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Westboro Baptist Church sued successfully for 10.9 Million Dollars!!

Remember these crazy fucks?

Welllllllllllllllll, today they finally got what the fuck is coming to them, almost.

A grieving father won a nearly $11 million verdict Wednesday against a fundamentalist Kansas church that pickets military funerals in the belief that the war in Iraq is a punishment for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality.

A member of Westboro Baptist Church protests outside a veteran's hospital in Maywood, Illinois, in April 2006.

Albert Snyder of York, Pennsylvania, sued the Westboro Baptist Church for unspecified damages after members demonstrated at the March 2006 funeral of his son, Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, who was killed in Iraq.

The jury first awarded $2.9 million in compensatory damages. It returned later in the afternoon with its decision to award $6 million in punitive damages for invasion of privacy and $2 million for causing emotional distress.

U.S. District Judge Richard Bennett noted the size of the award for compensating damages "far exceeds the net worth of the defendants," according to financial statements filed with the court.

Church members routinely picket funerals of military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, carrying signs such as "Thank God for dead soldiers" and "God hates fags."

A number of states have passed laws regarding funeral protests, and Congress has passed a law prohibiting such protests at federal cemeteries.

But the Maryland lawsuit is believed to be the first filed by the family of a fallen serviceman.

The church and three of its leaders -- the Rev. Fred Phelps and his two daughters, Shirley Phelps-Roper and Rebecca Phelps-Davis, 46 -- were found liable for invasion of privacy and intent to inflict emotional distress.

Snyder claimed the protests intruded upon what should have been a private ceremony and sullied his memory of the event.

The church members testified they are following their religious beliefs by spreading the message that the deaths of soldiers are due to the nation's tolerance of homosexuality.

Their attorneys argued in closing statements Tuesday that the burial was a public event and that even abhorrent points of view are protected by the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech and religion.

The judge said the church's financial statements, sealed earlier, could be released to the plaintiffs.

Earlier, church members staged a demonstration outside the federal courthouse.

Church founder Fred Phelps held a sign reading "God is your enemy," while Shirley Phelps-Roper stood on an American flag and carried a sign that read "God hates fag enablers."

Members of the group sang "God Hates America" to the tune of "God Bless America."

Snyder sobbed when he heard the verdict, while members of the church greeted the news with tightlipped smiles.

To see more of the evil propaganda these people spout, check out their site:!

It amazes me that these people haven't been blown off the face of the earth yet...

Source credit: CNN.

Breaking News: Dog the Bounty Hunter is a Racist? Say it Ain't So! But it is...

In a shocking story, the National Enquirer has just revealed a taped conversation in which Duane Chapman, aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, (who is known as the good guy who catches fugitives, but helps them turn their lives around and is all about doing good,) talks with his son Tucker about his black girlfriend, and how he HAS to break up with her, and how she is not welcome in his house. He drops the "N" word NUMEROUS times. This comes as quite a shock to the people that see Dog helping drug addicts and bottom of the barrel types on his show. Well, they may not be seeing his show anymore, as A&E has suspended further production of his show pending further investigation. I spoke with our own Random Villain on this breaking matter, and he had these words: " Why is it whenever a celebrity gets caught using the N Bomb they have to call Al Sharpton to explain themselves? Is he King Of The Blacks or some shit?" Well, I guess so, as Dog has already called Sharpton, probably to beg him to not unleash his name as the number 1 racist TV personality in the world or something. You've got to hear this for yourself, and you can check out the audio yourself by checking out: Dog's Racist Rampage! We'll continue following this breaking story, but we have a feeling Dog's days as a good guy celeb may be done....and he was afraid having a black person associated with him would be his demise! Wow!

Happy Halloween from

Halloween is great, except when it comes to finding a costume. I went through hell to get mine together but in the end, its all set. Another thing I hate about costumes on Halloween is I see ads for all the sexy chick costumes with the hot model in some tight nurse costume but, you NEVER see a girl that looks like the girl in said ad wearing that costume. Its always some fat mexican broad. At least thats how it goes here in Phoenix.
Either way, Happy Halloween. have fun trick or treating, watch our for razor blades in your apples like that one kid got in Halloween II. Here is a little treat for you kiddies! Back when SNL used to be funny, there was a great Halloween skit that I now share with you all.

And now for the trick... go kids, put on your Silver Shamrock masks, and watch the magic pumpkin! Waaaatch!


So what is this Wanted movie? And is that Mr. Tummus?!

Why yes that is Mr. Tummus from The Chronicles Of Narnia in there, taking lessons from Angelina on how to kick ass and take names.

Wanted is based on a graphic novel (a long pretty comic book for those ungeeks) written by Mark Millar. I've heard of the comics, but never really gave them a read. But have heard good things from those that have. From the looks of the trailer, I can dig it. Angelina is hot, Morgan Freeman always rules. And Mr. Tummus is bad ass. So I am there. Oh and also who I would imagine playing the villain, I hope, is one Terrence Stamp! Oh, for the ungeeks.... Terrence Stamp played General Zod in Superman 2. (The best Superman in my view)

Wanted is about a 25-year-old account manager Wes (James McAvoy) was the most pathetic, cube-dwelling hypochondriac the planet had ever known. His boss chewed him out hourly, his girlfriend cheated on him daily and his life plodded on interminably. Everyone was certain this weakling would never amount to anything. There was little else for Wes to do but wile away the days and die a slow, clock-punching death. After the murder of a father he never knew, Wes discovers powers beyond his dreams. He becomes the latest recruit in the Fraternity--a secret society of assassins--and develops lightning-quick reflexes with superhuman agility. Wes soon learns his league of henchmen has but one mission: carry out the death orders of the mythological Fates, weavers of every man's lifeline. With wickedly brilliant tutors, he morphs into a killing machine and starts erasing one bad guy after another. But as Wes grows into the mantle passed down by his father...he discovers his clan members are not exactly the enforcers of justice they claim to be. Just as he gets everything he ever Wanted, Wesley Gibson will learn that with the ability to deliver death comes an even more difficult power...controlling your own life.

Check out the trailer in sweet, lovely and non shitty youtube quality QUICKTIME and HD right here.

Wanted opens March 28th 2008, but you can check out Angelina Jolie's Nude pics and clips at now!

Daniel Craig to remain as Bond for 4 more films.

Good news on the 007 front with things moving forward fast. Today it was confirmed that Paul Haggis has just handed in his final draft of the "Bond 22" screenplay ahead of the upcoming writer's strike.

Meanwhile MGM chairman and CEO Harry Sloan confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the studio has signed Daniel Craig to do four more "James Bond" movies after 'Royale'.

This would bring his total to five - just behind Roger Moore (7) and Sean Connery (6), but ahead of Pierce Brosnan (4), Timothy Dalton (2) and George Lazenby (1).

Theme song singers for "Bond 22" are already being talked about with the likes of "X-Factor" winner Leona Lewis and HIM frontman Ville Valo dubiously suggested by the British tabloids this week.

Finally Italy is looking to be a the site of much filming according to MI6 which says that Grand Hotel Gardone and Locanda Punta San Vigilio Hotel on the edge of Lake Garda are to be scouted shortly. The Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps, and Matera in the Basilicata region are apparently set for shoots.

Courtesy: Dark Horizons

Trailer: Wanted - Starring Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman

How fucking awesome does this look?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

James Vanderbilt Set to Write Spiderman 4!!!

