Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tony -1 John Cena - 0

So WWE Raw is here in Phoenix tomorrow. A friend of mine has another friend that works in TV, and knows some WWE Superstars.

Today he gives me a call,

"Hey man Im goin to lunch later with some WWE guys you wanna come?"

Im not sure if I can make it because I got to pick up my girlfriend from work since he doesnt know what time hes goin, I tell him to just give me a call....

Time goes by and my phone rings.

"Hey did you wanna meet us up were at Cooperstown" (Alice Coopers Resturaunt)

I cant because its almost time for me to pick her up from work, and I also am having a lil BBQ. So I ask...

"I cant make it, but who are you there with anyways?"

He says, "Oh dude John Cena!"

I say "Nah Ill pass I got stuff going on here plus John Cena fucking sucks"

Silence for a bit..... till he says "Oh alright well Ill give you a call later!"

We hang up, about an hour or so goes by and he calls me back. I say...

"Hey sorry I couldnt make it out I had some steaks to cook and had to pick up my girl from work."

He says... "Oh its cool, hey I wanted to let you know somethin."


"Well, when I called to invite you out, I had you on speaker phone."

I think for a minute and realize, I basically just said John Cena fucking sucks, to John Cena.

I start laughing and ask, "Did he hear me?"

"Uh, Yeah he was sitting right there!"

In which I start laughing even harder.

So I just pictured the scenario, my friend saying Hey mind if I invite my friend hes a huge wrestling fan! And Cena saying yeah man! And getting all excited to eaves drop and hear the excitement from a fan that gets to meet him! Until he hears he fucking sucks. So in other words, I PWNED John Cena. Tony 1, John Cena 0.

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