Friday, March 16, 2007

The Now Famous Potato Drop - My Experience...

So ever since I read the now famous potato recipe from Ultra Entertainment, I've had the urge to try it since it sounded good. Now I've had my fair share of potatoes and enjoy it as a side to steak or shrimp etc., but this potato turned out to be good enough to be a meal in itself. I had my fiance follow the recipe and see just how good it would be. The first observation was that we needed to put it in a little longer, as the 45 minutes that was called for didn't quite have it done all the way, but after 20 minutes extra it was good to go, so the time in the oven will vary based on the oven you have. So as we took it out, our next step was the most odd and probably a step you won't find in any other recipe, which is why this step is known as the famous "drop." So as the recipe states, we held the potato up about a little over 5 feet, then dropped it right to the floor, SPLAT! We had the potato wrapped in foil, but as stated , the drop opened the potato up and some splattered out a little. First thing we noticed after looking inside after the drop, was how soft and fluffy the potato was, the drop had worked to perfection! This was definitely the magic touch to this perfect potato. Now I added the butter, which was low fat for me since i try to eat semi-healthy. Next up I added my own personal touch by substituting salt/pepper for a personal favorite of mine, Mrs. Dash. The result? Perfection! This was honestly the best potato I ever remember eating. After eating about half of it, I decided to break out some sour cream n test that out, and its another great compliment to the perfect potato i must say. One part that really stood out was the skin. The recipe calls for salt to be rubbed all over the potato before it goes in the oven, and now the skin was full of flavor. I usually don't eat the skin as its normally pretty flavorless, but this time i ate the whole potato, skin and all.

So I give two thumbs way up for this recipe and definitely recommend for anyone who is looking to make the perfect potato, you will definitely taste the difference!

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