In the first bit of Spiderman 4 news we've seen, Entertainment Weekly reports that James Vanderbilt (writer of Zodiac,) has signed to write the next installment of the Spiderman saga. We won't see the movie until summer of 2009, but bar some interference from all this "writers going on strike" crap, Vanderbilt could be the guy to bring the dark side of Spiderman to the table that many people expected to see in Spiderman 3. Here's hoping this is step one in plenty of more good news for the franchise. And don't forget, Spiderman 3 is out NOW on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Danielle Harris Set to Direct Her Own Horror Film! Can She Provide an Old School Slasher Movie?

Well this is an interesting and unexpected tidbit. While checking out the latest interview that legendary subject Danielle Harris did with, we came across the news that she will be directing her own horror movie. Hmm, that's different. The interview covered the usual talk of Halloween 4 and 5, some other work she's done such as Roseanne, and of course her work with Rob Zombies Halloween and showing her boobs, but the news of her directing a movie is new to us. She says the movie will be an old school style slasher flick, and she'll be pulling in her friends from the genre, as well as her friends outside the genre. The title is yet to be named, but she suggests a good tagline for the movie would be ""What does it take to make it in Halloween?" This is all so weird, of course has covered, and uncovered a lot of Danielle Harris material, but we're not sure how to take this news. On one hand, you have someone who has been a part of some great Halloween movies that are awesome, and she also likes old school style slasher movies, without any new school CGI stuff, but on the other hand, there aren't a ton of female made horror movies out there, and usually when an actor gets some bright idea that they think will be great, it more often than not turns out shitty. But hey, more power to her, hope it works out. Unfortunately, she said she'd do no more than a cameo in her movie, possibly as herself. She DOES mention once how she was comfortable topless, and didn't even want to be covered up or anything on the set between takes, and basically just hung out with her boobs all out, works for us! Hopefully that means in her next movies she'll be just as open! Here is what she said on her directorial project:

"I can't give anything away right now, but it's called The Untitled Danielle Harris Project, and it's a feature film. I'm going to pull all of my friends into it that are in the genre as well as quite well known outside the genre that are just really amazing actors and friends of mine that I've always wanted to work with. I'm just going to make it happen myself. I think a great tagline would be "What does it take to make it in Halloween?" And it is a slasher film. Everyone will then know exactly how I feel about the entertainment industry and about actors and actresses that are about my age, as soon as the movie is done. I've got a lot of actors that are going to be playing themselves and doing cameos and I think it will be really, really fun."

Check out the full interview, including topics such as never meeting Jamie Lee Curtis, why she wasn't in Halloween 6, but still got paid, and news on her other upcoming projects visit: Danielle Harris IGN Interview
And even MORE Danielle Harris at!

Chris Jericho will return on ECW tonight!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Alright we have all seen the Save_Us promos for the past month right?!

Ok well check this out.

In all the coding, and stuff like that. If you look around. You will see the letter E pop up in some of the words and stuff. Like the letter E in the word Save!

And you will also see the letter C pop up in a word or too as well! And you know what else, C is in the name... Jericho!

And in other words there is the letter W! And Jericho is a Wrestler!

Put them together and its ECW!!!

That means when Jericho makes his comeback which will be tonight, because ECW is live from Long Island, New York! And Jericho has no signings for tonight for his book tour meaning he can be anywhere in the world which means he can easily fly from there to get to the ECW show!

It all adds up!!

Indiana Jones 4 Trailer

No it hasn't been released yet, but several sites are reporting that it HAS been seen. Here's whats going around the net as an official description of the trailer:

Paramount Logo

Black screen

We hear a low buzzing

Shot of a mass of big jeeps crossing the desert

Fade to black

JIM BROADBENT: There are many secrets in this world...

Shot of a wooden box being loaded onto a loader

fade to black

JIM BROADBENT: ..that man was not meant to discover!

Shot of the Ark being lifted out of its confinds as military scientists watch in awe.

fade to black

A shot of the lid being lifted off the ark

cut to black

Cut to Indy and Jim in a university hallway

JIM BROADBENT: There are others who seek the power of the ark now!

cut to black

Shot of Indy leaving the university, looks like he's being watched

Shot a woman in a white dress stepping from a vehicle

CATE: Your services are required Dr Jones

Shot of Cate talking to Indy, she opens a box revealing a Crystal skull

INDIANA: Im sorry i Cant help you!!

Shot of Marion tied up in the back of a vehicle kicking and screaming. The door opens and Indy reacts.

CATE: Your her life!

INDIANA: Marion!

Shot of a ship crossing the ocean

Massive shot of Indy and Ray winstone in a temple

Shot of Shia fighting next to rotating blades

Shot of a huge Mayan city

Shot of Indy racing through catacombs

Shot of Cate slapping Marion, Marion slaps her back.

Shot of Cate by the crystal skull alter, a fleet of soldier behind her, we can just see the ark,
she places a crystal skull down!

Shot of Jim Broadbent looking very worried.

Shot of A Mayan temple exploding with the power of the Ark

Shot of Indy and Shia swinging across A huge ravine walls collapsing around them. Shia slips at the edge. Indy grabs his Hand.


Shot of Marion punching Indy

INDY: I should have seen that coming!



Two Comic Movies coming to big screen, The Flash and The Green Lantern!

MTV ( reports that "Wedding Crashers" director David Dobkin is the new director for the film adaptation of DC Comics' "The Flash." The project has undergone many changes, with David Goyer and Shawn Levy previously at the helm for the project.

The site reports that the film will exist in the same universe as the forthcoming "Justice League" project.

Dobkin revealed to the site that his version will deal with the Wally West storyline of The Flash, which tells of a superhero who can run at the speed of lightning.


The Hollywood Reporter prints today that "Everwood" creator Greg Berlanti has been tapped to co-write and direct a live-action adaptation of DC Comics' superhero "Green Lantern" for Warner Bros. Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are co-writing the screenplay, with Donald De Line set to produce.

"Green Lantern" was created in 1940. The modern story will focus on "Hal Jordan, a test pilot who finds a downed alien spacecraft. A dying alien passes his ring to Jordan, introducing the man to a wider world that includes an interstellar police force known as the Green Lantern Corps and its overseers, the Guardians of the Universe, who live on the planet Oa. "

Like most superheroes, Green Lantern has a weakness and that is the color yellow.

What happens if the Writer's strike?

LOS ANGELES — TV viewers hooked on cliffhanger episodes of hit shows such as Heroes and Grey's Anatomy could be left dangling if writers walk off the job.

With Hollywood writers poised to log off their laptops as soon as Thursday, TV networks were bracing for the need to fill the airwaves with reality shows, game shows and even reruns if a threatened strike devours their script inventory.

Viewers could start seeing an onslaught of unscripted entertainment by early next year, when popular series such as Desperate Housewives and Heroes run out of new episodes.

Members of the Writers Guild of America and the group representing film and TV producers were set to meet Tuesday with a federal mediator after scant progress in contentious talks that have dragged on since July.

With the current contract set to expire at midnight Wednesday, negotiators remain far apart on the central issue of raising payment for profits on DVDs and shows offered digitally on the Internet, cellphones and other devices.

More than 5,000 members of the Writers Guild of America recently voted, with 90% authorizing negotiators to call the first strike since 1988 if necessary.

