Monday, March 12, 2007

Chivalry is Dead? Its what you broads wanted!

This is brief, an observation of sorts. I constantly hear stupid fucking women running their god damn mouths about how, "chivalry is dead" guys don't open doors anymore, or pay for meals on dates, or throw jackets on top of puddles of water. Well let me take you stupid broads back a bit....

Time warp with me shall we?

Do we all remember the Spice Girls, when they came around, same time that Hilary Clinton started coming around.... girls got this whole...

"GIRL POWER" shit started. Women's rights, girls can do what men do, the WNBA, women should be able to be in the army, all that shit.

Well, chivalry is dead because women asked for it to be dead! They wanna be equal to men, then open a fuckin door for me once in a while. So blame yourselves, blame GIRL POWER for killing chivalry. You got what you asked for.

Oh yeah, and just to let you moronic women in on a secret, theres no real such thing as chivalry, a guy holding a door open for you = ill show her I'm nice so i can fuck her. Plain and simple.

That's right, I said it.

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