Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You know what I hate?

Guys and or stoners, that say "dude" 50 times in 1 fucking sentence.

Burger King Employees Rule

So I went to BK to get some breakfast on my way to work, and I unfortunatley had to hit the one near my work, which is ALWAYS a nightmare for the people that work there are IDIOTS, every one of them and of course, I had another annoying time. So fed up I decide to email BK to complain about this store but apparently they are stuck in 1988 and you are not allowed to email them, you can only write a letter and send it, so I wrote one up and will be sending it tomorrow, here is my letter....

Burger King Employee IQ

I and others here at my office are fed up. We are located in Phoenix AZ. The Burger King we are fed up with is located on the corner of 16th st. and Buckeye Rd. What is it that we are fed up with you ask? No, not the food, as we are all delighted when sinking our teeth into a tasty Whopper. But it is the service there, the terrible service.

This is not all Burger Kings, for some reason this is the only Burger King where I have problems. Going through the drive thru to order food is the most annoying experience of my life. Not once is it a simple easy experience. Every time the order is screwed up, they never once understand exactly what I am speaking, which is ENGLISH. I say no onions, they give me extra! I say no tomato, they take off the pickles! This morning I went to get breakfast..... Here is a transcript of sorts, almost word for word....

BK: May I take your order?

ME: I would like a number 4.

BK: Breakfast or Lunch?

ME: Breakfast.

BK: Lunch?

ME: No, Breakfast!

BK: The French Toast?

ME: Yes! And would also like an Icee Float.

BK: Icee Coke?

ME: Float?

BK: Coke??

ME: No an Icee F L O A T!

BK: Let me see if we have Icee Coke.

(I sit and bang my head on the steering wheel)

BK: Yes we have Icee Coke.

ME: Fine.

BK: Total at window!

Seriously what the hell is so hard about understanding, Number 4, breakfast, and an Icee Float. It should not be that hard but these people that this Burger King hires are the dumbest ever! The above is just one of many annoying times I've had at Burger King with my fellow co workers. Now, to continue from the above, I get to work and I sip on my Icee Coke, and it is the most god awful taste ever! It seriously left a burnt taste in my mouth. I think it might just be me, so I ask a couple of my co workers to try it and they all agree. One said it tasted like it was a very dirty cup, the other said the ICEE COKE, SMELLED LIKE ONIONS! What the hell? It comes from an ICEE MACHINE! There is no way that making an Icee should be that hard to make. Of course one co worker asks, what Burger King did you go to? And I mention 16th St and Buckeye Rd and she says "Ooooh yeah that one" ugh this is an abomination! I love Burger King food, but I can not stand this anymore, I will be taking my money other places from now on where the people working there have IQ levels above woodpeckers on metal poles. Please do something about this, for you will lose more and more customers and another Burger King will be shut down.

A Sad BK Muncher

So there it is, will I get an answer? Probably not, but my voice will be heard damnit! VIVA LA RESISTANCE!

Paris HIlton Is Evil.....

This is a tale, a sad, scary, tale. This is the true story of....

By Tony Gautier

Nicole Richie, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears...

My my, they used to be so hot. So pure, and then..... P day. Paris Day came, a day in the lives of these chicks that will live in infamy....

Nicole, she was cute, had a decent life, living on her Daddys millions. She suddenly, started to fade away, her body was turning into that of a cripple. Her chest bones poked through her skin like horns, her eyes sucked into her skull, her fat DJ boyfriend losing tons of weight suddenly.... why? PARIS. See, Paris was put on earth for one reason, to destroy the female race! Paris finds someone, befriends them, and destroys their lives! And destroys mens fanasties about these women! She found Nicole as children and started her work on her. Destroying her life, making her hot body shrivle up like a raisin. Nicoles fat DJ boyfriend, struck a deal with Paris. She will make him skinny, as long as he gives her the soul of Nicole. And it worked, in Nicoles sleep her soul was givin to Paris, and instantly, DJ is skinny. Nicole has since, faded to nothing except bones. Dried up. After Paris was done with her work.... she moved on....