If writers walk out, the effect wouldn't be felt immediately. Networks have enough episodes of shows such as Ugly Betty and CSI written and in production to last at least through the end of the year and possibly into next February, industry executives and analysts said.

But after that, schedules will run into trouble.

Producers already have tried to hurry shooting in preparation for a strike but not always successfully.

The CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother was asked by 20th Century Fox Television to shoot an extra episode during a planned production break last week.

Source credits: USA Today, A.P. News

Monday, October 29, 2007

There is a God! Conan O'Brien will for sure replace Jay Leno in 2009!

This was announced a while back but, with Jay Lenos current strong ratings, and wanting to stay on TV, it was rumored that the deal made might be broken and Leno would stay in the Tonight Show seat.... :(

BUT! Announced today by the head of NBC, Jeff, Zucker, told the New Yorker that Jay Leno is leaving, and Conan is in for 2009! Thank God!

The main reason being is that if the deal was broken, NBC would have to fork over over 40 million dollars to Conan O'Brien. This is the best news ever because Jay Leno is pretty much the farthest from being funny that a person can actually get. And Conan is just on too late for my sleeping schedule. Now all females in their 50s and over will have to either deal with Conan or find some new late night show to watch, since those are the only people that actually find Leno funny. HA HA!

As for who is replacing Conan, well there is a short list but the man at the top is one Jimmy Fallon... but does that really matter? No.

Read more about the story right here.

A Tale Of Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock, with review, and cheats??

Saturday night was a very odd night and it was like fate led me to Guitar Hero III. Let my story begin...

My night started off with me searching everywhere for my Halloween costume to hit up a Halloween party. But after 5 stores, no luck. In case you are wondering, my costume was to be Walter from The Big Lebowski. Anyways I say fuck it and grab this haggard cowboy costume and am all set to go but, I get home only to find out said party has been canceled?! Fuck. So I say F this and grab some beers and start playing some PS3. My roommate gets home, our friend comes over, we are bored as shit and to top it off, its midnight, and we are already out of beer. So after already having a few drinks, we say fuck it we need beer and head to the store. We get there and find out, the grocery store is already closed! Fucking shit so we head to another grocery store and this one is closed too! So I say fuck this, lets hit the bar! We go to the bar, and it is jammed packed for a Halloween party and I say fuck this! Lets just go to the damn 7-11! Theyre open, get beer, success. So we make our way through the parking lot and see that the damn Game Stop is still open! And I wonder, what in the blue hell is the Game Stop doing open at Midnight:30?? Then I see a kid walk out holding Guitar Hero III and realize, oh shit! Midnight sale for the release of Guitar Hero!!!!! Boom! We go inside and see that they only have PS3 versions left for reserved people. We are a bit sad but say fuck it and settle on the Wii version till the dude says "Oh wait, we got one for PS3!" Boo yaa!!! Fate, was on our side that night. Except for in our drunken excitement my roommate takes off in his focus and romps over a curb tearing the shit out of his car LOL @ HIM. Anyways.... as for my review and thoughts?

I had never played any of the previous versions. I have just very very limited basics as to how to play a real guitar so was kinda iffy on this. But I did play a bit of Guitar Hero 2 at a Wal Mart and thought it could be fun. Well we get home around Midnight:45ish, set the game up, and start playing career mode. And continued to play, until I saw the sun coming up, and realized it was just past 6 in the morning, and we had beaten career on easy. Wow. I have not had this much fun or been this challenged by a game in a long time. On top of that it turned me onto new bands and new music. And I will just say, Slayer - Raining Blood is insanity on this damn game and I am scared to death to even attempt this song on Medium. Hey fuck you I'm new to this game.

The song list is awesome, the graphics kick ass, and the boss battles rule. As for who to expect? First up you gotta battle Mr. Tom Morello. The man from a band known as Rage Against The Machine. After that, you go up against Slash himself. But the big bad at the end of the damn game is who else... The Devil, and of course, what song do you have to battle him in? The Devil Went Down To Georgia.

All in all, if you love music, rock n roll, and guitars, you will obviously dig this damn game. And for those weiners that need some cheat codes. Well here ya go! Oh and these codes are for the PS3 version. For codes to other systems, head to

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes at the "Cheats" menu in the options to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Each note or chord must be strummed. Repeat a code to disable its effect.

All songs in Quick Play mode

Press Yellow + Orange, Red + Blue, Red + Orange, Green + Blue, Red + Yellow, Yellow + Orange, Red + Yellow, Red + Blue, [Green + Yellow] two times, [Yellow + Blue] two times, [Yellow + Orange] two times, Yellow + Blue, Yellow, Red, Red + Yellow, Red, Yellow, Orange.

Hyperspeed mode

Press Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Orange, Yellow. This code makes the charts faster.

Precision mode

Press [Green + Red] three times, [Red + Yellow] two times, [Red + Blue] two times, Yellow + Blue, Yellow + Orange, Yellow + Orange, [Green + Red] three times, [Red + Yellow] two times, [Red + Blue] two times, Yellow + Blue, [Yellow + Orange] two times.

Performance mode

Press Red + Yellow, Red + Blue, Red + Orange, Red + Blue, Red + Yellow, Green + Blue, Red + Yellow, Red + Blue.

No fail mode

Press Red + Orange, Blue + Yellow, Orange + Green, [Yellow + Red] three times, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Green + Red, Blue, Green, Orange, [Red + Blue] two times.

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Kim Kardashian's Playboy Pictures.

Quick post to update our story from two days ago about Kim Kardashian being Playboy's December girl. Check out some naked pics of Kim from her sex tape.
And download full issue of Kim Kardashians Playboy Spread below:


Friday, October 26, 2007

Review: 30 Days of Night

Movie: 30 Days of Night
Released: 10/19/2007
Director: David Slade (Hard Candy)
Starring: Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Ben Foster
Rating: 5.5/10

I went in to this film with an open mind, excited over the reviews that compared it to SAW and Hostel. Supposedly, it's the vampire movie equivalent to them. Unfortunately, while 2 or 3 scenes may live to par with that ideal, the rest of the movie is far from exacting as much fear from the audience as they do. The dialouge is okay, but nothing great. The plot outline is narrow and vague, never truly explaining where the Vampires come from, and/or how they made it to the town of Barrow. None of the Vampires are even THAT creepy. The leader of the pack, played to perfection by sinister character actor Danny Huston, is the only one that emotes any emotion or semblance of a personality. True, it's not your grandmother's Vampire movie. You won't see any pretty boys with lace and frill, nor will you see any immortal rockers or Gothic warlords. I'm convinced they're all from Russia or something, and for whatever reason they speak in some click language. It does get gruesome, and it's damn sure bloody, but like I mentioned before, there's only a few scenes that could be comparable to SAW, and there's really only ONE of them in my mind that's just like SAW or Hostel. The acting is pretty lousy, and Josh Hartnett proves to me once again that he is not convincing as a leading man. He's like the Kevin Costner of this generation. Totally one dimensional. Melissa George is horrible at covering up her British accent, and maybe once actually appears frightened. Ben Foster, who's at his best in this sort of role (see him in Hostage) steals the first half of the movie in my opinion. Overall, it might have been scarier if the lights in the theatre actually went all the way out. I just don't think it was as scary as the commercials promote it to be. Gory? Yes. Scary? No. See it if you're a fan of the genre, but really save yourself the 9 bucks and add it to your Queue.

So what exactly is the plot of The Dark Knight? Spoilers!?

