Monday, October 24, 2011

The Best Halloween Episodes EVER!

Halloween. One week away. As a kid, anytime Halloween or Christmas rolled around you knew that all the awesome shows on TV would have a special episode around that holiday. And Halloween episodes were always the best, so here we go, time to revisit some of the very best!

The Adventures Of Pete & Pete
I remember actually trying to do as much trick or treating as Pete and Pete did, always ended in failure and exhaustion. I never filled an entire pillowcase.

South Park
Always gory and hilarious. Haven't had a good Halloween South Park in awhile, hoping this week we get a good one.

The Simpsons
Treehouse Of Horror
Some may say The Simpsons are the kings of Halloween episodes. But really, The Simpsons hasn't been funny in years, YEARS. But, still have to give them props for Halloween goodness.

Home Improvement
This show had some of the very best Halloween episodes that have ever happened. It never failed to deliver on the holiday episodes.

The very BEST at Halloween episodes. Hands down, no contest.

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  1. The Roseanne episodes were always stupid to me. No family does all the crap they did to that extent...too forced and fake to be funny. Home Improvement seemed much more realistic. JMO