Lindsey Lohan. So friggin hot. Got big notice in Freaky Friday and then moved onto Mean Girls where she gained major hotness. Not too skinny, not fat, just perfect. Her boobs were nice and bouncy, her body was good, she was good, all was good..... until Paris found her. Once Paris found her her boobs shrunk! Paris took them! Along with her boobs, the same problem. Her body started to shrivel up! She turned to coke, and was photographed not wearing panties! And her vagina looked like a wizards sleeve. This is where the proof comes in. Paris sucks the life out of starlets from their vaginas. More proof of this is coming soon. Once Paris got ahold of Lohan it was all downhill. Lohan will be dead within the next few years because of Paris sucking the life from her out of her vagina. Where is more proof of life being sucked out through vaginas?

Britney Spears. The hottest and most taboo. Every man in the world wanted a piece of Britney, so sweet and hot and pure. Down home country gal. Paris wanted Britney. Badly. But every attempt failed. Britney wanted none of Paris and her evil doings. This is where Paris, created a henchman. Her creature, a creation. A male version, of Paris. K FED! Yes, the news is broke here first, K Fed is a creation of Paris Hilton. Paris created him, to get near Spears, and slip her the poison to marry him. Why else would someone so sweet and pure marry a complete and total talentless douche bag like him? K Fed turned on Paris though, when K Fed inpregnated Britney. Making her fat, and unattractive. Britney went from hot country gal, to trailer trash quality. It was here that Paris saw her moment. She met Britney and Britney wept on Paris' shoulder about her problems. And Paris made love to Fat Britney, finally having Spears. And told her what she would do. And suddenly, like that! Paris started to suck the life out of her vagina. Fat Britney went back to skinny hot Britney almost over night! And then, k Fed is gone! Britney drops him like Lohan does after 4 lines. And Britney was slowly getting back to hotness. And in less than 24 hours of Britney being hot, Paris, giving her her hot body back, taking away K Fed. Britneys life was being sucked away more, and more. Her body shriveling up, her boobs going away, and then, her vagina was photographed. Hanging like the sleeve of a wizard. Because her life was sucked out of it. Because of Paris.

Paris is a leech! She befriends a hot female star, and turns them into loose sluts with coke problems. And sucks the life from them and into herself. She is a soul sucking evil being not of this world, and she must be stopped. For in a matter of, 5 years, when sweet Dakota Fanning turns 18, she will be next on Paris life sucking vagina destroying mission!

So to all young upcoming starlets, I leave you with this...

Beware.... take care.

You know what I hate?

You know what I fuckin hate?

When I go into super cuts, or great clips, or anywhere to get a haircut. And the dumb lady behind the counter comes up to me and sees my shaggy as fuck hairdo, and says to me...

"What can I help you with today?"

Gee, oh, I dunno, an appraisal on my house lady. What the hell does it look like, I am in a place, that cuts hair, I have shaggy hair, I obviously NEED A HAIRCUT!!!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Marine Review

This was, by far.... the WORST movie I have ever seen in my life. For the fuck of life who wrote this shit?? Lets start off with the main problems....

Story: Retarded, John is dismissed from the Marines because, the men he was sent to save was endanger and he was told to wait for back up, but they were about to die so he saved them anyways and for that hes dismissed. And he then becomes a security guard and tells his friend that his hand to hand combat and all the training he got in the Marines does not leave many job opportunities in the real world..... uh, hey fucko, what about a POLICE OFFICER. Anyways, him and his wife go on a trip and shes kidnapped by the most annoying bad guys ever. Cliche bad guy bullshit.

Goofs: Where do I start? Well, John is indestructable... heres a EXACT list of what he gets hit in the HEAD and FACE with...

2 X 4
Fire Extinguisher
Beer Bottle
Lots Of Fists and Feet

and also, he is in 3 explosions. A gas station, a house, and a car.

My fav though is how he is in a cop car, without a windshield and HUNDREDS of bullets are fired at him, tearing the hood of the car apart, the dash board, the roof, but not him, at all, no where close.