If you head on over to the teaser site for The Joker, you will see a flash image of a pumpkin. Now many so far have been thinking its simple because its Halloween time... well not many know but the "sequel" of sorta to Batman: Year One, which Batman Begins was based on, is called The Long Halloween. Which the cover for looks like this.See the pumpkin on the cover? Yep. The Dark Knight will be a film version of The Long Halloween, although I doubt it will be DIRECT from this comic, since this comic series features damn near every baddie from Batman. So since I am lazy and don't wanna type up exactly what goes down in this series, I found it all on wikipedia. Beware as there might be spoilers ahead. Dont worry Ill let you know when you are headed into spoiler territory.

The Plot: The Long Halloween is heavily influenced by film noir and films such as The Godfather. The series continues the story of Carmine Falcone introduced in Frank Miller's Batman: Year One / Batman Begins. Set early in Batman's career a few months after the events of Year One, the story revolves around the gradual transition of Batman's rogues' gallery from simple mob goons to full-fledged supervillains. It is also the origin of Two-Face, adding along to the story in Batman: Annual 14. It follows the events in a few months following Year One and examines an entire year of Batman's career as a crime fighter, so it could be considered a "Year One"/"Year Two", in some form. This story has been accepted into continuity after Zero Hour erased the events of Batman: Year Two from the canon. The plot follows Batman's struggle to find a mysterious killer, while Harvey Dent's and Jim Gordon's marriages are strained during the process. As the story unfolds, Carmine Falcone hires "freaks" (Poison Ivy, the Riddler, the Scarecrow, and the Mad Hatter) in an attempt to stop the Batman and restore power back to the family, only to discover that the freaks are more powerful than he expected.

The Story/Spoilers: As Batman, Captain Jim Gordon, and District Attorney Harvey Dent collaborate to legally bring down Carmine Falcone, a series of mob-related murders begins. The mystery villain (eventually nicknamed Holiday) is killing mafia members affiliated with Falcone on holidays, leaving behind related tokens as a calling card, as well as the murder weapon: a .22 caliber pistol with a baby bottle nipple for a silencer.

Valid clues are few and far between, as the killings appear to be the work of a professional. Batman and Gordon turn to another holiday-themed criminal, the incarcerated Calendar Man, for insight. The evidence and rumors eventually pile up against Harvey Dent himself, who faces mounting stress at home with his troubled wife Gilda, and in his professional life. Gilda just wants to settle down and have a child with him, but Harvey is determined to solve the mystery of the Holiday Killer before taking a rest. At the same time, Bruce Wayne attempts to have a relationship with Selina Kyle, whom he does not yet realize is also the anti-hero/thief Catwoman. His own dual identity, which he finds hard to balance between the two, is a major obstacle to any kind of romantic happiness with her.

Carmine Falcone, aware that his empire is no longer as untouchable as it once was, begins employing supervillains (referred to by nearly every other character as 'freaks') in his war against Batman. Poison Ivy is hired at one point to sway Bruce Wayne into green-lighting Falcone's attempt to launder money through the First Bank of Gotham; a move that Wayne was firmly against. The Riddler is asked to find the identity of Holiday, and Falcone also hires Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter to rob the City Depository.

As the Holiday killings continue; outrage grows on the parts of our heroes, the mafia, even the Joker who resents sharing the limelight. Falcone is devastated when his own son, the estranged Harvard-educated Alberto, is murdered on New Year's Eve and his body is lost in Gotham River. Harvey faces suspicion from all sides as the lead suspect in the Holiday murders. He continues mounting an offense on the Roman. Sal Maroni, a major competitor of Falcone's criminal empire, agrees to testify against Falcone in exchange for leniency. Vernon Field, Dent's bookish, nerdy assistant, is bribed by Maroni's men and agrees to deliver something to Maroni in court. Maroni's day in court arrives (on Falcone's birthday), and he splashes Vernon's acid in Dent's face. Dent's face is ruined, and his mind cracks in two. Later that night, Dent escapes from the hospital into the sewers, where he befriends Solomon Grundy.

While in police custody, Maroni is murdered by Alberto Falcone, as he is transported to another holding cell. Alberto reveals himself to be Holiday; he faked his own death and had been working on his father's behalf ever since. Batman is already present, disguised as a SWAT officer, and beats Alberto within an inch of his life before Gordon arrests the Holiday killer. In custody, Alberto reveals his motives for the murders; his birthday was Valentine's Day, and his father was always too busy to spend time with him. The Holiday murders were Alberto's way of 'making time' for his father and to gain acceptance into the family. Before the end of the series, Alberto is sentenced to the gas chamber. Unused pages seen in the TPB of The Long Halloween show Alberto in Arkham asylum, having been deemed insane by the courts, but these pages weren't used due to space constraints. They were instead shown in the follow-up sequel: Batman: Dark Victory

In the Halloween climax, Falcone is accosted in his home by the entire Rogues Gallery of villains, including the Joker, Catwoman, Solomon Grundy, Poison Ivy, the Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, and the Penguin (making his first and only appearance in The Long Halloween). The group is led by none other than Two-Face, formerly Harvey Dent. Batman arrives on the scene and dispatches all but Catwoman and Two-Face. Harvey murders Falcone, Holiday-style, in front of his mobster daughter Sofia Falcone Gigante. She is enraged and attempts to attack, but gets tangled up with Catwoman and ends up throwing Catwoman and herself out a window. Catwoman survives unscratched, but Sofia is not so lucky (she returns in Batman: Dark Victory and figures prominently).

Two-Face surrenders, having done what he intended to do (he killed Vernon in revenge earlier that same night). Before being sent to Arkham, he cryptically tells Gordon and Batman that there were two Holiday Killers. They infer that he meant himself, having killed Falcone on Halloween. Batman and Gordon accept that their friendship has changed, but they still have work to do. In the coda, Gilda Dent is planning to leave Gotham City forever. In the final revelation of the series, she explains to an unpresent Harvey that she was the first Holiday Killer. She also explains her reasons for becoming the Holiday Killer - she wanted to free Gotham City of its criminal menaces, so that her dedicated husband could spend more time with his family. She also theorizes that Harvey himself took the same path for similar reasons. She used his files as District Attorney to learn what she needed to know, and was unaccounted for at the time of the murders. When Alberto faked his own death on New Year's Eve, she simply let him take over and had nothing further to do with it. She disposes of the incriminating trenchcoat, fedora, and last .22 pistol by throwing them into the furnace.

Closing Thoughts: Obviously they're not having all these villains in The Dark Knight, my guess is just The Joker, Scarecrow, and Harley Quinn will be involved. Unless they kept things seriously under wraps. Either way, this movie is going to kick major fuckin ass.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Natalie Portman Goes Anti Nude Once Again, That's Not Cool.

Well with this story, we've had a great situation on our hands up until this point...Actress comes on the scene, gets really famous, people always hoped she'll get naked one day, but the actress claims she'd NEVER do it, yep, that sucks. BUT it makes for even better new, when said actress finally changes her mind, drops her clothes, and shows her fans the goods, and the world is a happier place. Halle Berry comes to mind as an actress that tested the waters in Sword Fish, then went all out to almost softcore porn levels in Monster's Ball. Well, Natalie Portman has disappointed the world with her comments to recently, as she stated:

"I'm really sorry I didn't listen to my intuition. From now on, I'm going to trust my gut more. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is say no."

