Saturday, March 31, 2007

Random Villains Wrestlemania Predictions

So here are my predictions for the big event.

World Title:
-Batista (c) vs. Undertaker
Taker will win this one

WWE Title:
-John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels
Cena will win this, HBK will shake Cenas hand and all will be GAY

Battle of Billionaires:
-Umaga (w/ Vince McMahon) vs. Lashley (w/ Donald Trump)
Lashely will win

Money in the Bank:
-Randy Orton vs. Edge. vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. C.M. Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. King Booker vs. Fit Finlay
Hard to say but since a Raw guy has won it every year so far, Im callin Kennedy winning and doing a jump to Raw to start a Kennedy vs Cena feud.

Originals vs. New Breed:
-Sandman, Sabu, RVD & Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Kevin Thorn & Matt Striker

Women's Title:
-Melina (c) vs. Ashley Massaro
Ill be in the bathroom during this shit, Ashely will win

U.S. Title:
-Chris Benoit (c) vs. MVP
I would say Benoit, but since he tapped out to JOHN FUCKIN CENA, Im going with MVP for this.

Singles Match:
-Kane vs. Great Khali
I say Kane, he never wins and Khali needs to be beat finally

Also this Sunday will feature a return, I did this before on an old site of mine that got over huge, so it will return this Sunday...

For those a lil slow Ill break it down for you. I will be doing a review of Wrestlemania, as I watch it I will be typing it. So my reactions will be written right away. Lots of typos and grammar problems as its kinda hard to watch TV and type at the same time. See ya Sunday.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Ultra Hype: It's WrestleMania Weekend!!!

Well here we are, the biggest wrestling weekend of the year. Do you have the Wrestlemania feeling? Well, hard to say for me, the Wrestlemania feeling for me back in the day was anticipating the biggest of maybe 4 WWE pay per views in the year, and the anticipation and build up went on for months. Nowadays, there are way too many going on every other week so Mania has lost that feeling at least, although Mania still does feel like the biggest show of the year. Many factors will go into this Mania to determine if it will be great or shit. Last year, I expected that it would be a sub par mania, but that everything would be OK when the rabid Chicago crowd destroyed John Cena and Triple H beat his ass for the WWE Title. Well after having to sit through Rey Mysterio winning the World Title in a match that involved Rey, Kurt Angle, and Randy Orton (Which insulted all wrestling fans intelligence in my opinion), finally we get to Cena vs. H. As I had hoped, Chicago killed Cena, hated him, the crowd made this match exciting and Mania worthy. Then, suddenly, OVER, Triple H just tapped out to John Cenas gay monkey humping submission shit. Mania was RUINED. Rey Mysterio and John Cena were the highlights? PLEASE! WWE forced gay shit down our throats, and didn't give a damn what fans wanted.

Now, moving on to this year. Leading up to Mania, we have a situation where 2 WWE legends were left in the royal rumble, and gave everyone a huge eye opener as to how shit should be. I"m talking about Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. They went face to face for the first time since 1998 when they were the final 2 in the Royal Rumble. They had a classic encounter the likes of which had not been seen in years. THIS was how it was supposed to be, 2 legit guys who have done shit in wrestling, handling business and fighting it out for the right to go to WrestleMania. Taker took the win, and has a highly intriguing match with his WrestleMania streak on the line against the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Finally a GOOD Wrestlemania main event that means something. People are behind Takers 14-0 Wrestlemania streak, and instead of feeding him some bullshit match like last year vs. Mark Henry, we get to see him put his streak on the line against the World Title. I personally hope Taker wins it and keeps the streak going, as he deserves 1 more run on top. Most Internet fans are not fans of Batista, but hey, he's a big muscled up guy who is a believable match up with the Undertaker, and the match is not predictable at all, so I'm happy.

Now we move on to main event number 2, as the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels takes on last years WrestleMania fuck up, John Cena. Basically what we have here is HBK acting as his former self once did, kicking Cena's face off leading into Mania, and the legendary Shawn Michaels going for his own final run as WWE Champion. I gave my opinions on the career of HBK in my Definitive Shawn Michaels blog, and now the time is here for him to put on another Wrestlemania worthy performance like he has done so many times in the past. My 1 hope is regardless of if Shawn wins or loses, i hope he does NOT get the gay ass feeling to want to shake Cenas hand and "Give him props" for winning (or losing for that matter.) My ideal scenario is for HBK to win the title, and send Cena off whining and crying like a little bitch. But knowing WWE, even if HBK did by some miracle win the WWE title, he'll most likely drop it back at Backlash, but hey, a win over Cena at Mania is better than nothing. Let's hope Cena beating another guy and shoving his crap down our throats doesn't happen AGAIN, but this IS WWE.