The damage to his body? A small, tiny, red bruise that changes shapes sizes and what not on his cheek. Oh he gets a gash on his eyebrow that is gone in the next scene but later is back. Even his CLOTHES dont get damaged.

Of course theres the usual bullshit. The twists are predictable, the ending, everything.

For some stupid idiot reason, the trailer for Commando is included on this dvd....... uhhhhh.

John Cenas acting.... it was ok. Everything else? Made no sense, was not funny, and was all just stupid.

The Blog To End All Blogs

Alright god damnit here is a blog and a rant its rated R so if you dont like words like fuck shit titty cock ballrip and god knows what else then go read a bible and shut the fuck up.

1. Saw 3 rules. They all rule, there is my Saw review. If you dont like the Saw movies then put the hot dog down and go watch more shitty PG-13 rated horror movies ya fuckin baby.

2. Fuck McDonalds, fuck them in their greasy gross shitty asses. I ate a damn McGriddle AKA a McShittle, and almost died! Thats right, comin out both ends kinda died! So dont eat there, I wont ever again. Feel free to complain at

3. God damnit dont you hate when you tell someone you will do something for them and then for days they bug the shit out of you about it? Fucking ass shits.

4. I work for an Indy Wrestling Fed, its cool. Check them out at

You know what I fuckin hate?!?! God damn ILLEGAL MEXICANS. Some Mexicans, ok, cool, I can deal. Others though? They piss me off and last night was the last straw.
These assholes fuck up my orders in the drive through, fuck up the economy, and are now fucking up my TV viewing! Here in the great boring state of AZ, the Amber Alert (when a kid is kidnapped, they do this) they put it on TV, they interupt your show, by taking the sound out and saying BLAH BLAH BLAH THIS PERSON KIDNAPPED BLAH BLAH LOOK FOR MR BLAH. Well last night, Im watching one of my fav shows, 24, and during the big twist at the end, an Amber Alert comes on, because some idiot illegal kidnapped a kid and ran off with her. Because this moron did this, I missed the end of my show.
Another thing, why do the idiots that put this shit on TV, actually, PUT IT ON TV?! Like Im supposed to stop watching my show, run outside, get in my truck, and go looking for them?!?! God good.

Lindasy Lohan get a fucking life, lay off the crack, stop being a god damn whore. Im watching this stupid bitch thats hooked on drugs, drinking and whoring getting hounded by papparazzi, say this to them.... "Guys please this is Sunday, its Gods day." ROFL!!!! You stupid bitch. I hate you Lohan. You and Paris and Britney should all get in a damn car and eat 10 McGriddles till you shit yourselves to death.

Thats all for now, I might be back later, but I will leave you with this quote. I want T Shirts of this quote made, bumper stickers, the works. It is about the new presidential vote thats coming soon. And the quote I want you all to know, live by, and listen to, make shirts of, stickers, hats, posters....

"If Hilary Wins, We Riot!"

Friday, January 19, 2007

There is a new Sheriff in town.....

So the remake of Halloween is coming along. I have mixed feelings as Halloween is my all time fav horror movie. But I gotta say, the casting in this movie owns. The best bit being MALCOLM MCDOWELL (A Clockwork Orange AKA My all time favorite movie) As well as Courtney Gains, Danielle Harris, and now... Sherriff Brackett has been cast.... who will be playing the new Sherriff in the new Halloween? I wont leave a pic, or the actors name, for what I will leave you with will say more than enough. I will just leave you with this hint, and a nice quote that this actor has said in one of his movies.......


Monday, January 15, 2007

The Lost Boys 2 is Finally Coming! Is That Good or Bad?

