Friday, April 6, 2007

Rob Zombie's Halloween---The Trailer is Upon Us.

So ever since the announcement was made that Rob Zombie would be creating the next Halloween movie, which would actually be a prequel (or new vision in Rob Zombie's words,) many people, including me, have been HIGHLY skeptical, being a remake of any CLASSIC, is usually total and utter shit. Well, I for one havent given up on this being that I really liked Devils Rejects and the way Zombie portrayed the bad guys in that movie, so I figured since Zombie is a horror fan himself, maybe he could pull this off if anyone could. Rumors had spread that many things were being changed, most noticeably the classic Halloween theme wasn't even being used. Rob Zombie denied many of these rumors, and now some things can be confirmed now that the Halloween Trailer has been released, and this looks like some total kick ass classic Michael Myers action. It appears we're gonna get a lot more of the history of Michael before he tore ass on Haddonfield on that fateful Halloween night. I've been a Myers fan for years and years, and the more history on the legendary character the better! I'm ready for this new spin on the series, and I'm hoping Rob Zombies vision of Halloween is as bad ass as this trailer makes it look! Check it out Now: Rob Zombies Halloween Trailer

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