As far as the rest of the card, the Battle of the Billionaires seems to have the most hype. Personally if this match was Umaga vs. Stone Cold, this would be my most anticipated match. But in another case of shoving shit down our throats, Lashley will be up against Umaga as we're forced to cheer for Lashley, eh, he doesn't impress me with anything yet. The Trump vs. McMahon scenario thrown into that match is definitely the only selling point. The Money in the Bank ladder match is always cool, very unpredictable this year, should be a winner. Everything else is pretty standard, but because it's Mania, everything will seem bigger and hopefully will be good. I'm actually more pumped about the Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday night as I usually am every year. I'm a huge fan of guys who were GREAT in wrestling and earned their spot getting recognition. Hopefully Detroit will be even better than Chicago in that they'll cheer the legends, and boo the losers like Cena outta their damn town! Feel free to share your own thoughts, opinions, and predictions for WrestleMania 23!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Exclusive Movie Trailers Galore!!

These trailers are brand spankin new, see them here first!!!!!!!!!!
Just click the movie title to whisk you away!

Hostel: Part II

Oceans Thirteen

Evan Almighty

Buffy to turn into Harley!

We have learned that the very hot and lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar will be dropping the Buffy suit and slipping into hotness.

She has been rumored to star as Harley Quinn, The Jokers right hand hot babe who goes gaga for Mr. J. Now even if this is only a rumor is fine by me. As just the fact that Harley Quinn will be in the next Batman movie kicks major ass, for Harley Quinn is very hot.


Catch Batman (Christian Bale) taking on The Joker (Heath Ledger) and Harley (Sarah Michelle Gellar?) and Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart) next summer in The Dark Knight. And for those that are stupid, The Dark Knight = Batman Beings 2. Sheesh. And yes there will be people out there saying "Dude wtf is The Dark Knight?"


See it here first folks



Go there, verify your age, and off you go! The NEW GTA is on its way this October!

Random Villains FUCKIN SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD of the day.

New feature. I get stupid ass songs stuck in my head daily. So from now on whenever this happens. You will get the video for whatever dumbass song thats stuck in my head and you can also have it stuck in yours. Todays song? "Girl I must warn you" its a doozey!

John Chow, his site, my thoughts.

I find it funny this guy has an American first name and a Japanese, or Chinese or Whateverthefuckanese last name. Anyways, this is a little review Im doing on his site.

People been askin me "Hey dude, what do you think of John Chows site on how to make money online?"

Well Ill tell ya, to quote the great Jay Sherman... "It Stinks."

His blogs are about shit that I could care less about. Lets see, right now hes got a blog about search results. Wow fuckhead googled himself and he came up. WOW! BIG TIME BLOGGIN RIGHT HERE! WOOOOOOOO!

Then we got a blog about, an Escalade Hybrid. Why does this matter? Who the hell cares? YAY A NEW CAR IS OUT THAT IS AN ELECTRIC CAR AND DOESNT USE ALOT OF GAS WOW!

I get so fucking bored reading this guys site. Lets see what else he has.

Blah blah blah make money online blah blah.

Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah. Dont care, dont care and blah.

And oh look, John Chow riding a stupid Segway...... yay?

So fuck it, theres my review of his blog/site. It blows, its boring, its pointless, you find out ZERO information there about any damn thing. Atleast here you get scoops on news movies and other random bullshit plus thoughts about things that are happening in the world. And not some stupid Deep Friend Chicken Wings resturaunt. Blah.Oh yeah, at least this guy will link back to you and help your site if you do a review of his blog, so there, I said 1 good thing.

Rachel and Monica kiss OMFGZZZZ!@2111aA

So Ive been hearing on Courtney Coxs new piece of shit show that delayed to season premiere of The Shield, she kisses Jennifer Anniston. Now I might be the only guy in the world to say this, but Anniston is fucking ugly, shes got the nasty flabby arm shit going on and shes just annoying as hell. Anyways, people, mainly guys, are losing their minds over the sight of seeing these two annoying twats make out. Getting their lubes all ready and gettin set for a 30 second jerk off session. Well morons I got some news for ya.