Um, you showed your ass and boobs gladly, then suddenly realized you didn't like it? MAYBE should've thought THAT one out before hand, ya think? So obviously, Portmans nakedness in Hotel Chevalier will be the one and only time we will see the goods from Portman. Well, well, FINE! Don't expect us to take this kindly! Decisions like this are bound to drop celebs with that kind of attitude from our list of hot women. Don't want to get naked? Fine, but don't tease us with a little, then go back to being all proper and anti-nudity, who's a fan of that? No one that'd be reading our site! Oh the disappointment!
At least we'll always have Natalie Portman's Nude pics and clips at!

Kim Kardashian will be Decembers Playboy Covergirl! Here are the pics and video preview!

Yep, Kim Kardashian has somehow become big time enough to make the cover of Playboy. We don't get it really, never heard of her until her sexy tape and reality show, and still dont really get why she's so famous, but hell, if she's taking it off for Playboy, she's cool enough for us. In this video preview, we get a sneak peak of her playboy shoot, which is said to reveal at least some boobs and ass, better than the originally speculated pictorial which was said to have featured no actualy nudity, and things like that do not belong in Playboy, give Maxim or FHM or something like that a call! Not only that, but the pictorial is said to be a whopping 12 pages long, one of the longest spreads Playboy has done in a long time. So yeah, Kim's getting a lot of attention lately, and our readers are apparently big fans, so we'll deliver more of what you want, so here is the video preview of Kim Kardashians Playboy shoot!

**Update: View the Unreleased Kim Kardashian Playboy Nude Pics!

Also check out Kim Kardashian's bio, nudity review, pics and clips at

Scrubs Final Season begins Tonight!

I'm pretty excited for the season to start, but of course it's bittersweet since it's the last season.

Creator Bill Lawrence will resolve the will-they-or-won't-they of docs J.D. (Zach Braff) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke). But that's only one of many relationships that will get substantial attention in the hospital comedy's seventh and final season, which premieres tonight (NBC, 9:30 ET/PT).

"We're going to resolve those things during the year rather than build up to some overwrought, emotional finale. This is a comedy. All people want is a chance to say goodbye and that we tie up loose ends," Lawrence says, then jokes: "Then we're going to cut to black really quick and play a Journey song."

Lawrence says the main goal is to satisfy "the loyal cult audience," one that has helped the Emmy-nominated series score a long run, despite so-so ratings.

"This fan base has kept the show alive single-handedly by consuming the DVDs and websites and following us from time slot to time slot," he says. "If you try to satisfy them, they feel very proprietary about the show. If you're not a big juggernaut hit, it's the way to stay alive."

Knowing this is the final season, Lawrence and his writers get to plan the show's conclusion, a luxury that wasn't available last season because it wasn't clear when the show would end. That's one reason last season ended with cliffhanging stories, such as J.D.'s impending fatherhood and Elliot's upcoming wedding, both of which will be addressed this season.

Questions surrounding many other relationships will be answered as well, such as: Will physician buddies J.D. and Turk (Donald Faison), who is married to nurse Carla (Judy Reyes), remain as close as they have been in the face of adulthood? Will J.D. finally get validation from the sharp-tongued Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley)?

Braff, whose perpetual man-child character will do some growing up this season, especially enjoys the intimacy of the J.D.-Turk friendship. "It's funny and original. I think Bill has pushed the envelope in how gay two characters can be without actually being gay," he says of a duo that sang Guy Love in last season's musical episode.

In addition, the janitor (Neil Flynn) will finally get a name and a girlfriend, because that's what Flynn asked for if the show returned for a seventh season. Secondary characters will get attention, including jittery lawyer Ted (Sam Lloyd), self-loving surgeon Todd (Robert Maschio) and Dr. Cox's wife, Jordan (Christa Miller, who is married to Lawrence).

Some guest stars will return, including Tom Cavanagh and Elizabeth Banks. Lawrence and Braff wish they could bring back others, such as Brendan Fraser, but the writers killed off some characters.

In place of a musical, this season's extravaganza, directed by Braff, will pay homage to The Princess Bride, centering on a bedtime story Dr. Cox tells his daughter. That means wild costumes for cast members who will play such characters as the village idiot (Braff), a giant (Flynn), a princess (Chalke) and a knight (McGinley).

Such signature fantasy scenes have been part of Scrubs' odd balancing act, a comedy that can be extremely broad while also touching on serious emotional elements. When the show has gotten too goofy, that connection has broken, Lawrence says.

I'm glad to hear they're not doing another musical episode. I never got what all the hub-lub was about that. I thought it was one of the worst eps of last season. I'm looking forward to the episode where Aloma Wright returns. As you may remember, her character Nurse Laverne Roberts died last year. Rumor has it, that this season she returns to the hospital as a new nurse, with a new name, and JD is the only one who even remotely notices how much she looks like Laverne. That right there is funny in itself. Scrubs returns tonight on NBC, at 9:30pm.

Bruckheimer to helm Lone Ranger project.

EW ( has learned that "Pirates of the Caribbean" screenwriters Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot are reuniting with Jerry Bruckheimer for a new film based on "The Lone Ranger."

"The Lone Ranger" was originally a radio show in the 1930s and then was turned into a live-action television show in the 1950s. The series told of a Texas Ranger in the Old West with a Native American sidekick, Tonto.

I'm interested to see where they can take this. I would expect a POTC feel to it, but obviously set in the old west. Hopefully it will better than the damn Zorro movies... cuz those sucked.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Greatest Teaser Trailer Ever belongs to REC

Ive never even heard of this before, Ive seen the title of the movie pop up here and there. But after watching this, I am so gonna see this movie.

Click here for the official trailer to Rec. The movie follows a TV reporter and her cameraman as they follow a group of local fire fighters. Receiving a call from an old lady trapped in her house, they reach her building to hear horrifying screams - which begin a long nightmare and a uniquely dramatic TV report. Its very Blair Witch like but to me, seems more action packed full of horror and scares than Blair Witch, which for me is bad news. Since Blair Witch scared the living shit outta me. Fuck you, Ill admit it. Of course when I first saw Blair Witch, it was opening night when it was in limited release, and I believed the hype the movie had with the whole, THIS IS REAL thing. I thought those damn kids were really dying and shit. Ugh. Now I can at least watch Blair Witch just fine.... up till the end in that house, fuck that shit.

Sony's Screen Gems is remaking the film under the title Quarantine. Shooting begins soon in Los Angeles.

As for a review itself from the film festivals this movie has shown it, this person had the following to say.

This movie played after Atonement in a double bill at the Venice Film Festival. Within fifteen minutes the previously full cinema was half empty with people filing out of the auditorium in panicked droves. Those who stayed were treated to the proverbial roller-coaster ride and walked out of the Sala Biennale having shared a deeply traumatic yet brilliant experience. REC had me literally screaming with terror and enjoyment.

A bubbly, ambitious TV journalist reports on the seemingly dull sedentary life of an urban fire station and a call to help a strange old lady locked in her apartment hardly seems worthy covering. The chaos, mayhem and trauma that erupts when the old lady plunges her teeth into the neck of the previously sympathetic fireman is simply sensational.

This is not a casual Zombie movie but the usual rules of contamination apply. The live news report style in which it is filmed invoke a jarring sense of participation which make Blair Witch feel cute, dated and comparatively boring.

