Thursday, March 29, 2007

Michael Jacksons Robot

So apparently, Michael Jackson might be performing in Vegas. Cool. See unlike alot of people in the world, I dont hate Michael. If he slept in a bed with a kid, or if he didnt. Does that change how bad ass Thriller is? No. Does it change the fact that he was one of the best performers of our time and put out some of the most awesome songs and music videos ever? No. So why should I stop being a fan just cause hes a little weird? Were all a little weird. Big deal. Get over it people. What really irks me is people are all OMGZ MICHAEL JACKSON IS A FREAK AND A WEIRDO I HATE HIMMMMMM. When 10 years ago these same people would go to his concerts and pass out if he smiled at them and have to be carried out.

Anyways, back to the news. Michael is planning on constructing a 50 robot version of himself to be on display in Vegas. Awesome. Again, all news stories covering this are like OMG HES SO WEIRD HES MAKING A ROBOT OF HIMSELF.

Hey, fuckos, he already did this, ever see Michael Jacksons Moonwalker? Yeah he fought Joe Peci and kicked his fuckin ass with his giant Michael Robot. He saved lives in that movie with his robot, maybe he knows a new threat is coming and is going to save all of our lives. Then you Jackson haters will really look stupid huh?

If he wants to build a giant robot of himself, go for it. Leave the poor guy alone. Because if he, no, WHEN he comes out with a new song, and you know he will, and that song kicks ass, and you know it will. I dont want to see these idiots that are acting like 5 year old boys scared of cooties going OMG MICHAEL JACKSONS AWESOME when right now, theyre all pissed cause he wants to make a robot. Again, just like the Oprah psychos, get a life.

Michael, I support you dude, always have, always will.

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