This is the most pathetic lesbo kiss ever. The big Roseanne lesbo kiss was more intense than this shit. So wanna see what people are going so nutso about? Without further ado... Cox and Anniston pathetic lesbo kiss...

Sanjaya my little Sangina.

So as you know, Sanjaya has got to be the worst singer on American Idol ever. And people are losing their minds.

This girl
Has gone on a hunger strike. Saying she will not eat another bite until he is off of Idol....

Talk about needing to get a fucking life.

Well bitch I got some news for ya, you are going to die. Last night Sanjaya survived yet another round of elimination thanks to Vote For The Worst, Howard Stern, and millions of people that want to see Idol come to an end.

Why? Idol is FUCKING POINTLESS. Why does it matter who wins? Why do people care if Sanjaya wins or loses? People that get eliminated and lose on that show still get a record contract! Look at Daughtry, cant turn on the radio without hearing his song and he lost! Look at Jennifer Hudson, won a fucking OSCAR and she lost on idol. So you all should be wanting him to WIN idol to avoid seeing more of him. I mean look at that ugly ass Fantasia chick that won idol, she looks like Chris Tucker and isnt doing a damn thing but sitting around. Ugh.

Go Sanjaya, go!

Michael Jacksons Robot

So apparently, Michael Jackson might be performing in Vegas. Cool. See unlike alot of people in the world, I dont hate Michael. If he slept in a bed with a kid, or if he didnt. Does that change how bad ass Thriller is? No. Does it change the fact that he was one of the best performers of our time and put out some of the most awesome songs and music videos ever? No. So why should I stop being a fan just cause hes a little weird? Were all a little weird. Big deal. Get over it people. What really irks me is people are all OMGZ MICHAEL JACKSON IS A FREAK AND A WEIRDO I HATE HIMMMMMM. When 10 years ago these same people would go to his concerts and pass out if he smiled at them and have to be carried out.

Anyways, back to the news. Michael is planning on constructing a 50 robot version of himself to be on display in Vegas. Awesome. Again, all news stories covering this are like OMG HES SO WEIRD HES MAKING A ROBOT OF HIMSELF.

Hey, fuckos, he already did this, ever see Michael Jacksons Moonwalker? Yeah he fought Joe Peci and kicked his fuckin ass with his giant Michael Robot. He saved lives in that movie with his robot, maybe he knows a new threat is coming and is going to save all of our lives. Then you Jackson haters will really look stupid huh?

If he wants to build a giant robot of himself, go for it. Leave the poor guy alone. Because if he, no, WHEN he comes out with a new song, and you know he will, and that song kicks ass, and you know it will. I dont want to see these idiots that are acting like 5 year old boys scared of cooties going OMG MICHAEL JACKSONS AWESOME when right now, theyre all pissed cause he wants to make a robot. Again, just like the Oprah psychos, get a life.

Michael, I support you dude, always have, always will.

Fuck Oprah.

This is going to be very brief, but Im just going to post a little annoyance of mine, and thats Oprah. Not so much her, but the people that are OBSESSED with her. Im browsing through news headlines today and what do I see? TOP NEWS STORY, OPRAH FINDS A NEW BOOK TO READ!


God damnit people make me so annoyed. People need to get a life.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Random Observation By Random Villain

No need to say much. I just noticed something, and I am going to post two pics. They will speak for themselves. Then you may discuss in the comment section.....

First up....



Monday, March 26, 2007

Anna Nicole.... Uh, BYE.

Alright, I am going to spill my thoughts on this whole Anna Nicole shit. You might not like it, you might agree, either way you can post a comment and voice your opinion about it afterwards. To me, the biggest question about all of this, about her death, about the father of her kids, about the trial, about it all to me is... WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Honestly god damnit, its ANNA NICOLE. People are losing their minds that she died. People going on about how great she was. If she was so great then why the fuck was she sleeping with so many guys that nobody knows who the fuck the father of her kid is?? People going on about how shocking it is, Im not shocked, probably because its ANNA NICOLE AND I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!

Now lets see, every single day since she died well over a month ago, people have been going on about how tragic it is, how sad. Sure, someone dying is sad, but what the fuck did she do in life that made her so god damn important?? Think about it. NOTHING. She was in Playboy, yippie. She was in shitty movies, like Naked Gun 33 1/3. And some fucking retard movie with Chyna. But thats about it, she did NOTHING for this world. She took a bunch of drugs and died from it. Well shes stupid. It gives you INSTRUCTIONS on a bottle of how much to take. She cant read, takes too many, dies. Good job moron. Not only did she do nothing at all besides shitty movies and got naked in playboy, shes a fuckin HAS BEEN. Oh wow she had an annoying as fuck reality show but even then, who the fuck cared what she was doing??? She was a fat annoying slob.

