Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Breaking News: Dog the Bounty Hunter is a Racist? Say it Ain't So! But it is...

In a shocking story, the National Enquirer has just revealed a taped conversation in which Duane Chapman, aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, (who is known as the good guy who catches fugitives, but helps them turn their lives around and is all about doing good,) talks with his son Tucker about his black girlfriend, and how he HAS to break up with her, and how she is not welcome in his house. He drops the "N" word NUMEROUS times. This comes as quite a shock to the people that see Dog helping drug addicts and bottom of the barrel types on his show. Well, they may not be seeing his show anymore, as A&E has suspended further production of his show pending further investigation. I spoke with our own Random Villain on this breaking matter, and he had these words: " Why is it whenever a celebrity gets caught using the N Bomb they have to call Al Sharpton to explain themselves? Is he King Of The Blacks or some shit?" Well, I guess so, as Dog has already called Sharpton, probably to beg him to not unleash his name as the number 1 racist TV personality in the world or something. You've got to hear this for yourself, and you can check out the audio yourself by checking out: Dog's Racist Rampage! We'll continue following this breaking story, but we have a feeling Dog's days as a good guy celeb may be done....and he was afraid having a black person associated with him would be his demise! Wow!


  1. Wonder how many TV personalities think that way? It's a trip when people get caught showing their true colors, and the public act so suprised! Everyone takes off thier mask every now and then. Dog just got caugth with his off.Plus there's nothing worse than a cheesy azz apology. Everyone knows that the public is very sensitive when it comes to race! Hell they are giving Nas grief for naming his album "the N-word". We should know by now that this madness will never stop! We have blacks, whites, every race using the N-word. I guess its just up to you weather it offends or not. Me personally i would rather just move on with my life and let Dog, Nas,Imus, and people that chose to be offended by other people ignorance deal with the bullshyt!
    Man enough is enough!

  2. Thank heavens for that bastion of truth, justice and integrity, The National Enquirer! Their on-going mission to make the world a better place is certainly divine, to say the least!

    Oh PLEASE! Come ON!!

    My question to Dog Chapman’s detractors is; how many of you people who are condemning him for his ill-thought words, have uttered the very same ones in private? Maybe in a private conversation with a friend or a family member, as HE thought he was doing? Imagine if YOU had been ILLEGALLY taped without your knowledge?

    And the full length version of that damning tape also has Dog talking about how his son Tucker’s girlfriend threatened to attack his wife Beth, and also about her wearing a recorder to try to get something to sell to that cheap rag, the Enquirer!

    But instead, it was ex-con son Tucker who taped Dog and sold his own father out to the tabloid rag! That shows that Dog was right all along, and the girlfriend is a no good scumbag! Too bad he didn’t know the same about his punk-ass son! They were BOTH acting in concert!

    Dog had said it was about her character, and NOT her color! And this taped expose’ proves that he was right all along! They were out to tape him saying something compromising, then sell it to turn a quick buck!

    I say screw the Enquirer, screw scumbag Tucker and his douchebag bitch Monique, and let’s support Duane “Dog” Chapman!

    Countless acts of heroism, good deeds and charity should not be all erased by one incident. Especially when it all centers around 2 slimey scumbags who are involved in a conspiracy to get you on tape in order to make a fast buck and get some quick revenge!!

    This isn’t about racism, it’s about Money!

    Money, extortion and revenge!

    Don’t be such gullible morons! Dog was set up from the get-go!! He's not a racist!!

  3. All is well! Tucker was subsequently popped for parole violations, including associating with known felons, failing a drug test and walking away from a rehab facility.

    Maybe he can use all his new spare time to ponder what he did when he sold his own father out for a paltry 15 Gs! And as for Ms. Monique, her 15 minutes is now officially up! Adios, sister!

    Man, karma is sure a beautiful thing!

    And it goes to show that Dog was right all along when he was so worried about Tucker screwing up again and ruining his life, which he ultimately did.

    Dog’s wonderful tv show is being taped as I type this, and returning to the air soon, while Tucker is back in jail again, where he will get a third chance to finally grow up and learn from what he has done.

    And all of the Dog hate mongers can go cry in their Bosco! LOL!!

    No matter who tries to take him out, be it Mexico or even his own flesh and blood, Dog ALWAYS triumphs! That’s called JUSTICE, folks!

    Dog The TEFLON coated Bounty Hunter! Ya gotta love it!