Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Blog To End All Blogs

Alright god damnit here is a blog and a rant its rated R so if you dont like words like fuck shit titty cock ballrip and god knows what else then go read a bible and shut the fuck up.

1. Saw 3 rules. They all rule, there is my Saw review. If you dont like the Saw movies then put the hot dog down and go watch more shitty PG-13 rated horror movies ya fuckin baby.

2. Fuck McDonalds, fuck them in their greasy gross shitty asses. I ate a damn McGriddle AKA a McShittle, and almost died! Thats right, comin out both ends kinda died! So dont eat there, I wont ever again. Feel free to complain at McDonalds.com

3. God damnit dont you hate when you tell someone you will do something for them and then for days they bug the shit out of you about it? Fucking ass shits.

4. I work for an Indy Wrestling Fed, its cool. Check them out at RisingPhoenixWrestling.com

You know what I fuckin hate?!?! God damn ILLEGAL MEXICANS. Some Mexicans, ok, cool, I can deal. Others though? They piss me off and last night was the last straw.
These assholes fuck up my orders in the drive through, fuck up the economy, and are now fucking up my TV viewing! Here in the great boring state of AZ, the Amber Alert (when a kid is kidnapped, they do this) they put it on TV, they interupt your show, by taking the sound out and saying BLAH BLAH BLAH THIS PERSON KIDNAPPED BLAH BLAH LOOK FOR MR BLAH. Well last night, Im watching one of my fav shows, 24, and during the big twist at the end, an Amber Alert comes on, because some idiot illegal kidnapped a kid and ran off with her. Because this moron did this, I missed the end of my show.
Another thing, why do the idiots that put this shit on TV, actually, PUT IT ON TV?! Like Im supposed to stop watching my show, run outside, get in my truck, and go looking for them?!?! God good.

Lindasy Lohan get a fucking life, lay off the crack, stop being a god damn whore. Im watching this stupid bitch thats hooked on drugs, drinking and whoring getting hounded by papparazzi, say this to them.... "Guys please this is Sunday, its Gods day." ROFL!!!! You stupid bitch. I hate you Lohan. You and Paris and Britney should all get in a damn car and eat 10 McGriddles till you shit yourselves to death.

Thats all for now, I might be back later, but I will leave you with this quote. I want T Shirts of this quote made, bumper stickers, the works. It is about the new presidential vote thats coming soon. And the quote I want you all to know, live by, and listen to, make shirts of, stickers, hats, posters....

"If Hilary Wins, We Riot!"

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  1. Wow, this blog sounds like some sort of weekly column to me, I'd def. read it. Mr. Random Villain has definitely nailed many hot topics and hit them on all cylinders, what a read!

    Also it verified that McDonalds is only good for McRib, the best sandwich in Mcdonalds history, and I definitely won't be trying the ultra fattening McShittle anytime soon!