Monday, October 29, 2007

There is a God! Conan O'Brien will for sure replace Jay Leno in 2009!

This was announced a while back but, with Jay Lenos current strong ratings, and wanting to stay on TV, it was rumored that the deal made might be broken and Leno would stay in the Tonight Show seat.... :(

BUT! Announced today by the head of NBC, Jeff, Zucker, told the New Yorker that Jay Leno is leaving, and Conan is in for 2009! Thank God!

The main reason being is that if the deal was broken, NBC would have to fork over over 40 million dollars to Conan O'Brien. This is the best news ever because Jay Leno is pretty much the farthest from being funny that a person can actually get. And Conan is just on too late for my sleeping schedule. Now all females in their 50s and over will have to either deal with Conan or find some new late night show to watch, since those are the only people that actually find Leno funny. HA HA!

As for who is replacing Conan, well there is a short list but the man at the top is one Jimmy Fallon... but does that really matter? No.

Read more about the story right here.

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