get so smart?!?"

Jason: "I do not know Kelly but this is brilliant!"

Ugh.... anyways, they're some clever folks, and apparently, like most blogs in the world, Ja Kel Daily Dot Com eventually wants to make money, and is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

So first off on the site I get an image of someone in a ferrari, Im guessing this might be Jason taking the car for a test drive or borrowing it. Because no one that is clever enough to come up with Ja Kelly Daily knows how to drive.

Scrolling further into the site, I see 2 things that grab my interest. Jack and Shit. There are no pictures of anything, and since I'm lazy and hate reading, I need some pics to catch my interest.

They say that this is the best of both worlds. Two blogs on one site. Um, that isn't both worlds. Thats just one world. A blog on a site be it one blog, two or three, is still just a blog site. And that is one world Ja and Kel. Both worlds is something that is different from each other, but combined into one.

Lets see, a blog about screen resolution, wow how riveting!

Going further down I see some small site reviews, a pic of another stupid car, a phone with a Dr. Pepper.... yeah Im bored. Nothing on this site is of interest to me. But I will say this, atleast this site is better than John Chows blog. Because even though there is not one thing interesting to me on this site, atleast it doesnt have pointless reviews of stupid hole in the wall restaurants that no one has ever heard of, or go to.

So in closing, Ja and Kel, post some interesting shit, some interesting pics and it might be worth reading. Also if Kel is hot then it would not hurt posting some hot pics of Kel. But if she is fat or ugly, stick to the stupid shots of Ja in other peoples cars.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Random Villain eats at Applebees. (A review, John Chow style)

So here is my review of Applebees. Why am I reviewing this place? I dont know. Unlike John Chow atleast Im reviewing a place people have heard of, and know where they can find one, and isnt some hole in the wall. So here is my random ass review of a restaurant. Just like John Chow does, except, mine is a known place, and his are places ran by illegals.

So yeah, I get to Applebees, Saturday night at 7:32pm. We are seated immediatley. Im really hungry so I tell our friendly server I would like some nachoes with a mountain dew.

There are nachos. I post these pics so you know what the fuck nachos look like. Just like Chow posts pics of his stupid shitty food.

So after the nachos comes my main course. I go with the bourbon street steak. Its cajun style, cajun is supposed to be spicy. Is my steak that? No. Oh wait here is a pic of my steak.

Yeah so, the steak tastes like the same meat used in my nachos.

Its weird, this steak I ate tastes like shit. And the mashed potatoes were gross. They still had the skin in them. Fuckin gross right? Right. See look at the potatoes.

So yeah, there it is, Applebees is fuckin gross and probably tastes like the inside of John Chows asshole.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Ultra Entertainment, us, recently posted a review of John Chow's blog. About how much it BLOWS. Well I find it funny that just a few short days later, John Chow TAPS OUT and quits writing blogs?

To.... travel the world? LMFAO yeah, right. Go jump on a fuckin segway and ride around the block maybe.

Because I know the truth. This is the WORST April Fools joke ever. OH HEY GUYS I'M NEVER WRITING BLOGS AGAIN! OH JUST KIDDING APRIL FOOLS!

Fucking pathetic. Fake a death or something, but of course that will never happen. From the looks of this guys blogs, he doesn't have a single creative bone in his body.

Do yourself and your shitty fans a favor, really do quit writing blogs. Leave it to people that write about shit that matters and has some meaning. Thanks Chow.

And you know what, people wanna see it?! You wanna witness it?! Here it is.

Im callin you out Chow. I dare you, I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU. To write an INTERESTING blog. Because I promise you can not do it. A INTERNET MOGUL, wow good for you. Does that make you entertaining? No. Does it make you worth while? No. So here is the challenge. I will write a blog, you will write a blog. Whoever can entertain more is the winner, so I already pronounce myself, the NEW world Blog Champion! Because there does not even need to be a challenge because you suck! Boring Blog Bitch is your title. So go write a blog anyways. BATTLE OF THE BLOG BILLIONARES! The loser shaves their head! Or in John Chows case, their pussy!



a threat John, you have never seen before....
TONY MAC........
Y 2 C

So go John, do something interesting for once. Prove to me that you are worth being called a BLOG MOGUL. And I will shave my head!