Thursday, October 18, 2007

Britney Spears loses visitation with her kids...yep...already!

The AP reported earlier today that a judge has already suspended Britney Spears visitation rights with her kids...after about a week or so. The reason given was that she had not complied with court orders. Since the news broke, reported: “We’ve learned Brit did not provide the drug testing people with contact information so they could reach her to facilitate the random tests, and that is what triggered Commish Gordon’s action.” So yeah, Britney must really be one of those mothers that can't stand to be away from her kids, and will stop at nothing to be able to be with them....yeah, keeping up with every last detail there. Of all things we'd expect to read with this story, drug test failure.....another hit and run incident....being cause yet again without panties.....nope, all we get is "she didn't provide an address." Oh well, the saga continues, as Britney's crusade to make K-Fed look like a more outstanding human being by the day continues.
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