The release date is November 23rd. Whether that is for US or not remains to be seen.

What happened to that girl from Spy Kids? Alexa Vega?

So after reading WWTDD.COMs little blurb, I mean, Devons little blurb about Repo: The Genetic Opera, I was wondering who else did he leave out and not mention was in it besides Bill Moseley, well turns out that the girl from Spy Kids is also in this movie. So I dug around more to find out exactly what she grew up to look like and we got.....
Yep, good enough for me. Repo: The Genetic Opera opens April 25th... maybe.

Which Heroes Character is Actually a Chick?!?!

See for yourself!!

It clearly says F for FEMALE under his gender!! What the fuck is that? Peter Petrelli is a chick!

The trailer for Repo: The Genetic Opera SUCKS

This is amazing. Repo stars Paris Hilton, opera star Sarah Brightman, and the guy who played Giles on Buffy - Anthony Head! What amazes me the most is fucking Paul Sorvino is in this piece of shit! It's made by the same people who brought us SAW and Hostel... only this is a fucking musical. Sweet jesus.

New Trailer for I Am Legend with Will Smith

I am kinda lookin forward to this movie. Seems interesting but also has the "I look awesome, but holy shit am I gonna suck" factor to it. All I know is I will be there the weekend of December 14th to see this "bad boy" get it?! It's a Will Smith movie, and I said bad boy.... OK.

Click on Will Smith all by his lonesome in the big city to view the trailer.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This Makes Me Fucking Sick.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Fucking FOX news. BOYCOTT THIS CHANNEL.



Geraldo needs to fucking kill himself for becoming an even worse journalist than I ever thought he could possibly become. Why, all these months later, is this channel still feeding off the death of Anna Nicole?

First Official Rambo Trailer!

God damn I can't wait for Rambo.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sir Anthony Hopkins will play Alfred Hitchcock!

This is freaking awesome. Anthony Hopkins will be taking on the role of Alfred Hitchcock in the biopic about what I consider one of the greatest directors / storytellers of all time. And he's already gearing up for it by perfecting Alfreds voice. Watch for yourself.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, a drama about the making of Hitchcock's Psycho, and particularly the hurdles and roadblocks that the great British director went through in order to bring it come to fruition. Hitchcock was discouraged left and right from making it. The script was seen as way too dark and perverse (especially with the lead female star getting killed off after 45 minutes), and no one wanted to see a movie based more or less on the macabre exploits of serial killerEd Gein.

Helen Mirren is rumored to play Alma Reville, Hitchcocks wife.

CKY Possibly Done For?! Deron Miller Leaves CKY?!

This is probably the SHITTIEST news I have ever read. CKY has been my favorite band for many years now. Just a month ago they had a show with GWAR here that I was unable to attend. Ticket prices being a little too much for my wallet at that time so I sadly had to pass. And now that I did I may have missed out on the very last CKY show I could have ever seen. They were here on the Viva La Bands tour, CKY, GWAR, and a couple other bands that I couldn't really give a shit about. Anyways, on with the news, which comes from CKYs Q & A section on their website, answered by Deron Miller himself. For those uninformed, Deron is the lead singer.

What the fuck is Deron's problem?

asked by Caz on 10/21/2007

i didnt quit CKY. after the san diego show i started getting really depressed and couldnt eat or sleep, so of course i started drinking more and more moderately. then in St. louis i walked to the back of the bus where chad, jess, hanna, matt cole, and our sound guy jeremy were stitting in the back with the door closed. before i walked in, i listened to them one by one trash me for about 10 minutes shit talking some extremely personal painful things that were mostly untrue and stupid...the most painless and laughable one being how i spend all day on the computer refreshing the World Under Blood page to get hits~! bottomline...EXTREME was chad's idea to do side projects, and when his didnt pan out he changed his mind. well too late...WUB started taking off and jess started doing other projects that no one cared about too so when i opened the door to tell them that i heard everything they said, a fight broke out, i slapped jess' hat off of his head and the 2 of them jumped me after i put on my backpack to leave the bus. there must have been a 3rd because i felt at least 5 limbs. chad is obsessed with world under blood. he cant handle that i have 2 things going on at once and he doesnt. i didnt complain when he was selling his emo and R+B shirts at cky shows. he has wanted to beat me up for years and he finally got his chance with jess giving a helping hand. i left the tour to detox and am thinking of returning if i can get and return some apologies because lets face it, cky going on would both be laughable and thats what happened. all i wanted to do was finish this fucking record...but greed took over and shows started getting booked and everything was fine until i started getting a little antsy and depressed. then to overhear your "friends" and people you pay talking shit about you, it was enough at that point after a month on that bus to stand up for myself. maybe not go nuts, but say or do domething. I NEVER SAID I WAS LEAVING CKY TO PURSUE MY OTHER BAND...thats so fucking stupid. just chad, once again, not being able to get world under blood off of his mind.

answered by Deron on 10/21/2007

That Q & A has since been taken off the bands website but an earlier Q & A is still up which is answered by Chad.

fuck you chad!!!!! you are too old to be jumping off shit on stage. see what happens when you try shit like that? u get fucked up and have to cancel shows you mother fucker. fuck you!!!!

asked by the biscuit on 10/21/2007

fact of the matter is, yes, i broke my foot at the gig at pops in st. louis and now cant stand on it.. so fuck you! what's really going on is, deron miller has quit CKY to pursue his own band. jess and i are continuing on with CKY. your well wishes would be far more encouraging at this point. ~

answered by Chad I Ginsburg (CIG) on 10/21/2007

Of course, when things or confirmed, or more develops, I will be all over this.

UNCONFIRMED: The Exorcist... remake.... fuck.

This past weekend here in AZ there was a Horror and Sci Fi Film Festival. As always, I opted out, mainly because the head of said film festival is a giant douche. But this year they screened The Exorcist with special guest Linda Blair... and uh.... well....

News out of this past weekend's International Horror & Sci Fi Film Festival at the Harkins Centerpoint Theate in Tempe - Linda Blair, there to introduce THE EXORICST, hinted that a remake of the film is in the works.... and judging by the look on her face, she's not happy about it!

Well NO FUCKING SHIT shes not happy about it. Go and find me ONE person on this planet that would say "Yeah remaking the scariest greatest best horror film of all time is a great idea!" Jesus fucking christ. And you know what, I do not blame studios. I blame YOU! Why? Because people bitch and moan about movies being remade, then what do they do? Flood the theaters and make the remakes hits only making more and more come out! Do what I do, bitch about them, and either A. Dont even bother watching or B. Wait for DVD or cable.


Could H.I.M. do the next James Bond theme?!

I hope to hell the answer is no!

Rumors are swirling that H.I.M are set to do the theme song for the next James Bond film.

The composers David Arnold and Don Black were allegedly impressed by the band's track "Wings Of A Butterfly."

The duo allegedly got chatting to the frontman Ville Valo at the BMI Awards.

A source told The Daily Star: "David Arnold and Don Black were in deep conversation with Ville on the night. They love the song that won him an award. They think he has just the right ear to write a classic Bond hit with them."

Could KNIGHT RIDER be coming back??

"The Kill Pit" director Steve Shill is set to direct NBC's two-hour backdoor pilot "Knight Rider," a "Transformers"-inspired redo of the 1980s series starring David Hasselhoff. Doug Liman, who is executive producing the project, had been eyed to direct it subject to availability. His feature schedule prevented him from helming the pilot, which is expected to air as a two-hour movie on NBC later this season.

