Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sanjaya my little Sangina.

So as you know, Sanjaya has got to be the worst singer on American Idol ever. And people are losing their minds.

This girl
Has gone on a hunger strike. Saying she will not eat another bite until he is off of Idol....

Talk about needing to get a fucking life.

Well bitch I got some news for ya, you are going to die. Last night Sanjaya survived yet another round of elimination thanks to Vote For The Worst, Howard Stern, and millions of people that want to see Idol come to an end.

Why? Idol is FUCKING POINTLESS. Why does it matter who wins? Why do people care if Sanjaya wins or loses? People that get eliminated and lose on that show still get a record contract! Look at Daughtry, cant turn on the radio without hearing his song and he lost! Look at Jennifer Hudson, won a fucking OSCAR and she lost on idol. So you all should be wanting him to WIN idol to avoid seeing more of him. I mean look at that ugly ass Fantasia chick that won idol, she looks like Chris Tucker and isnt doing a damn thing but sitting around. Ugh.

Go Sanjaya, go!

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