Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Indiana Jones 4 Trailer

No it hasn't been released yet, but several sites are reporting that it HAS been seen. Here's whats going around the net as an official description of the trailer:

Paramount Logo

Black screen

We hear a low buzzing

Shot of a mass of big jeeps crossing the desert

Fade to black

JIM BROADBENT: There are many secrets in this world...

Shot of a wooden box being loaded onto a loader

fade to black

JIM BROADBENT: ..that man was not meant to discover!

Shot of the Ark being lifted out of its confinds as military scientists watch in awe.

fade to black

A shot of the lid being lifted off the ark

cut to black

Cut to Indy and Jim in a university hallway

JIM BROADBENT: There are others who seek the power of the ark now!

cut to black

Shot of Indy leaving the university, looks like he's being watched

Shot a woman in a white dress stepping from a vehicle

CATE: Your services are required Dr Jones

Shot of Cate talking to Indy, she opens a box revealing a Crystal skull

INDIANA: Im sorry i Cant help you!!

Shot of Marion tied up in the back of a vehicle kicking and screaming. The door opens and Indy reacts.

CATE: Your reward...is her life!

INDIANA: Marion!

Shot of a ship crossing the ocean

Massive shot of Indy and Ray winstone in a temple

Shot of Shia fighting next to rotating blades

Shot of a huge Mayan city

Shot of Indy racing through catacombs

Shot of Cate slapping Marion, Marion slaps her back.

Shot of Cate by the crystal skull alter, a fleet of soldier behind her, we can just see the ark,
she places a crystal skull down!

Shot of Jim Broadbent looking very worried.

Shot of A Mayan temple exploding with the power of the Ark

Shot of Indy and Shia swinging across A huge ravine walls collapsing around them. Shia slips at the edge. Indy grabs his Hand.


Shot of Marion punching Indy

INDY: I should have seen that coming!




  1. Wow, a description of a video that somebody may have watched.


  2. I dont know who this anonymous person is, but they are awesome.

    Keep up the good work. Cant wait to read a description of the next video that someone may or may not have watched!

  3. I didn't see this on joblo.com, comingsoon.net, aintitcoolnews.com or IESB.com

    I am a fan of the series.

    i cant wait to see the new movie.

    And uh, reading a description of a video that someone may or may not have seen really isn't all that great...

  4. While you are waiting for the official indy 4 trialer you can watch the previous
    Indiana Jones Trailers.