Its fucking stupid and shows how retarded our world is. A GREAT man named Steve Irwin died and I saw some fuck heads, including one Bill Maher that if I ever see is going to get a nice punch to the eye from me, making JOKES. Steve Irwin tried to change our world and did, he did more for the world in a minute than Anna Nicole did in her life. People made jokes about him after his death, and it made me fucking sick. And a month and some change after his death people just, stopped talking about him and caring. But ANNA FUCKING NICOLE IS A TRAGIC SAD STORY THAT TO THIS DAY IS ALL OVER THE NEWS????? FUCK YOU!

I dont care who the Dad of her stupid baby is, I dont care that she died. People are going out, lighting candles and holding vigils for her, hey assholes, I know some kids that DO know who their father is, there are thousands of them, and their fathers happen to be over in Iraq getting blown up and killed because George Bush is a fucking moron. Go hold a vigil for someone that matters, and not some has been washed up playboy model. Move on people and find some importance in life.

UPDATE: Ive been doing some reading today, after two people left moronic comments I wanted to find some Anna Nicole facts. And ya know what. Im wrong, she has done something important, she won an Award! She won a RAZZIE award for WORST NEW ACTRESS for Naked Gun 33 1/3!! WOW!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

TMNT: The Review

There are some major things in this movie that ads, and other reviews are keeping out. This movie is PART 4 in the series. The movie starts off with a narration bringing us all up to speed. Shredder is dead, Leonardo has been sent by Splinter on a training mission to become a better leader. Donatello is working phone tech support to bring in some cash, Michaelangelo works as an entertainer for kids birthday parties, and Raph is, well Raph. Since Shredder is dead, the foot clan no more, crime has been down. And since Leo is gone and not there to lead them, their crime fighting days are apparently over for them. They're getting older. Raph does not want to let the glory days go, so he creates Nightwatcher. And goes out at nights listening to police scanners and fighting crime still. Casey Jones and April are now living together, April wanting to settle together into something more "long term" and Casey is also having to deal with not being the wild man we all know he is anymore.

This movie is alot more dark, and I would say about 90% for the old school fans but 10% for the new fans that are the kids today. The darkness is there, the action is awesome. The fight scenes are great.






My favorite moment, is when the Leo has been kidnapped, and we see this huge over the head shot of the 3 turtles, Casey Jones, and April battling hundreds of foot soldiers. (Since its years later from the third movie, and shes living with Casey Jones, April has been training in martial arts.) Anyways the battle is looking awesome, then the camera swoops down and goes around a corner and for the first time really, we see Splinter whoopin that ass. Sure in the first movie he did a tiny bit at the end, but this is Splinter doin flips and handing the foot their little asses.


What was also great was the animation, it was insanely great. The rooftop scene with Raph and Leo in the rain was fantastic. They went into major detail on everything in this.

My only gripes with the movie are this.... there is TONS of characters from the cartoon that they can include, where is Baxter Stockman already?? Where the fuck is Krang????? Bebop and Rocksteady???? Mousers??? But, the end of this movie teases as to what is come in the sequel, just think of why the major villain was not in Batman Begins, then we find out in the end, The Joker is coming in the next movie! Well, slight spoiler (we are hinted that in the next turtles movie, Shredder returns.)

Overall, I give it a 8/10. But thats just because Im older, and would have loved to see a much darker turtles movie, live action turtles movie, and some of the old characters like the above listed.

