Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Burger King Employees Rule

So I went to BK to get some breakfast on my way to work, and I unfortunatley had to hit the one near my work, which is ALWAYS a nightmare for the people that work there are IDIOTS, every one of them and of course, I had another annoying time. So fed up I decide to email BK to complain about this store but apparently they are stuck in 1988 and you are not allowed to email them, you can only write a letter and send it, so I wrote one up and will be sending it tomorrow, here is my letter....

Burger King Employee IQ

I and others here at my office are fed up. We are located in Phoenix AZ. The Burger King we are fed up with is located on the corner of 16th st. and Buckeye Rd. What is it that we are fed up with you ask? No, not the food, as we are all delighted when sinking our teeth into a tasty Whopper. But it is the service there, the terrible service.

This is not all Burger Kings, for some reason this is the only Burger King where I have problems. Going through the drive thru to order food is the most annoying experience of my life. Not once is it a simple easy experience. Every time the order is screwed up, they never once understand exactly what I am speaking, which is ENGLISH. I say no onions, they give me extra! I say no tomato, they take off the pickles! This morning I went to get breakfast..... Here is a transcript of sorts, almost word for word....

BK: May I take your order?

ME: I would like a number 4.

BK: Breakfast or Lunch?

ME: Breakfast.

BK: Lunch?

ME: No, Breakfast!

BK: The French Toast?

ME: Yes! And would also like an Icee Float.

BK: Icee Coke?

ME: Float?

BK: Coke??

ME: No an Icee F L O A T!

BK: Let me see if we have Icee Coke.

(I sit and bang my head on the steering wheel)

BK: Yes we have Icee Coke.

ME: Fine.

BK: Total at window!

Seriously what the hell is so hard about understanding, Number 4, breakfast, and an Icee Float. It should not be that hard but these people that this Burger King hires are the dumbest ever! The above is just one of many annoying times I've had at Burger King with my fellow co workers. Now, to continue from the above, I get to work and I sip on my Icee Coke, and it is the most god awful taste ever! It seriously left a burnt taste in my mouth. I think it might just be me, so I ask a couple of my co workers to try it and they all agree. One said it tasted like it was a very dirty cup, the other said the ICEE COKE, SMELLED LIKE ONIONS! What the hell? It comes from an ICEE MACHINE! There is no way that making an Icee should be that hard to make. Of course one co worker asks, what Burger King did you go to? And I mention 16th St and Buckeye Rd and she says "Ooooh yeah that one" ugh this is an abomination! I love Burger King food, but I can not stand this anymore, I will be taking my money other places from now on where the people working there have IQ levels above woodpeckers on metal poles. Please do something about this, for you will lose more and more customers and another Burger King will be shut down.

A Sad BK Muncher

So there it is, will I get an answer? Probably not, but my voice will be heard damnit! VIVA LA RESISTANCE!

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