Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rachel and Monica kiss OMFGZZZZ!@2111aA

So Ive been hearing on Courtney Coxs new piece of shit show that delayed to season premiere of The Shield, she kisses Jennifer Anniston. Now I might be the only guy in the world to say this, but Anniston is fucking ugly, shes got the nasty flabby arm shit going on and shes just annoying as hell. Anyways, people, mainly guys, are losing their minds over the sight of seeing these two annoying twats make out. Getting their lubes all ready and gettin set for a 30 second jerk off session. Well morons I got some news for ya.

This is the most pathetic lesbo kiss ever. The big Roseanne lesbo kiss was more intense than this shit. So wanna see what people are going so nutso about? Without further ado... Cox and Anniston pathetic lesbo kiss...


  1. I must agree. Jennifer Aniston craze has been going on for years, and I"m not saying she's ugly by any means, she's just always grabbed me as "plain." Eh, she doesnt set the world on fire, and neither does Courtney Cox for that matter, but eh, i guess if you put 2 famous even semi-good looking girls on TV and have them kiss, it's the news of the century!

  2. I thought Anniston looked better when she was the chick in short skirts, sweaters, and iced down nipples. She had a little more weight and was supposed to be kinda 'Girl Next Door ( not in the Elisha Cithbert sense of course)" and not some international OMGBradPitt'swifeOMGsexycouplejerkoff hot superstar. Ever since she started being seen as so important, got skinny, fucked Brad Pitt,etc I think she looks kinda man/dogish and Ehh.