Dave Andron penned the pilot script and will serve as supervising producer on "Rider." Liman and Dave Bartis are executive producing for Universal Media Studios and Dutch Oven Prods. Shill most recently directed and co-executive produced Spike TV's well-received limited series "Kill Pit." He also served as director/executive producer on the Showtime drama "The Tudors," executive produced by NBC programming chief Ben Silverman and his top lieutenant Teri Weinberg.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Sunday, October 21, 2007

It will be the Boston Red Sox Vs. The Colorado Rockies in the World Series

Well the fuckin Rockies took out my Arizona Diamondbacks so I am a bit conflicted as to who to go for, but since I am an Affleck fan, I'll stick with him and pull for the Sox.

Daisuke Matsuzaka, Dustin Pedroia and these Boston Red Sox are taking a sweet streak into the World Series, too. Boston charged to its third straight win, completing yet another October comeback by overpowering the Cleveland Indians 11-2 Sunday night in Game 7 of the AL championship series behind a new pair of rookie Sox. After the Indians looked to have it wrapped up when going 3 - 1.

Matsuzaka pitched five solid innings, Pedroia drove in five runs and the Red Sox — helped by a key blunder by an Indians base coach — finished off their rally from a 3-1 deficit.

Having ended their 86-year title drought in 2004 after digging out of a 3-0 hole against the Yankees in the ALCS, the Red Sox now have a date with Colorado in the World Series. The Rockies, who have won 10 in a row and 21 of 22, will come back from a record eight days off for Game 1 at Fenway Park on Wednesday night.

"We started to click at the right time. When your team's back is against the wall, it shows the type of ballclub we have. We're down 3-1 and we believed," Pedroia said.

Colorado outscored Boston 20-5 in winning two of three during an interleague series at Fenway in June. The Red Sox did even better in winning the last three games against Indians, outscoring them 30-5 in that span.

While Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz and ALCS MVP Josh Beckett helped the Red Sox win their 12th pennant, the Indians only added more misery to a city that hasn't celebrated a World Series championship since 1948.

The Indians were a double-play grounder from winning the crown at Florida in 1997. They appeared to take control of this series with three consecutive victories, but aces C.C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona failed to close it out.

Jake Westbrook pitched valiantly in Game 7, and still the Indians came up short. They had a chance to tie it at 3 in the seventh inning, but third-base coach Joel Skinner mistakenly held up speedy Kenny Lofton as he rounded the bag.

With runners at the corners, Casey Blake grounded into an inning-ending double play.

Then, the Red Sox blew it open. Pedroia, who homered earlier, hit a three-run double and Kevin Youkilis launched a bottle rocket, a two-run drive off the giant Coke bottle above the Green Monster.

Jonathan Papelbon pitched two innings for a save and Boston finished it off in style. Center fielder Coco Crisp racing back into the center-field triangle to catch Blake's drive for the final out before crashing into the wall.

Boston kept the bases busy early against Westbrook, but three double plays in the first four innings kept the Indians in the game while their starter settled down. The Red Sox scored once in each of the first three innings, and Matsuzaka retired the first eight batters he faced.

Cleveland cut the deficit to 3-2 through five, then had a chance to tie it in the seventh when Red Sox shortstop Julio Lugo dropped Lofton's seemingly harmless popup in shallow left. Lugo drifted back, tracking the ball with his glove in the air and holding off incoming left fielder Ramirez with his right hand.

But the shortstop let the ball bounce off his glove, and Lofton was safe on second.

Franklin Gutierrez hit a sharp grounder over third base that bounced off the photographer's box in front of the grandstand and into shallow left. But Skinner held up both hands for the speedy Lofton, and the 40-year-old outfielder skidded to a stop.

Lofton looked back for the ball and, seeing it in no man's land in shallow left, snapped his head back to stare at Skinner.

A star in big games throughout his career in Japan, Matsuzaka followed two sub-par playoff outings with his first American postseason victory. He allowed two runs on six hits in five innings, striking out three and walking none.

Fellow Japanese rookie Hideki Okajima pitched two innings of shutout ball. Papelbon closed, sending the sold-out Fenway into a frenzy.

Westbrook settled down after spotting Boston a 3-0 lead, retiring seven consecutive batters before Jacoby Ellsbury — another rookie — bounced a chopper through third baseman Blake for an error. After Lugo's sacrifice bunt, Pedroia was up.

The diminutive second baseman, with eight major league homers to his credit, hit an 0-1 pitch into the first row of the Monster Seats to make it 5-2. He also doubled to clear the bases after Boston loaded them in the eighth against Rafael Betancourt.

Youkilis, who was a rookie when Boston won it all in '04, followed with a two-run homer to make it 11-2.

Cleveland's Game 4 starter, Paul Byrd, was forced to defend himself before the finale when the San Francisco Chronicle reported that he bought nearly $25,000 worth of human growth hormone and syringes from 2002-05. Byrd said he took HGH under a doctor's prescription.

"I do not want the fans of Cleveland or honest, caring people to think that I cheated," Byrd told a throng of reporters before the game. "Because I didn't."

TV-Links Shut Down!!, the UK's most used piracy film website has been closed down and its owner arrested after a raid by the anti-piracy group, Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact).

The closure was a first for major UK-based pirate sites and the owner, a 26-year-old man from Cheltenham, was arrested for charges relating to facilitating copyright infringement over the internet.

FACT claims that the site was providing links to pirated films as well as American TV shows.

"Sites such as TV Links contribute to and profit from copyright infringement by identifying, posting, organising, and indexing links to infringing content found on the internet that users can then view on demand by visiting these illegal sites," said a spokesman for FACT.

Kieron Sharp, director general of FACT said the site was just the first of what they hope will be a successful campaign to crackdown on piracy over the internet.

"The theft and distribution of films harms the livelihoods of those working in the UK film industry and in ancillary industries, as well as damaging the economy," he said.

The British Video Association (BVA) has stated that piracy caused an estimated £459 million in losses to the video, film and TV industries last year.

-- I am not crazy about this AT all. Fortunately, I've found a different site to replace it in the meantime. Fucking hell.

International Trailer for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I am very very excited about this movie. I used to be a huge Tim Burton fan then he went all, well, he went to shit. Sleepy Hollow was his last decent movie, since then its just shit. BUT, this movie seems that he is back in form doing what he does best, with who he does it best with, Mr. Johnny Depp.

Only thing I hate is how he has to put his damn girlfriends in all his movies, see before he had Lisa Marie and she was fuckin hot, and now hes with Helena Bonham Carter and she looks like the weird old lady that hangs out outside the grocery stores, not asking for change, shes just fuckin there. And she never washes her hair, seriously, show me 1 movie that she is in where her hair is actually done and taken care of. Only thing I can say positive about her is, at least she looks like she belongs in Tim Burton movies, its like hes fucking one of his characters. Creepy weird broad. Look at Tim Burtons hair, and look at her hair, can you imagine their poor child? OY! Look at them! Its like the real Addams Family!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Trailer: I'm Not There

"I'm Not There," the highly anticipated biographical film about legendary singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, follows six distinct characters, depicting different stages of Dylan's life, embodying a different aspect of his life story and music. It's the first biographical feature project to secure the approval of the music legend.