I am a very happy turtles fan. This movie was better than part 2 and especially part 3. But better than the first movie? No.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Apollo Creed vs. Ivan Drago 2-Pack Announced! reports that Ringside Collectibles has just announced their latest exclusive in the Rocky Series, which will be Apollo Creed vs. Ivan Drago. This is awesome news, and definitely a deserving exclusive. As I've stated in my original Apollo Creed post, I was less than thrilled with Apollo's death in Rocky 4, but this set honors Apollo's last Rocky movie appearance well. When I first read the story, I figured we'd be seeing Apollo vs. Drago in fight gear, but to my surprise its actually their press conference gear, which is very cool in my opinion. I'm a huge fan of the Rocky series and love when Jakks releases figures in different attires from certain classic moments of a movie such as this press conference. The set is up for pre-order now, but won't ship until late June, although you can use the discount code ROCKYFIGS and receive 10% off your pre-order, thanks to This will be the only chance to grab these figures in this attire, so you won't be finding them in stores ever. Jakks does it again, and can't wait to see more exclusives, and we'll have the news here first when more information becomes available on future sets.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Ringside Collectibles Wrestlemania 10 Exclusive! has reported that the latest exclusive from Ringside Collectibles, which is a 2 pack featuring the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon from their famous ladder match from Wrestlemania 10, is now up for pre-order. I've read a few figure fans who are complaining about the headscan on Razor being the same from 2002, and complaining that a new headscan was needed, but as a collector myself, this looks like an awesome set and I'm a huge fan of the exclusives that commemorate a famous match or moment. The Razor/Michales ladder match from Mania 10 will always be remembered as truly innovative, and set the tone for years of the exciting new style of matches that were to come. The set is rumored to include a ladder, and an Intercontinental belt (2 things that will make this set perfect in my opinion.) These exclusives have become very hard to come by and I've seen some of the exclusives going for big money at comic conventions and on Ebay. The possibilities are limitless as Jakks continues to release more and more great figures for the Classic Series, and we will report more news on upcoming figures and exclusives as they becomes available.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 WORLD PREMIERE TRAILER!!!!

Tonight the WORLD PREMIERE for the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3: AT WORLDS END trailer will go live. And Ultra Entertainment will have it right here, just for you! Come back later tonight keep an eye on the countdown kids!!!

Be sure to be here tonight for it! And until then, enjoy this EXCLUSIVE clip from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3!!

Finally, Clubber Lang vs. Apollo Creed!

So here it is, the ultimate showdown of Rocky's 2 best opponents in my opinion! This is from Ebay's new "Ebay Matchups" which lets you enter in 2 subjects and put them up against each other, and see just who would win! Cool concept here, and this match up is probably the most evenly matched up fight that the Rocky series could produce. My vote went to Apollo, and it was a TOUGH choice, but I figued Apollo would make the street rough Lang go the distance, and would tire him out as the rounds went later and later. Vote away!

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Now Famous Potato Drop - My Experience...

So ever since I read the now famous potato recipe from Ultra Entertainment, I've had the urge to try it since it sounded good. Now I've had my fair share of potatoes and enjoy it as a side to steak or shrimp etc., but this potato turned out to be good enough to be a meal in itself. I had my fiance follow the recipe and see just how good it would be. The first observation was that we needed to put it in a little longer, as the 45 minutes that was called for didn't quite have it done all the way, but after 20 minutes extra it was good to go, so the time in the oven will vary based on the oven you have. So as we took it out, our next step was the most odd and probably a step you won't find in any other recipe, which is why this step is known as the famous "drop." So as the recipe states, we held the potato up about a little over 5 feet, then dropped it right to the floor, SPLAT! We had the potato wrapped in foil, but as stated , the drop opened the potato up and some splattered out a little. First thing we noticed after looking inside after the drop, was how soft and fluffy the potato was, the drop had worked to perfection! This was definitely the magic touch to this perfect potato. Now I added the butter, which was low fat for me since i try to eat semi-healthy. Next up I added my own personal touch by substituting salt/pepper for a personal favorite of mine, Mrs. Dash. The result? Perfection! This was honestly the best potato I ever remember eating. After eating about half of it, I decided to break out some sour cream n test that out, and its another great compliment to the perfect potato i must say. One part that really stood out was the skin. The recipe calls for salt to be rubbed all over the potato before it goes in the oven, and now the skin was full of flavor. I usually don't eat the skin as its normally pretty flavorless, but this time i ate the whole potato, skin and all.

So I give two thumbs way up for this recipe and definitely recommend for anyone who is looking to make the perfect potato, you will definitely taste the difference!

More Potato Experiences: Random Villian from Bunch Of Jerks has his "lazy cooking" take on the dropped baked potato: Lazy Baked Potato Recipe Video and the BunchOfJerks have added their own baked potato recipe mega post.

Late Night 4 Minute Baked (Nuked) Potato

I'm sitting down with a 30 second soft pretzel to write about a 4 minute potato.

I wrote about making the perfect baked potato before.. Well, here is how to make the speedy microwaved version.

While I prefer cooking with a real oven ( and try to avoid the microwave, Foreman grills,etc) sometimes it's just not practical. I said in my potato post that it would take 45 minutes to cook. Well that's on the low end. A full hour might be necessary. But with some easy prep work the microwave works just fine.

