Tuesday, October 9, 2007

That Sienna Miller must hate clothes, the bitch is always naked!

Dear Sienna Miller, thank you. Thank you Sienna for constantly showing us that there are still some hot slutty bitches in Hollywood. I mean afterall, we all know how UN-hot Britney is. We all know how UN-hot Lindsay has gotten. And we all know how ridiculously UH-hawwwt Paris Hilton is. You, however, make me want to touch myself in naughty, naughty ways. So I say thank you, Sienna Miller. Thanks for your airstrip landing on your cunt. Thank you for trimming that beast down, even though you're playing a hippy. Thank you for making sure we can all see the gentle folds of your lovely British twat. YOU, Sienna Miller, are one hot slut, and we LOVE it.

I even love it so much, I've posted the pics for the world to see from her upcoming movie "Hippie Hippie Shake". God knows, something as nice as your completely naked body needs to be shared with the world! Now, if only the not-so-hot skanks of Hollywood would keep their clothes on, while you do what you do best. Fuck and strip, girl... fuck and strip.
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