Monday, March 26, 2007

Anna Nicole.... Uh, BYE.

Alright, I am going to spill my thoughts on this whole Anna Nicole shit. You might not like it, you might agree, either way you can post a comment and voice your opinion about it afterwards. To me, the biggest question about all of this, about her death, about the father of her kids, about the trial, about it all to me is... WHO THE FUCK CARES?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Honestly god damnit, its ANNA NICOLE. People are losing their minds that she died. People going on about how great she was. If she was so great then why the fuck was she sleeping with so many guys that nobody knows who the fuck the father of her kid is?? People going on about how shocking it is, Im not shocked, probably because its ANNA NICOLE AND I DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!

Now lets see, every single day since she died well over a month ago, people have been going on about how tragic it is, how sad. Sure, someone dying is sad, but what the fuck did she do in life that made her so god damn important?? Think about it. NOTHING. She was in Playboy, yippie. She was in shitty movies, like Naked Gun 33 1/3. And some fucking retard movie with Chyna. But thats about it, she did NOTHING for this world. She took a bunch of drugs and died from it. Well shes stupid. It gives you INSTRUCTIONS on a bottle of how much to take. She cant read, takes too many, dies. Good job moron. Not only did she do nothing at all besides shitty movies and got naked in playboy, shes a fuckin HAS BEEN. Oh wow she had an annoying as fuck reality show but even then, who the fuck cared what she was doing??? She was a fat annoying slob.

Its fucking stupid and shows how retarded our world is. A GREAT man named Steve Irwin died and I saw some fuck heads, including one Bill Maher that if I ever see is going to get a nice punch to the eye from me, making JOKES. Steve Irwin tried to change our world and did, he did more for the world in a minute than Anna Nicole did in her life. People made jokes about him after his death, and it made me fucking sick. And a month and some change after his death people just, stopped talking about him and caring. But ANNA FUCKING NICOLE IS A TRAGIC SAD STORY THAT TO THIS DAY IS ALL OVER THE NEWS????? FUCK YOU!

I dont care who the Dad of her stupid baby is, I dont care that she died. People are going out, lighting candles and holding vigils for her, hey assholes, I know some kids that DO know who their father is, there are thousands of them, and their fathers happen to be over in Iraq getting blown up and killed because George Bush is a fucking moron. Go hold a vigil for someone that matters, and not some has been washed up playboy model. Move on people and find some importance in life.

UPDATE: Ive been doing some reading today, after two people left moronic comments I wanted to find some Anna Nicole facts. And ya know what. Im wrong, she has done something important, she won an Award! She won a RAZZIE award for WORST NEW ACTRESS for Naked Gun 33 1/3!! WOW!!


  1. But you don't understand. This is a huge tragedy. She was a beautiful movie star. She was like Marilyn Monroe! Suck a shock, such a tragedy, such a young pretty woman.


    I would hardly call her a MOVIE STAR let alone compare her to MARILYN MONROE status.

    Naked Gun 3

    Illegal Aliens starring Anna Nicole and Chyna Doll

    Skyscrapper where its Anna Nicole vs terrorists! HAHAHAHA


    To The Limit! Anna is an ex cia agent! Looking for a villain. WOW. QUALITY LEGENDARY CLASSICS ANNA NICOLE STARRED IN, RIGHT THERE! I know those will def be on my TO RENT list. Sorry but she was not a movie star, she was NOT like Monroe, 9-11 was a tragedy, this was some washed up model that over dosed and died.

  3. This is not cool, insulting the dead is just wrong. She had problems, but who doesn't, doesnt mean its ok to bash her like this. I think an apology blog is in order, it's the right thing to do Villain.

  4. How about you blow me first? An apology blog? Im not bashing her so much as Im bashing the retards like you that worship her thinking shes an Icon and a Legend when she hasnt done SHIT and there are more important people in the world dying and no one gives a shit.