Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Who Reads This Shit Anyways?

So does anyone actually ever even come to this blog to read shit? Probably not. But fuck it, Im gonna touch on a few subjects anyways, very briefly.

Virginia Tech - Sad story, some stupid fucking kid with a stupid fucking gun thats a little whiney asshole got off easy with suicide. To all whiney ass kids in the world, if youre a lil bitch dont go killing people, just off yourself and leave it at that.

Sanjaya - Voted off Idol. Ungrateful bastard. Fuck him. No talent ass clown.

Shark Attacks - Fuck the ocean, I will never go in the ocean. I mean look at this pic!

Britney - Stop wearing a fuckin wig we know youre bald. Stupid whore.

Paris and K Fed - Apparently theyre hanging out together, its like if Megatron teamed up with Skeletor or some shit. We need to stop them, now.

Rosie O Donnell - Go kill yourself. You are a fat ugly disgusting pig. BLAGH.

Hot Fuzz - Best movie of the year so far. Kinda. Its better than Planet Terror, better than 300, and probably tied with Death Proof for best pic of the year so far. I say Hot Fuzz is the best so far because to get to Death Proof you gotta get through Planet Terror. Which isnt a bad movie either, just not as good as Death Proof.

Roseanne - This show fuckin rules your face, deal with that.

WWE - Boring as fuck, I havent watched in a couple weeks now. John Cena has killed my love for wrestling in general, I have almost zero interest in it now. Thanks Cena, you fucking hack.

The Shield and Heroes - The best shows on TV.

24 - A great show that is really fucking annoying because 98% of the characters on this show are MORONS.

Thats it for now, I may come back to touch on some more things briefly later. I will leave you with this, my fav thing in the world that makes me very happy.

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