Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Confirmed: Lindsay Lohan Set to Pose Nude for Playboy!

Well the defining moment for our site....well....at least the name....is here.  TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has agreed to pose for Playboy for a smooth 1 million bucks.  I guess now that her acting career is long gone, but since she's an even bigger celebrity due to always getting arrested and then sentenced etc., the time was right to cash in and get naked already.  This news has been years in the making, hell FOUR YEARS ago this very site reported that Lohan was in talks to be in a Playboy movie.

Will there still be interest in seeing her naked since A. she's not the star in movies that she once was, and B. she's  done a couple of semi nude shoots already for various publications (Lindsay Lohan Topless Pics in New York Magazine)  Playboy itself has been in the crapper for years now, either providing us with naked women we've never heard of, or featuring women we've heard of but don't get naked in the spread (::cough:: Olivia Munn ::cough::)  The stir cause by finally getting Lohan naked will probably be enough to get some interest going again, but they would definitely have to follow it up with more celebrities that people actually give a shit about getting naked. 

Apparently money is the key (shocker,) as Lohan turned down 750k to take it all off, but the million dollar point was just right.  So take notes Playboy, actresses who know they have tons of fans wanting them to get naked want to get paid to do so, so pay up and get the job done.  Word is that Lindsay has already started her nude shoot, so before long we will see if Playboy can deliver the Lindsay Lohan nude pictorial that her fans have waited years for.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Best Halloween Episodes EVER!

Halloween. One week away. As a kid, anytime Halloween or Christmas rolled around you knew that all the awesome shows on TV would have a special episode around that holiday. And Halloween episodes were always the best, so here we go, time to revisit some of the very best!

The Adventures Of Pete & Pete
I remember actually trying to do as much trick or treating as Pete and Pete did, always ended in failure and exhaustion. I never filled an entire pillowcase.

South Park
Always gory and hilarious. Haven't had a good Halloween South Park in awhile, hoping this week we get a good one.

The Simpsons
Treehouse Of Horror
Some may say The Simpsons are the kings of Halloween episodes. But really, The Simpsons hasn't been funny in years, YEARS. But, still have to give them props for Halloween goodness.

Home Improvement
This show had some of the very best Halloween episodes that have ever happened. It never failed to deliver on the holiday episodes.

The very BEST at Halloween episodes. Hands down, no contest.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tony Bennett + Lady Gaga = Musical Awesomeness

Tony Bennett is one of the old school bad asses in music that can be in his 80's and still own audiences.  Not only has he been a legend for years with a ton of classic albums released over the years, but he's still releasing albums that have the old school vibe but mixed with current performers.  In "Duets 2" Bennett probably does one of the most odd yet awesome collaborations ever, as he joins the one and only Lady Gaga to bring us "The Lady is a Tramp."

Now there are tons of Gaga haters out there who trash everything she does, but our crew has always agreed that Gaga is already an icon and will continue to be one of the biggest superstars in music for years to come.  This song backs up that claim even more, as Gaga shows she can hang old school style with a guy who's had legendary status for years.  This song is far from anything we've heard from Gaga before, but serves as a reminder that Gaga is a classically trained singer and musician, and is no joke when it comes to music.

Tony's album also has a mention worthy duet with Amy Winehouse, which took place just before her death.  Winehouse sounds like she came from the same era as Tony Bennett, so hearing those two together wasn't as shocking as Gaga, but still awesome to hear.  To add to it all, there is actually a Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga music video to go along with the song.  With no flashy effects or usual music video craziness, this is a great straight up in the studio singing the song type video.  Check it out below:

Friday, October 7, 2011

To 4s, or Not to 4s, That is the question. Upgrade to iPhone iOS 5 NOW?!

Yes, you can upgrade to iOS 5 right now, click here to learn how.

The assistant feature on the 4s is pretty awesome, but other than that some better hardware and camera is about all that is new. Which is probably why I'm not rushing out to make sure I have it pre-ordered right now. Also everyone is switching to Verizon but even when I do switch, I will stick with AT&T. They offer a few minor features that I found I have actually used that Verizon doesn't offer. Such as the browse the web while you talk feature.

I'm sure at some point I will snag the 4s, unless the iPhone 5 rumors start to swirl before that.


The iPhone 4s is Now Available

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs has died.

I heard that Steve Jobs had died while I was on my iPhone. At that time I was also in the middle of sending emails on my MacBook Pro, while to the left, I was editing footage from a wrestling show using Final Cut Pro on my iMac. Needless to say I'm an Apple Fanboy.

Not much to say that hasn't been said and won't be said thousands and millions of times all over twitter right now. The guy changed everything. Every phone that comes out now tries everything it can to replicate the iPhone. But one thing many don't realize, Steve Jobs also helped bring us all something that we love at least once a year. Pixar films. He was executive producer on the first Toy Story and remained one of the largest share holders of Disney. So when you thank him for all the great gadgets he brought us, remember to thank him for helping bring to life one of the best movie studios that exists today.

"Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?" - Steve Job to John Sculley who was then the Pepsi CEO.