The other night I found myself hungry and didn't have much in the way of convenience food. It was late. I didn't want to cook, and I didn't want to drive or eat Taco Bell or any of that stuff. I also didn't have much money. I DID have almost a full bag of potatoes from making cheese potato soup.

Being a Potato Purist, it wasn't easy popping this incredible spud in the microwave oven. I decided to risk it.

As you know one of the great things about potato preparation is it's fun. Damn fun. We get to slice them, dice them, stab, poke, smack, chop, and drop.

First I took a fork and violently stabbed the Russet about 3 dozen times. The point is to make several small holes in the potato.

Then I inserted the dish in a standard power residential microwave oven. After some brief calculations I decided the perfect time would be 4 minutes- 4:00.

And it was! It turned out perfectly. Medium potato. Average Microwave Power. 4 minutes. I hate to say it, but I think I may PREFER my microwaved version.

It's easy and CHEAP. I figure, when bought in 5 lb sack, a decent sized potato might run 30-35 cents. In about 5 minutes you can have a nice snack or meal. The possibility of toppings are endless. Or you can have it plain or a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a pat of butter. Whatever you like.

And don't forget for even more fun, DO The DROP!

Random Villian Goes BOTH Ways!: Random Villian from BOJ has his "lazy cooking" take on the dropped baked potato. He does the microwave and oven baked versions in one convenient video: Lazy Baked Potato Recipes and the guys from have added their own super baked potato recipe post.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Chivalry is Dead? Its what you broads wanted!

This is brief, an observation of sorts. I constantly hear stupid fucking women running their god damn mouths about how, "chivalry is dead" guys don't open doors anymore, or pay for meals on dates, or throw jackets on top of puddles of water. Well let me take you stupid broads back a bit....

Time warp with me shall we?

Do we all remember the Spice Girls, when they came around, same time that Hilary Clinton started coming around.... girls got this whole...

"GIRL POWER" shit started. Women's rights, girls can do what men do, the WNBA, women should be able to be in the army, all that shit.

Well, chivalry is dead because women asked for it to be dead! They wanna be equal to men, then open a fuckin door for me once in a while. So blame yourselves, blame GIRL POWER for killing chivalry. You got what you asked for.

Oh yeah, and just to let you moronic women in on a secret, theres no real such thing as chivalry, a guy holding a door open for you = ill show her I'm nice so i can fuck her. Plain and simple.

That's right, I said it.

Friday, March 9, 2007

I have figured you out the music industry!

For years now, music has gone straight to SHIT. The emo craze taking over and just sucking ass. Rap being more like, shitty fuck ass pop stuff. Remember years ago, Wu Tang and 2 Pac were doing REAL rap? Now we got, god knows what. As for rock? None, nothing but shitty whiney bitch emo bands. I have not listened to the radio seriously in over a year. If I do happen to have it on, its on the fuckin oldies channel. Rest of the time, all about the iPod.

But I have found it all out. I have figured out what the hell is up with music.

All of this started, the shitty rap, the fag emo, all of it. Started when the whole music downloading craze happened. And the music industry was losing their minds, arresting people, making stupid laws, doing anything to stop people from stealing (downloading) music.

Well, they did it! I realized I havent downloaded actual music in a long time. The reason for the shitty music out today, is because the music companies came up with a brilliant idea...

Lets put out really terrible music, and nothing but terrible music. Music so bad, no body would even think about wanting to steal any of it! Thus the birth of, My Chemical Romance, and more.

Those are my thoughts atleast, but I think this is whats really going on.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hey graffiti fucks listen up!

Seriously not a damn day goes by where Im on my way to work and I see a wall or a sign or something littered with graffiti. Its really annoying, makes my damn neighborhood look trashy, and most of all, looks retarded. Why?

This is why. Seriously what the fuck? Ya know, if you want to sneak out, do some graffiti and write your message, how about you make it in english! I would enjoy it more as well! It would almost be like taking a dump in public, and all the writings on the bathroom walls! I love reading that shit. But this stuff is just stupid, how are you supposed to be showing your props, giving respect, or marking your territory if no one knows what the fuck you are saying?!

So from now on, I will be going out late at night, with my on spray can of gold colored paint, and under every stupid graffiti sign I see, Im just going to spray, "What?" under it, until all the thugs and gang bangin fuck wads in the world realize they might get more recognition and respect if people can read what the hell theyre writing.

How about a little more of this?