Finally, the legendary movie that should've had a sequel about 18 years ago is getting one. Yes, the Lost Boys 2 is finally coming out, long after the stories we've heard of "The Lost Girls" being the sequel, or the original idea which had David (Keifer Sutherland) not being dead and being the lead once again in Lost Boys 2 (Would've been awesome). Now according to, the movie is happening, and could be based on either surfing vampires, or the Frog brothers vampire hunting company, let's hope the Frog Brothers idea is the idea they go with, because sequels without anyone from the originals is destined to be DOOMED. If only they could go all out and get as many original cast members as possible, this would be an awesome movie to re-live, just like my choice for the 2006 movie of the year, Rocky Balboa! If not, we'll always have the classic original that I watch anytime i see it on T.V., The Lost Boys!

Tonys Random Thought Of The Day 1/14/07

What do Indians do on Thanksgiving?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Wrestling Video Game Alternative....

Well today i decided to play a game on my computer that I haven't tried in awhile. A game most of you probably have never heard of (due to the creator not really promoting his games very much on the net), being that most wrestling game fans are familiar with the Smackdown vs. RAW series on the major consoles, there isn't much competition out there in the mainstream. I too enjoy the Smackdown vs. RAW series each year and it seems to be improving with time finally after years of unrealistic game play (in my opinion), and many other complaints that the hardcore wrestling game fans have every year. With TNA Impact on the video game horizon soon, hopefully there will be variety to choose from again like their used to be a few years ago back when the legendary WCW vs. nWo World Tour, WCW Revenge, and WWF No Mercy games were out and wrestling gamers were extremely happy....but the scene has gone down hill ever since those games for some reason. The three above mentioned games were made by the same company and used the same engine, and it seems even today every time a new game is on its way, fans are hoping it will be similar to one of those games from the late 90's.

Well I too sometimes want to play something different, and a few years back i stumbled across a computer game called "Federation booker." I read the description and it grabbed my interest because in this game, you took the role of the person who signs the talent, puts the matches together, controls the finances, etc. I downloaded the trial to check it out, and found my self having some fun with the game. the graphics were only 2D and definitely not on the level of one of the major console games, but still the idea was fun and it was a different concept being able to just make my own wrestling shows then sitting back and watching them. I looked further into things and more information about this game. I was taken to, who is the creator of that game and many others which are based more on fun and humor than graphics and game play. That was a few years back and I've kept up with this guy and his games over the years, and they've steadily improved. The game I played today was Booking Encore which is his latest wrestling game which puts you in control of running your own wrestling show. He's upgraded to making 3D games now instead of 2D, and this game is much improved over the games i played years ago. In the latest game, not only are the graphics improved to 3D (even though the series still aims for a more cartoony feel than realism), but the game is much deeper with all kinds of hilarious antics. Imagine creating yourself on the game (Yes you get to create your own look), then having a wrestler come up to you backstage and ask you their opinion on their new costume idea, then being able to tell them "Sure its great" or "No it sucks keep your current gear." Or meeting with a TV executive who wants to see a certain one of your wrestlers spotlighted in the next few shows, do you listen and get on his good side? Or do you rebel and go another direction? Also look out for court cases when wrestlers take you to court, blaming you for their career being ruined. This stuff is entertaining to me as a wrestling fan and not something you'd find on a console game. If your someone who is all about graphics or perfect game play, this game probably isn't for you. I enjoy it for the humor and ability to create your own show right down to the look of the ring and arena, but I would've liked a little more focus on the wrestling mechanics, as sometimes it feels like very match turns into a hardcore street fight with a ton of weapons, which is cool sometimes, but I'd like to see some more normal wrestling in the series and have the option to entertain your audience either way. But the fun factor here outweighs the negatives I think. This is the only game out there where you can have 20 guys in the ring at once for a realistic battle royal, and just about every match type from a variety of cages, to survivor series style tag matches, to backstage brawls.

The really cool thing is you can check out and download the free trial to see if its for you, and then a couple of different options to purchase it for only 14.99. They give the option to download the game in just a few minutes, or mail a full boxed version in a case (This is what I did because you can download new versions and updates to your game this way.) As I mentioned, if you check this game out with an open mind and looking for a laugh, its an entertaining game and a break from the games we've seen in the mainstream the past few years.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Women, Shopping, and You.

