Friday, March 9, 2007

I have figured you out the music industry!

For years now, music has gone straight to SHIT. The emo craze taking over and just sucking ass. Rap being more like, shitty fuck ass pop stuff. Remember years ago, Wu Tang and 2 Pac were doing REAL rap? Now we got, god knows what. As for rock? None, nothing but shitty whiney bitch emo bands. I have not listened to the radio seriously in over a year. If I do happen to have it on, its on the fuckin oldies channel. Rest of the time, all about the iPod.

But I have found it all out. I have figured out what the hell is up with music.

All of this started, the shitty rap, the fag emo, all of it. Started when the whole music downloading craze happened. And the music industry was losing their minds, arresting people, making stupid laws, doing anything to stop people from stealing (downloading) music.

Well, they did it! I realized I havent downloaded actual music in a long time. The reason for the shitty music out today, is because the music companies came up with a brilliant idea...

Lets put out really terrible music, and nothing but terrible music. Music so bad, no body would even think about wanting to steal any of it! Thus the birth of, My Chemical Romance, and more.

Those are my thoughts atleast, but I think this is whats really going on.

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