Saturday, March 31, 2007

Random Villains Wrestlemania Predictions

So here are my predictions for the big event.

World Title:
-Batista (c) vs. Undertaker
Taker will win this one

WWE Title:
-John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels
Cena will win this, HBK will shake Cenas hand and all will be GAY

Battle of Billionaires:
-Umaga (w/ Vince McMahon) vs. Lashley (w/ Donald Trump)
Lashely will win

Money in the Bank:
-Randy Orton vs. Edge. vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. C.M. Punk vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. King Booker vs. Fit Finlay
Hard to say but since a Raw guy has won it every year so far, Im callin Kennedy winning and doing a jump to Raw to start a Kennedy vs Cena feud.

Originals vs. New Breed:
-Sandman, Sabu, RVD & Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Kevin Thorn & Matt Striker

Women's Title:
-Melina (c) vs. Ashley Massaro
Ill be in the bathroom during this shit, Ashely will win

U.S. Title:
-Chris Benoit (c) vs. MVP
I would say Benoit, but since he tapped out to JOHN FUCKIN CENA, Im going with MVP for this.

Singles Match:
-Kane vs. Great Khali
I say Kane, he never wins and Khali needs to be beat finally

Also this Sunday will feature a return, I did this before on an old site of mine that got over huge, so it will return this Sunday...

For those a lil slow Ill break it down for you. I will be doing a review of Wrestlemania, as I watch it I will be typing it. So my reactions will be written right away. Lots of typos and grammar problems as its kinda hard to watch TV and type at the same time. See ya Sunday.

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  1. I'll give my predictions as well.

    HBK vs. Cena (The reported main event)----I'm gonna go out on a MAJOR limb and give WWE the benefit of the doubt and go with Michaels. It will freshen shit up and at least give HBK 1 month of glory.

    Taker vs. Batista - I'm sayin Taker and I truly hope it happens, don't ruin the damn streak to the point people will forget all about it.

    Lashley vs. Umaga -- Lashley, eh, nuff said.

    MITB. I'm going to go wtih Edge, he's never lose at Mania so I'll go with him, even though i could see Orton and him both losing and feuding over it.

    Womens match - Melina, at least she can wrestle and "gets it"

    Kane vs. Khali - I go with Khali, he's lost once ever, and I dont think Kane will be the man to give him a 2nd loss.

    MVP vs. Benoit - MVP, Benoit will then move to RAW and, do, uh, something I guess.

    Hopefully at least i'm right on the main events, 1 or both of those matches going to the wrong guy can ruin Mania!