Last night, I went clothes shopping with the girlfriend.

She needed to get out of the house, I wanted to stay in the house. But I told her I would take her to the mall so she could use her gift card.

Ladies, what the hell is it that makes this so damn difficult? When a guy goes shopping, well any straight guy. We see some pants, see theyre our size, and we are done. I dont think I have ever spent anymore than 15 minutes buying clothes. Ive never used a fitting room. Why? I know my size, the clothes I get are my size, and thats that.

I go into JC Penny and instantly see 10 TVs set up all around the section of pants. Thousands of pants. And on these TVs are the most annoying music videos ever. Weird, techno rap punk madness. And this noise invades my ears while my girlfriend then proceeds to look through every pair of the thousands of Jeans, after visiting the fitting room three times, she finally finds a pair that "fit" out of the thousands, only these two pairs will fit. Then onto shirts, which was not as bad, only spent about 20 minutes looking for 1 shirt.

But I came up with an idea, a million dollar plan for department stores...

Mancare. Thats right, places need Daycares for men! When we are forced to go clothes shopping, the women can drop off their guy in the Mancare, where there are big screens, recliners, video games, and a bar set up. If stores had this, I would take her shopping all the time.

Sleepless Cause Of Sleepless

I consider Braveheart the greatest movie ever made.

A Clockwork Orange happens to be my favorite movie of all time.

My top 5 Favorite Movies Ever are Clockwork, Rear Window, Clerks, Pulp Fiction, and Toy Story. Yeah thats a weird top 5.

But even more weird is, my love, and OCD for Sleepless in Seattle...

Ever since this movie came out, I have had this odd, not sure what to call it really. Facination for it. For some weird reason, every, single, time, this movie is on TV, and I happen to be flipping through channels or checking out the guide, I HAVE to watch it. And if it is on, and I know its on, and I try not to watch it, or dont watch it. I feel uneasy, the world feels unbalanced, just feeling uneasy.

What really, really sucks, is what happened last night. Before I head off to bed to sleep because I have to wake up early the next day for work, Ill do some last minute TV watching, flipping through channels to find something to zone out to before I sleep. And Sleepless in Seattle will be on, and it wont just be on, it will be JUST STARTING. I got about 5 hours of sleep last night thanks to HBO showing it last night. I was minute away from going to bed, I even stopped watching TV. I went downstairs to get a drink of water, and saw my Dad flipping through channels and saw Sleepless in Seattle was starting. And I watched it.

Now I dont know what it is about this movie. It has Rosie O Donnell in it but I hate that bitch. Well, she wasnt so bad back then, but now shes super lezilla. Maybe its how, every detail is tied together, how in the movie Meg Ryan peels an apple, and then later in the movie Tom Hanks mentions how is now dead wife used to peel an apple. Little tiny things like that. Who knows, I have seen this movie more than I have seen any other movie, but for some reason I cant quote this movie as well as I can others. And no matter how many times I have seen the stupid ending I grit my damn teeth to hold back a stupid tear. Tom Hanks is awesome.

Hell, at one point I used to listen to the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack all the time, rockin that Harry Connick Jr. Until I lost the CD.

The most odd thing about this though, is that I dont even own this movie on DVD. Theres an anniversary edition DVD out, but I never think to get it. I never think to get the soundtrack again either so I can listen to With A Wink And A Smile.

If you have never seen this movie, dont watch it. You might end up with the the Sickness Of Sleepless. Like me.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Livin' In Ameeerica!

As any Rocky fan might gather from the title of this we pay tribute to ::ahem::...The Dancing Destroyer, The Master of Distaster, the King of Sting, and the Count of Monte Fisto.....the one and only...Apollo Creed!

