Friday, January 5, 2007

My thoughts on WWE....

Boy oh boy... I have been watching WWE for about 20 years now. And I can honestly say this is the worst it has ever been. John Cena is the worst champion ever, no wrestling skills, terrible mic skills, tries too hard to be funny, thinks he can rap. Hey wait a minute, its basically the wrestler version of K Fed! The very man he fought, thats right, WWE Champion Cena fought THAT K Fed. I long for the good ol days, but honestly I think its over. I dont think WWE will ever get better, and I think TNA will end up taking over. TNA has good matches, interesting storylines, and intriguing stuff going on. Anyways, these are my thoughts. WWE sucks, TNA rules. My Monday nights are now on Thursday nights.

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  1. Yeah, as someone who has worked in the business and someone who has a real respect for it, I can't stand when they just insult their own product by coming out and saying its entertainment. If someone knows that or believes that, fine. But let the people who just want to sit back and enjoy it do just that! TnA is bringing intensity back to wrestling, people know when Angle headbutted Joe in the face...that was the real deal! I'm on board with TnA definitely, their show is awesome and it keeps me interested every single week! Long live TnA....WWE, I wish you would realize everywhere you have gone wrong!