Friday, March 30, 2007

Ultra Hype: It's WrestleMania Weekend!!!

Well here we are, the biggest wrestling weekend of the year. Do you have the Wrestlemania feeling? Well, hard to say for me, the Wrestlemania feeling for me back in the day was anticipating the biggest of maybe 4 WWE pay per views in the year, and the anticipation and build up went on for months. Nowadays, there are way too many going on every other week so Mania has lost that feeling at least, although Mania still does feel like the biggest show of the year. Many factors will go into this Mania to determine if it will be great or shit. Last year, I expected that it would be a sub par mania, but that everything would be OK when the rabid Chicago crowd destroyed John Cena and Triple H beat his ass for the WWE Title. Well after having to sit through Rey Mysterio winning the World Title in a match that involved Rey, Kurt Angle, and Randy Orton (Which insulted all wrestling fans intelligence in my opinion), finally we get to Cena vs. H. As I had hoped, Chicago killed Cena, hated him, the crowd made this match exciting and Mania worthy. Then, suddenly, OVER, Triple H just tapped out to John Cenas gay monkey humping submission shit. Mania was RUINED. Rey Mysterio and John Cena were the highlights? PLEASE! WWE forced gay shit down our throats, and didn't give a damn what fans wanted.

Now, moving on to this year. Leading up to Mania, we have a situation where 2 WWE legends were left in the royal rumble, and gave everyone a huge eye opener as to how shit should be. I"m talking about Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. They went face to face for the first time since 1998 when they were the final 2 in the Royal Rumble. They had a classic encounter the likes of which had not been seen in years. THIS was how it was supposed to be, 2 legit guys who have done shit in wrestling, handling business and fighting it out for the right to go to WrestleMania. Taker took the win, and has a highly intriguing match with his WrestleMania streak on the line against the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Finally a GOOD Wrestlemania main event that means something. People are behind Takers 14-0 Wrestlemania streak, and instead of feeding him some bullshit match like last year vs. Mark Henry, we get to see him put his streak on the line against the World Title. I personally hope Taker wins it and keeps the streak going, as he deserves 1 more run on top. Most Internet fans are not fans of Batista, but hey, he's a big muscled up guy who is a believable match up with the Undertaker, and the match is not predictable at all, so I'm happy.

Now we move on to main event number 2, as the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels takes on last years WrestleMania fuck up, John Cena. Basically what we have here is HBK acting as his former self once did, kicking Cena's face off leading into Mania, and the legendary Shawn Michaels going for his own final run as WWE Champion. I gave my opinions on the career of HBK in my Definitive Shawn Michaels blog, and now the time is here for him to put on another Wrestlemania worthy performance like he has done so many times in the past. My 1 hope is regardless of if Shawn wins or loses, i hope he does NOT get the gay ass feeling to want to shake Cenas hand and "Give him props" for winning (or losing for that matter.) My ideal scenario is for HBK to win the title, and send Cena off whining and crying like a little bitch. But knowing WWE, even if HBK did by some miracle win the WWE title, he'll most likely drop it back at Backlash, but hey, a win over Cena at Mania is better than nothing. Let's hope Cena beating another guy and shoving his crap down our throats doesn't happen AGAIN, but this IS WWE.

As far as the rest of the card, the Battle of the Billionaires seems to have the most hype. Personally if this match was Umaga vs. Stone Cold, this would be my most anticipated match. But in another case of shoving shit down our throats, Lashley will be up against Umaga as we're forced to cheer for Lashley, eh, he doesn't impress me with anything yet. The Trump vs. McMahon scenario thrown into that match is definitely the only selling point. The Money in the Bank ladder match is always cool, very unpredictable this year, should be a winner. Everything else is pretty standard, but because it's Mania, everything will seem bigger and hopefully will be good. I'm actually more pumped about the Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday night as I usually am every year. I'm a huge fan of guys who were GREAT in wrestling and earned their spot getting recognition. Hopefully Detroit will be even better than Chicago in that they'll cheer the legends, and boo the losers like Cena outta their damn town! Feel free to share your own thoughts, opinions, and predictions for WrestleMania 23!


  1. For me, Mania looks like ass this year, Taker and HBK better win but I know only one will. WWE is fuckin lame like that. Umaga vs Lashley is fucking shit as its OBVIOUS Trump will win since Lashley is Negroberg. Only match that peaks my interest is the MITB match, since Im a huge Edge and Orton fan, both of them should be in the main event, not Cena. I hope for a surprise, or two. Maybe a Jericho return? A Chyna or Sable run in during the diva match? Who knows. Ill be ordering it because well, its Mania.

  2. Good insight. A Jericho return would rock our damn world, but i think its a slim chance as WWE Rarely does Mania suprises anymore. LMFAO @ Negroberg, thats his new name, officially. The thing is I compare this to last years, and I'd much rather see Batista vs. Taker with a TON on the line as opposed to Rey Mysterio in a world title match at all. Also i think HBK is capable of pulling a SLIGHTLY better match out of Cena, because HBK knows how to wrestle at Mania's. MITB will be cool as usual, and if there is even 1 suprise that'll be cool too.

  3. Yeah Im MUCH happier with Taker facing someone that is a threat to his streak, unlike Mark Henry which was the most pointless match in Mania history.