Apollo is one of the top characters on my list of all time favorite Rocky characters. I think he brought the flash and color that really brought something extra to the Rocky movies. As a matter of fact, I think a movie about the Apollo Creed character himself would've been great! Through out the Rocky series, i feel that Apollo did get the short end of the stick on more than one occasion. In Rocky 1 we first see Apollo as the flamboyant undefeated heavyweight champion. Who could forget Apollo's entrance as George Washington in Rocky 1? That scene really emphasised how Apollo figured he was the best in the world, and would take care of that chump Rocky with ease. Things didnt exactly work out that way as we know, but Apollo remained undefeated in the end and did get the win over Rocky. In Rocky 2, Apollo is BARELY defeated by Rocky, and if not for the knock out in the last round, Apollo would've taken it by decision again. Now here we are 5 years later for Rocky 3, and Apollo re-appears to help Rocky regain his "Eye of the Tiger." My only problem with this is, where has Apollo been for 5 years? He loses 1 match in his whole career, and by decision at that, so he just retires? Wow. I guess the explanation would be that Apollo was too depressed after that loss, but I just dont see the Count of Monte Fisto giving up so easy. Well he helps Rocky win his title back from the legendary Clubber Lang (who deserves his own blog down the road), and then we end Rocky 3 with the friendly match between Apollo and Rocky, which we'll never know the end of.

Now we come to Rocky 4. We all know the Ivan Drago story, and what better guy to put him up against than Apollo, makes sense to me. Leading up to the Drago vs. Apollo fight, Apollo pulls off what in my opinion is THE best entrance in ANY Rocky movie, bar none! Livin' In America by the late great James Brown, is THE perfect theme song for Apollo, and its shown why in this scene. Apollo with the awesome entrance attire, the showgirls, the lights, its so over the top Apollo style, it just can't be beat. This setting was so perfect, after not seeing an Apollo fight for 8 years, his return in this grand fashion is one of my favorite all time Rocky moments, and is then followed by THE worst moment in a Rocky movie. I understand that they're trying to get the point across that Drago is this super human destruction machine....and that's fine....but your telling me after round 1 in an exhibition fight, with Apollo bleeding all over, that SOMEbody wouldn'd stop the fight? Horrible, just horrible. Rocky is left standing their like a moron watching Apollo's brain get pounded, and everyone else acts like Rocky is the ONLY one who can stop it. I think this was a horrible way to go, so many other options here, Apollo goes into a coma or something, but death? Too far fetched. I think Apollo had a lot more entertaining Rocky movie moments, but it all ended hear because obviously Sylvester Stallone loves death in the Rocky series! I thought Mick's death at least made sense due to his age, but Apollo just wasn't necessary.

In a dream situation, I would've love to see Apollo face off with Clubber somewhere along the line. I think there was a natural tension there from Rocky 3 and would've made for a great side feud in Rocky 4. Drago beating Apollo would be fine.....then Rocky fights Drago in Russia....while Apollo and Lang fight for the vacated heavyweight title. Then in this dream situation, Rocky 5 would've been saved from horrible sequel hell, and we could've seen a scenario where Rocky defeated Drago as he did in 4, and Apollo defeated Lang for the vacant title.....and the door is wide open, for 1 last World Heavyweight Championship Rocky vs. Apollo fight. Sure they would've been older and such, but that could've gone right along with the plot of the movie, and the added intrigue of Apollo fighting Rocky for the title after they had been such great friends for years now! Now THAT would've been better usage of the legendary Apollo Creed! If only I could've stepped in and written Rocky 5 for them, oh well.

Anyone have any thoughts or dream Rocky scenarios of your own? Feel free to share! We'd love to read the feedback!

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Rocky Balboa Box Office Update

Rocky Balboa ( Rocky 6, Rocky VI) has managed to stay in the top 10 for its Third weekend and has made just over $60 million at the box office. It might have an outside chance at catching Rocky II for fourth place in the franchise series.

Friday, January 5, 2007

My thoughts on WWE....

