Monday, October 22, 2007

CKY Possibly Done For?! Deron Miller Leaves CKY?!

This is probably the SHITTIEST news I have ever read. CKY has been my favorite band for many years now. Just a month ago they had a show with GWAR here that I was unable to attend. Ticket prices being a little too much for my wallet at that time so I sadly had to pass. And now that I did I may have missed out on the very last CKY show I could have ever seen. They were here on the Viva La Bands tour, CKY, GWAR, and a couple other bands that I couldn't really give a shit about. Anyways, on with the news, which comes from CKYs Q & A section on their website, answered by Deron Miller himself. For those uninformed, Deron is the lead singer.

What the fuck is Deron's problem?

asked by Caz on 10/21/2007

i didnt quit CKY. after the san diego show i started getting really depressed and couldnt eat or sleep, so of course i started drinking more and more moderately. then in St. louis i walked to the back of the bus where chad, jess, hanna, matt cole, and our sound guy jeremy were stitting in the back with the door closed. before i walked in, i listened to them one by one trash me for about 10 minutes shit talking some extremely personal painful things that were mostly untrue and stupid...the most painless and laughable one being how i spend all day on the computer refreshing the World Under Blood page to get hits~! bottomline...EXTREME was chad's idea to do side projects, and when his didnt pan out he changed his mind. well too late...WUB started taking off and jess started doing other projects that no one cared about too so when i opened the door to tell them that i heard everything they said, a fight broke out, i slapped jess' hat off of his head and the 2 of them jumped me after i put on my backpack to leave the bus. there must have been a 3rd because i felt at least 5 limbs. chad is obsessed with world under blood. he cant handle that i have 2 things going on at once and he doesnt. i didnt complain when he was selling his emo and R+B shirts at cky shows. he has wanted to beat me up for years and he finally got his chance with jess giving a helping hand. i left the tour to detox and am thinking of returning if i can get and return some apologies because lets face it, cky going on would both be laughable and thats what happened. all i wanted to do was finish this fucking record...but greed took over and shows started getting booked and everything was fine until i started getting a little antsy and depressed. then to overhear your "friends" and people you pay talking shit about you, it was enough at that point after a month on that bus to stand up for myself. maybe not go nuts, but say or do domething. I NEVER SAID I WAS LEAVING CKY TO PURSUE MY OTHER BAND...thats so fucking stupid. just chad, once again, not being able to get world under blood off of his mind.

answered by Deron on 10/21/2007

That Q & A has since been taken off the bands website but an earlier Q & A is still up which is answered by Chad.

fuck you chad!!!!! you are too old to be jumping off shit on stage. see what happens when you try shit like that? u get fucked up and have to cancel shows you mother fucker. fuck you!!!!

asked by the biscuit on 10/21/2007

fact of the matter is, yes, i broke my foot at the gig at pops in st. louis and now cant stand on it.. so fuck you! what's really going on is, deron miller has quit CKY to pursue his own band. jess and i are continuing on with CKY. your well wishes would be far more encouraging at this point. ~

answered by Chad I Ginsburg (CIG) on 10/21/2007

Of course, when things or confirmed, or more develops, I will be all over this.

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