Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It has begun! NBA PreSeason begins... The Phoenix Suns PreSeason that is!

Now here at DevonLohan I will be doing some NBA news worthy stuff.... well more like Phoenix Suns news worthy stuff since I am a die hard hardcore Suns fan and all other teams can lick my balls. So with that...

The Phoenix Suns Pre Season begins tomorrow here is the line up.
And whats in store this season? Who knows. It was a weird offseason with Shawn Marion demanding to be traded, but not getting his wish, Amare working out all summer only to end up having minor surgery last week. Oh yeah and the addition of one GRANT HILL, who has stated he is in the best shape of his career and feels the healthiest hes been since 1999. More on Amare...

A week after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right knee, AmarĂ© Stoudemire was jogging on a weightless treadmill Monday — holding up 50 percent of his body weight — and it appears he won’t be out any longer than the initially projected two- or three-week time span.

With the limited post-surgery swelling now mostly gone, and his range of motion returning, this rate of progress would allow Stoudemire to be back on the floor in two weeks, and he will likely be able to take part in the final week of preseason games.

The Suns finish the preseason with a home game against Denver on Oct. 25 and a meeting with Seattle in Vancouver, British Columbia, the next night. Suns coach Mike D’Antoni said Stoudemire could see action in one or both of those games if the current timetable holds up.

“We’re right on track and I’m feeling good,” Stoudemire said. “If we stay on this schedule, I should be back for a couple of preseason games. I need that and I’d like to get a couple games under my belt, but if we have to wait until we’re playing for real we won’t take any chances.”

Stoudemire had a loose piece of cartilage removed from the knee last Tuesday after experiencing pain during precamp workouts.

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