Boy oh boy... I have been watching WWE for about 20 years now. And I can honestly say this is the worst it has ever been. John Cena is the worst champion ever, no wrestling skills, terrible mic skills, tries too hard to be funny, thinks he can rap. Hey wait a minute, its basically the wrestler version of K Fed! The very man he fought, thats right, WWE Champion Cena fought THAT K Fed. I long for the good ol days, but honestly I think its over. I dont think WWE will ever get better, and I think TNA will end up taking over. TNA has good matches, interesting storylines, and intriguing stuff going on. Anyways, these are my thoughts. WWE sucks, TNA rules. My Monday nights are now on Thursday nights.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

WrestleMania 3- 1987 PPV VHS Tape Found

I was sitting at my desk today when my 5 year old son said "Hey, Dad. Let's watch this." He shoved a musky old VHS tape in my face. It smelled bad and the once white cover was now a Post-it Note yellow.

When I moved last year a lot of my old stuff came with me. All my old junk was split between my mom's and my dad's houses, old closets, attics, and storage units. Much of it had been out of sight ( and out of mind) for close to 20 years. Some was welcome, like the 1970 Hank Aaron cards and original GI Joes. Then there were the bags full of action figure weapons, broken limbs, and dirty Thundercats. I have boxes of junk and old toyboxes. I went through some of it, but mostly just moved and forgot about it.

My son has gradually gone through my stuff and found an assortment of old toys. A lot of them are old toys ( and parts of toys) I don't remember well. Others have been a pleasant surprise. I introduced him to Hulk and Andre via the Titan Sports "dolls"' ( I mean ACTION figures) circa 1984. Unfortunately, my ring and steel cage were broken. I remember playing with those things for hours when I was 7 or 8 years old, staging fake wrestling matches with those rubber figures, often "playing" both characters. I grew so fond of wrestling I often made my G.I. Joes, Indiana Jones, Thunder Cats, and Transformers into wrestlers, too. I remember going to a store called Ames or Toys R'Us every Friday and getting a new figure. They were $7 plus 5% tax, coming to $7.35- and just about the best thing in the world.

When my son showed me the tape, it took me awhile to recognize it. I was a little annoyed and needed to get some work done. So I just said "Yeah. Ok. Not Right now. We will look at it later."

But when I saw the label and glimpsed the names Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Billy Jack Haynes, Ricky Steamboat, and "WrestleMania 3- 1987"- I changed my mind.

"Ohhhhh. You wanna put this in the VCR and see what this is?"

"Yes, Dad."

WrestleMania 3.- That was where it all started for me. That event was the catalyst for my childhood wrestling obsession. My trips to Ames. The trips to the video store on Dollar Night where I would rent everything from WrestleMania and Royal Rumble to classic compilations with Bruno Sammartino and Gorilla Monsoon.

So I walked up the basement steps to the living room and put my 1987 live VHS recording of WrestleMania III in the VCR.

To Be Continued....

Rocky Balboa Breaks $50 Million at the Box Office!

"Rocky Balboa" was the movie no one in Hollywood wanted to make, except for Sylvester Stallone. Of course there were nostalgic fans and others who wanted some closure to the story, an ending to erase the memory of Rocky 5. But when it came time to put up the money and get the thing made, many thought it would never happen.

So it was back to basics for the conclusion of the Rocky Saga. No big budget effects or $20 million pay-days. In an age when the average big studio picture has a $100 million+ budget, often with multiple million dollar actors, "Rocky 6" was made for about $24 million. Stallone supposedly made over $20 million each for duds like "D-Tox" and "Avenging Angelo." The once mighty career of the man who brought us Rocky and Rambo in recent years has resembled the direct to video trajectory of such luminaries as Steven Segal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Sly obviously had to take a huge paycut to get this movie made. And it's paidoff.

Rocky Balboa debuted at #1 the Wednesday of its release. It was soon knocked off the top by big budget fare, but the movie has legs. According to in exactly 2 weeks, this film has grossed just over $52 million. It has been 12 years since a Stallone starring film earned over $50 million and over 20 years since his last $100 million hit ( Rocky 4 and Rambo both eclipsed $120 million in 1985). it has easily surpassed Rocky 5.

With good reviews and word of mouth, Rocky Balboa will recieve several more weeks at the box office, followed by a healthy second life on DVD and cable. No matter what happens in the movies, it looks like Stallone always gets the last knockout.