The film stars Ben Whishaw, Bruce Greenwood, Carl Franklin, Cate Blanchett, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Christian Bale, David Cross, Heath Ledger, Julianne Moore, Marcus, Michelle Williams, and Richard Gere.

Pictured to the right is Cate Blanchett.

You can view the trailer to "I'm Not There" by clicking here.

Wolverine Movie to Debut in May, 2009.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman (and possibly Liev Schreiber as a younger version of Brian Cox's William Stryker), will hit theaters May 1, 2009.

This is very exciting to those of us who are fans of the X-Men franchise, and especially to the fans of Wolverine. The only issue I have is with the terrible title. I think it does them less good to have the whole X-Men Origins deal in there, because when I read that it leads me to believe there's going to be a series of Origin movies. If that's the case, then by all means please continue on with the series, and give us a great Kelsey Grammar as Beast romp.................... oooh what fun that would be. ;-/

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ja Rule Returns to the Mainstream with "The Mirror" on November 13th, We Have "Body" Uncut!

So at the risk of catching some heat around, I'm going to admit that I'm a Ja Rule fan. I think Ja Rule is the closest thing to 2Pac we are ever going to see (I was also a big 2pac fan,) the similarities in the 2 are very evident, and Ja Rule comes off more similar to 2pac then some others who are trying to force the "2Pac vibe" with their style. Now I'm not a big fan of any certain "genre" as some music fans are, I'm more all about "If your music appeals to me, I'll like it" type. As a matter of fact, a lot of rappers annoy the shit out of me and I'm usually changing the channel when I see some of them in their videos showing off their non talent and ability to repeat a couple of sentences or phrases over and over. But Ja fits into the "performer" category to me, the type that is talented, but can entertain as well (ala 2pac), not just act like an idiot showing off their "bling" etc.
Recently his new video "Body" grabbed my attention on one of the music channels that still air music videos, and it grabbed me right away as yet another hit from Ja Rule, actually it was the first video I've seen from him at all in years, but the more I think about it, almost every video I have seen him in has been a hit. This new video features newcomer Ashley Joi, who does her part in this song and does a really good job in my opinion. After seeing the debut episode of the new reality show "Gotti's Way," in which Irv Gotti argued with Ja Rule about needing to release a song that would be played in the clubs, along with radio etc., and I believe this song is the one Irv wanted to hit first, as it's definitely something you'd hear in a club. The video is all about, bodies of course...Ja's in pretty jacked shape for the ladies (and some of you men like Perez Hilton we're sure,) and there are plenty of scantily clad women to keep the straight men looking. When I think back, I think the first Ja Rule performance that stood out to me was "I'm Real" with Jennifer Lopez. Very different for a "Rapper" type to pair up with a big pop star at the time, and it worked. From then on, he did more songs with Jlo, and then his stuff with Murder Inc. started popping up all over. His videos with Ashanti were all big around 2002, at the time Murder Inc was at it's height, and seemingly everything they touched was a hit. As explained in Gotti's way, Irv got into some legal trouble, which basically took Murder Inc off the radar for the past few years, but now they're ready to relaunch, and they know Ja Rule is the powerhouse that can take them back to the top quick. So far I'm a huge fan of "Body," and I've only heard a couple of snippets from a couple of the other songs, so I won't judge just yet, although rumors are swirling that "The Mirror" will feature NUMEROUS big name artists teaming up with Ja. Here is the video to "Body," and right here at, we've got the too hot for TV version, uncut for your enjoyment, and damn, they hold nothin back here, straight boobs and asses all over! Judge for yourself if you think Ja Rule can do it again and take things back to the top...

Stallone rules the world. Rambo 4 Poster Arrives!

I am getting so fuckin sick and tired of people bitching about this movie. "OH HES SO OLD WHY?!" Why? Because hes STALLONE. Willis, Stallone, Arnold, they are action stars. And even if all of them are pushing 60, I will still watch their damn action movies. Why? Well have you seen todays action movies? XXX anyone? Exactly. I can't wait for this movie, it seriously looks like the most violent mainstream movie ever made. Hostel sucks. Click on it to make it HUUUUUUUGE!

Britney Spears loses visitation with her kids...yep...already!

The AP reported earlier today that a judge has already suspended Britney Spears visitation rights with her kids...after about a week or so. The reason given was that she had not complied with court orders. Since the news broke, reported: “We’ve learned Brit did not provide the drug testing people with contact information so they could reach her to facilitate the random tests, and that is what triggered Commish Gordon’s action.” So yeah, Britney must really be one of those mothers that can't stand to be away from her kids, and will stop at nothing to be able to be with them....yeah, keeping up with every last detail there. Of all things we'd expect to read with this story, drug test failure.....another hit and run incident....being cause yet again without panties.....nope, all we get is "she didn't provide an address." Oh well, the saga continues, as Britney's crusade to make K-Fed look like a more outstanding human being by the day continues.
Britney Spears bio, nudity review, pics and clips at

What To Watch On Halloween?

Halloween is the best time of year, the weather is cooling off, and for people like me, who live in Phoenix AZ, it is the best. Halloween also represents that the Holiday time is near. Its the first of the big 4 Holidays. And of course, the movies! So what movies should you watch this year? Fellow this list.....

Of course we all know, that almost every horror movie is an obvious given to watch on Halloween, such as well, of course Halloween itself, and others like The Exorcist, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Night Of The Living Dead, Childs Play, and so on, but what are some movies that are sometimes forgotten on Halloween time? And what are some movies that even though intended for kids, even us adults can watch and have a good time....

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Dubbed by a critic as one of "the most sincere of all Halloween specials," this classic should not be missed. How can you let Halloween pass without a sneak peek at the Peanuts gang searching for the best trick-or-treating costumes and other Charlie Brown-style antics?

The Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D IMAXStarting last year and coming back this year, in what I see as the last good Tim Burton movie, theaters all over will be showing this movie for 3 weeks only. Starting this Friday so you best hurry and check it out, trust me, fighting through the crowds of emo / goth kids is worth it.

Season Of The WitchSo bad that is it so good. One of the most insane plots in movie history, about masks that turn your face into bugs and snakes when you wear it and watch the magic pumpkin at 9:00pm. This is a good watch when you're drunk.

Ernest Scared StupidHoly crap did this movie rule Halloween when I was a kid. The best movies to watch on Halloween were always ones that took place on Halloween and this is def one of the best. Ernest and kids fight some trolls using milk? Yup. Greatness.

The Adventures Of Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad
Of course the Mr. Toad part is not for Halloween, the Ichabod Crane? Yup. I watched him take the long long road home from the tavern after failing to pick up chicks every single Halloween on this video I had called Disneys Halloween Treat. Get this DVD and enjoy. Goes great with some Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Plan 9 From Outer SpaceCampy good old school crappy horror / sci fi movie fun from one of the best at the genre, Mr. Ed Wood. There are many different types of DVDs out there for this movie, all really cheap too so it won't be hard to find.

Roseanne: The Halloween EpisodesSitcoms always had kick ass holiday episodes, but when it was Halloween time, you could always count on Roseanne to give the best Halloween sitcom episodes ever, so great, that they give them their own DVD release!


Hocus PocusGod damnit is this movie awesome? I watch it every once in awhile but when it comes on during Halloween time it is 100 times better somehow. And god damn, Sarah Jessica Parker is hot as hell in this movie!

So there ya have it, sure there are hundreds to choose from but these are just my picks, what picks have you got?