Saturday, March 24, 2007

TMNT: The Review

There are some major things in this movie that ads, and other reviews are keeping out. This movie is PART 4 in the series. The movie starts off with a narration bringing us all up to speed. Shredder is dead, Leonardo has been sent by Splinter on a training mission to become a better leader. Donatello is working phone tech support to bring in some cash, Michaelangelo works as an entertainer for kids birthday parties, and Raph is, well Raph. Since Shredder is dead, the foot clan no more, crime has been down. And since Leo is gone and not there to lead them, their crime fighting days are apparently over for them. They're getting older. Raph does not want to let the glory days go, so he creates Nightwatcher. And goes out at nights listening to police scanners and fighting crime still. Casey Jones and April are now living together, April wanting to settle together into something more "long term" and Casey is also having to deal with not being the wild man we all know he is anymore.

This movie is alot more dark, and I would say about 90% for the old school fans but 10% for the new fans that are the kids today. The darkness is there, the action is awesome. The fight scenes are great.






My favorite moment, is when the Leo has been kidnapped, and we see this huge over the head shot of the 3 turtles, Casey Jones, and April battling hundreds of foot soldiers. (Since its years later from the third movie, and shes living with Casey Jones, April has been training in martial arts.) Anyways the battle is looking awesome, then the camera swoops down and goes around a corner and for the first time really, we see Splinter whoopin that ass. Sure in the first movie he did a tiny bit at the end, but this is Splinter doin flips and handing the foot their little asses.


What was also great was the animation, it was insanely great. The rooftop scene with Raph and Leo in the rain was fantastic. They went into major detail on everything in this.

My only gripes with the movie are this.... there is TONS of characters from the cartoon that they can include, where is Baxter Stockman already?? Where the fuck is Krang????? Bebop and Rocksteady???? Mousers??? But, the end of this movie teases as to what is come in the sequel, just think of why the major villain was not in Batman Begins, then we find out in the end, The Joker is coming in the next movie! Well, slight spoiler (we are hinted that in the next turtles movie, Shredder returns.)

Overall, I give it a 8/10. But thats just because Im older, and would have loved to see a much darker turtles movie, live action turtles movie, and some of the old characters like the above listed.

I am a very happy turtles fan. This movie was better than part 2 and especially part 3. But better than the first movie? No.

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  1. Ok, since i heard this movie was not live action and was CGI, I've been HIGHLY doubtful that I'd have any interest. But after reading this review, and knowing Random Villain and myself have the same opinions of the original 3 movies (with the 3rd sequel being a waste of a good turtles movie,) I"m suddenly interested in this one after hearing it acknowledge the past movies and the events that occured in them. Almost like this is a fresh start but also a sequel feel at the same time. If its as good as Random says, and we're in for more great sequels that could feature the legends like Shredder coming into play, i'm ALL for this project. I'd like to see this one ASAP and hoepfully re-live some of the great old school Turtle memories! Screw the TomatoeMeter, I follow the RandoMeter for my movie reviews!