The Definitive Rocky Balboa Review Kicks off Ultra Entertainment's Blog!

We're kicking off the premier of the Ultra Entertainment Blog with a review of what in my mind was THE movie of 2006, Rocky Balboa. Others may disagree for various reason, but for the die hard Rocky fans such as myself, this truly was an experience. It was almost like having a great memory from 20 years back, then actually being able to go back and add on to that memory and make it even better. It was surreal to actually be sitting in a theatre in 2006 and be there to see a Rocky movie. So no better way then to kick it off with one of the Icons that this blog was inspired by, Rocky Balboa!

When the details first started coming on about this movie a couple of years back, I read all kinds of different scenarios, from Rocky coming out of retirement for a rematch with Ivan Drago, to Rocky running Mick's gym and being called out by a current world champion. As things got closer and teasers popped up online, more and more details of the real movie started surfacing. One thing that stood out was reading that Adrian was not in the movie, and Rocky had a new girlfriend in Rocky Balboa. This alone started things off on the wrong foot for me with this movie, Rocky with a new woman instead of Adrian? OH no, that's just wrong. I actually went all the way to the theatre thinking that this was the case, and I knew if this aspect wasn't handled right, this movie would be rank right "Up there" with Rocky 5. The first trailers I saw grabbed me as sort of a low budget offering that would get another Rocky movie out there, but wouldn't necessarily deliver what the Rocky die hards wanted. As time went on, and some more in depth trailers started showing, i got a little more pumped about this, especially the one with the familiar "Eye of the Tiger" playing some of the background. I'll keep the review pretty spoiler free as I realize a lot of our readers might be checking this out before they see the movie, to see if it's worth seeing.

As the movie kicks off, we're hit hard with the face that Adrian is gone, Rocky is alone, and wow it sucks. For we who sit through every Rocky Marathon and have seen each each one at least 20 times, its a hit to see that Rocky no longer has Adrian. After the initial shock, you feel like "Ok, emotional stuff is over, lets get this movie goin!".......but no such luck, the entire movie is an emotional roller coaster that touches on the greatness of the past movies, and all the emotional attachments from the past. I think the movie comes across as both a great movie in itself, and a tribute to Rocky 1-4 (5 just didn't have anything that made much of an impact, so nothing to reference in this movie). Mason "The Line" Dixon is a great new age opponent for Rocky. He's not the flashy and glitzy character of Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, or even Ivan Drago, but he's a great character who isn't necessarily an 80's bad guy type, but a realistic 2006 bad guy that fits right in. I was glad to see Adrian featured so prominently in this movie and glad to see that Rocky's "new girlfriend" wasn't a girlfriend at all, but rather a nice little nod to Rocky 1 that didn't take away from the Rocky/Adrian relationship at ALL. It was also great to see the old faces like Paulie (Who might have had his best Rocky performance to date in this one with his classic 1 liners and overall feeling he gave this movie), Duke (who's speech to Rocky gave the "big fight" feel that the fight needed, and Spider Rico (wow, what a surprise to see him return). As I said, I wont spoil the ending, but the emotion this movie provided was unexpected, on the level of seeing the hardships of an old friend, which Rocky just about is to many of us.

Overall, as a HUMONGOUS Rocky fan, i love this movie, it was a trip down memory lane with an old friend we haven't seen in 16 years. This definitely has a "Rocky Movie" feel to it, not as colorful as the 80's Rocky 3 or 4, but by the end of this movie, I found myself wanting Rocky to win more than I EVER have in ANY of the past Rocky's. The emotion will grab you and have you on the edge of your seat guaranteed! After seeing this, I want to collect more and more Rocky merchandise, like the new line of Rocky Figures, and I'll be waiting for the Rocky Anthology DVD Collection with Rocky Balboa as the 6th DVD to truly have that final great ending chapter that Rocky 5 didn't provide.

Rocky Balboa -- A+ 10/10 rating!

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