Thursday, January 11, 2007

Women, Shopping, and You.

Last night, I went clothes shopping with the girlfriend.

She needed to get out of the house, I wanted to stay in the house. But I told her I would take her to the mall so she could use her gift card.

Ladies, what the hell is it that makes this so damn difficult? When a guy goes shopping, well any straight guy. We see some pants, see theyre our size, and we are done. I dont think I have ever spent anymore than 15 minutes buying clothes. Ive never used a fitting room. Why? I know my size, the clothes I get are my size, and thats that.

I go into JC Penny and instantly see 10 TVs set up all around the section of pants. Thousands of pants. And on these TVs are the most annoying music videos ever. Weird, techno rap punk madness. And this noise invades my ears while my girlfriend then proceeds to look through every pair of the thousands of Jeans, after visiting the fitting room three times, she finally finds a pair that "fit" out of the thousands, only these two pairs will fit. Then onto shirts, which was not as bad, only spent about 20 minutes looking for 1 shirt.

But I came up with an idea, a million dollar plan for department stores...

Mancare. Thats right, places need Daycares for men! When we are forced to go clothes shopping, the women can drop off their guy in the Mancare, where there are big screens, recliners, video games, and a bar set up. If stores had this, I would take her shopping all the time.

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  1. Will this include one of those chairs with the commode built-in like on Simpsons, Home Improvement,etc?