Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hey graffiti fucks listen up!

Seriously not a damn day goes by where Im on my way to work and I see a wall or a sign or something littered with graffiti. Its really annoying, makes my damn neighborhood look trashy, and most of all, looks retarded. Why?

This is why. Seriously what the fuck? Ya know, if you want to sneak out, do some graffiti and write your message, how about you make it in english! I would enjoy it more as well! It would almost be like taking a dump in public, and all the writings on the bathroom walls! I love reading that shit. But this stuff is just stupid, how are you supposed to be showing your props, giving respect, or marking your territory if no one knows what the fuck you are saying?!

So from now on, I will be going out late at night, with my on spray can of gold colored paint, and under every stupid graffiti sign I see, Im just going to spray, "What?" under it, until all the thugs and gang bangin fuck wads in the world realize they might get more recognition and respect if people can read what the hell theyre writing.

How about a little more of this?


  1. Yet another interseting blog. I guess I dont live in a ghetto enough part of town to see much grafitti...only when we hit the downtown Dallas area. I think this blog will have yet another series on its hand to go along with the Wrestlemania 3, ongoing Britney vs. K-Fed series, the Random Villain vs. John Cena showdown series' we look forwrad to seeing details of Random's gigantic WHAT? Arizona cleanup campaign. Oh the cool 80's and 90's logos that could replace the trash.

    On a side note, lets hear it for Random Villain who's kept the blog entertaining while the rest of us have been busy with our other huge business projects and dilemas. ::APPLAUD::

  2. Download google talk you fuckin fuck!

  3. Haha, that reminds me of this guy that spray painted "GIG" on the wall. I put "Graffiti is gay?" under it. The next day he sprayed "No itz "Gangstaz in Greenvile" and I felt sorry for them for having that gang I left it alone.