Monday, January 15, 2007

The Lost Boys 2 is Finally Coming! Is That Good or Bad?

Finally, the legendary movie that should've had a sequel about 18 years ago is getting one. Yes, the Lost Boys 2 is finally coming out, long after the stories we've heard of "The Lost Girls" being the sequel, or the original idea which had David (Keifer Sutherland) not being dead and being the lead once again in Lost Boys 2 (Would've been awesome). Now according to, the movie is happening, and could be based on either surfing vampires, or the Frog brothers vampire hunting company, let's hope the Frog Brothers idea is the idea they go with, because sequels without anyone from the originals is destined to be DOOMED. If only they could go all out and get as many original cast members as possible, this would be an awesome movie to re-live, just like my choice for the 2006 movie of the year, Rocky Balboa! If not, we'll always have the classic original that I watch anytime i see it on T.V., The Lost Boys!

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  1. They're not sure yet, it could go either way. Corey Feldman is the only one being talked about as of now, but i don't see it being a winner if he is the only returning cast member!