Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ja Rule Returns to the Mainstream with "The Mirror" on November 13th, We Have "Body" Uncut!

So at the risk of catching some heat around, I'm going to admit that I'm a Ja Rule fan. I think Ja Rule is the closest thing to 2Pac we are ever going to see (I was also a big 2pac fan,) the similarities in the 2 are very evident, and Ja Rule comes off more similar to 2pac then some others who are trying to force the "2Pac vibe" with their style. Now I'm not a big fan of any certain "genre" as some music fans are, I'm more all about "If your music appeals to me, I'll like it" type. As a matter of fact, a lot of rappers annoy the shit out of me and I'm usually changing the channel when I see some of them in their videos showing off their non talent and ability to repeat a couple of sentences or phrases over and over. But Ja fits into the "performer" category to me, the type that is talented, but can entertain as well (ala 2pac), not just act like an idiot showing off their "bling" etc.
Recently his new video "Body" grabbed my attention on one of the music channels that still air music videos, and it grabbed me right away as yet another hit from Ja Rule, actually it was the first video I've seen from him at all in years, but the more I think about it, almost every video I have seen him in has been a hit. This new video features newcomer Ashley Joi, who does her part in this song and does a really good job in my opinion. After seeing the debut episode of the new reality show "Gotti's Way," in which Irv Gotti argued with Ja Rule about needing to release a song that would be played in the clubs, along with radio etc., and I believe this song is the one Irv wanted to hit first, as it's definitely something you'd hear in a club. The video is all about, bodies of course...Ja's in pretty jacked shape for the ladies (and some of you men like Perez Hilton we're sure,) and there are plenty of scantily clad women to keep the straight men looking. When I think back, I think the first Ja Rule performance that stood out to me was "I'm Real" with Jennifer Lopez. Very different for a "Rapper" type to pair up with a big pop star at the time, and it worked. From then on, he did more songs with Jlo, and then his stuff with Murder Inc. started popping up all over. His videos with Ashanti were all big around 2002, at the time Murder Inc was at it's height, and seemingly everything they touched was a hit. As explained in Gotti's way, Irv got into some legal trouble, which basically took Murder Inc off the radar for the past few years, but now they're ready to relaunch, and they know Ja Rule is the powerhouse that can take them back to the top quick. So far I'm a huge fan of "Body," and I've only heard a couple of snippets from a couple of the other songs, so I won't judge just yet, although rumors are swirling that "The Mirror" will feature NUMEROUS big name artists teaming up with Ja. Here is the video to "Body," and right here at, we've got the too hot for TV version, uncut for your enjoyment, and damn, they hold nothin back here, straight boobs and asses all over! Judge for yourself if you think Ja Rule can do it again and take things back to the top...


  1. There are no words for my disappointment.

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  3. I'd rather listen to my stuff than JaRule any day ever.

  4. Yeah I can understand that.

    You cant sit cry and cut yourself while listening to Ja Rule.

  5. I wish you'd cut YOURSELF.


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