Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween from

Halloween is great, except when it comes to finding a costume. I went through hell to get mine together but in the end, its all set. Another thing I hate about costumes on Halloween is I see ads for all the sexy chick costumes with the hot model in some tight nurse costume but, you NEVER see a girl that looks like the girl in said ad wearing that costume. Its always some fat mexican broad. At least thats how it goes here in Phoenix.
Either way, Happy Halloween. have fun trick or treating, watch our for razor blades in your apples like that one kid got in Halloween II. Here is a little treat for you kiddies! Back when SNL used to be funny, there was a great Halloween skit that I now share with you all.

And now for the trick... go kids, put on your Silver Shamrock masks, and watch the magic pumpkin! Waaaatch!


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