Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Student watches too many video games, and goes on shooting spree in Cleveland

So this idiot kid, gets suspended from school and gets pissed about it and decides to go on a shooting spree at his school, and threatens to bomb it. This is the worst kid ever, he gets THAT pissed off about NOT having to go to school? Fuckin panzy. Read on for the story from CNN then keep reading for my racist jokes and comments, HA HA!

(CNN) -- It was only after a crowd of screaming students ran past Darnell Rodgers in a stairway at his Cleveland, Ohio, high school Wednesday afternoon that he realized he had been shot.

"They were screaming, 'Oh my God! Oh my God,'" said Rodgers, a senior at SuccessTech Academy near downtown Cleveland.

Rodgers suddenly felt his arm "burning," he said, and realized he had been shot in the elbow. Police have started to piece together what happened.

At around 1:15 p.m. ET, 14-year-old gunman Asa Coon, who was a student at the school, walked the halls firing a gun in each hand, Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said.

When it was all over, five people had been shot including Coon who police said killed himself in a classroom.

Police found a .22- caliber revolver and .38-caliber revolver near Coon's body, along with a box of ammunition and three knives, said McGrath.

Investigators have reason to believe some victims were specifically targeted by Coon who had been suspended from school Monday.

"We do not believe this was a random shooting," McGrath said.

"It may have been the teachers he went to the school looking for ... I believe they disciplined him in some manner."

Rodgers was treated and released from the hospital, but others were more seriously injured.

Coon shot 57-year-old teacher David Kachadourian in the back and shot a 42-year-old teacher in the chest, officials said.

Edward Eckart, commissioner of EMS Cleveland said the 42-year-old underwent surgery at MetroHealth Medical Center and was in stable condition at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Fifty-seven-year-old Kachadourian was in stable condition, he said.

In addition, a 15-year-old male with a gunshot wound to his side and a 15-year-old female with a knee injury were transported to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital where they were in stable condition Wednesday night, Eckart said.

Coon had a previous arrest last year for a domestic violence incident and police had been to his home before for incidents that involved weapons, according to McGrath.

Police searched the gunman's locker after the shooting and are watching surveillance footage of the school taken at the time of the shooting, he said.

Students said they took cover in closets after the school principal announced a "Code Blue" on the intercom.

Students described the gunman as being "odd."

Rodgers spoke to reporters after leaving the hospital Wednesday evening.

He called the shooting "very shocking" and said he was "sad" it could happen at a school he thought was safe.

"I never thought it would personally happen at my school."

School activities were canceled as of 5 p.m. ET Wednesday and Thursday classes have been canceled, officials said.

Friday was already going to be a professional day for faculty and will now be devoted to figuring out how to go about resuming classes on Monday.

Cleveland Municipal School District CEO Eugene Sanders said the community and everyone with ties to SuccessTech needs "to take a breather and relax a moment and put this in perspective."

SuccessTech is a nontraditional high school, according to local school officials.

"Since it is a specialty school," it doesn't have "the typical population of a large high school," said Lisa Matthews of the superintendent's office.

It is a "school of choice" -- students have to apply to get in, said Ruthie Williams, also of the superintendent's office. She said classrooms are on the first and third floors of the four-story building and the rest contains the school district's administrative offices.

The academy describes itself on its Web site as a "small, nontraditional high school that provides a learning environment in which all student believe in their ability to succeed."

It adds that the curriculum is "problem-based" and "infused" with technology.

Ok so first off, not only is this the worst kid ever, but he is the worst BLACK kid ever. What black kid goes on a shooting rampage and manages to kill ZERO people. Then he realizes how fucking worthless he is so he did the world a favor at least and shot himself. Thank you! Hey good job again on nice parenting. This day should be known as Shitty Parents Day. Oh also I love the name of the school, Success Tech.... yeah these kids are going to be very Successful, from the looks of this idiot they will have great success in robbing liquor stores. I really like how this kid threatened to bomb the school... with no bombs.

Also does anyone else find it funny that this is a black kid... named Coon? I sure as fuck do.

UPDATE: Well apparently I was wrong, this kid wasn't even black! I'm keeping my black jokes up cause they make me giggle but the story goes...

"Coon, who was white, stood out in the predominantly black school for dressing in a goth style, wearing a black trench coat, black boots, a dog collar and chains, she said."

Great.... the only thing worse than a black kid shooting up schools... is a FAGGOT EMO KID! LMFAOOO NO WONDER THE KID WAS A LOUSY SHOT! HAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!!!! Now the real dumbasses are the people that were running away and actually got shot by an Emo Kid! ROFL @ YOUR FAILURE!

Coon's troubles seemed to come to a breaking point this week. Students said Monday's fight was over God — Coon told his classmates he didn't believe in God and instead worshipped rocker Marilyn Manson.

Hey kid 1999 called and said Marilyn Manson isn't cool anymore. ROFL! OH YEAH YOU CAN'T ANSWER THE PHONE YOU FAIL AT LIFE AND SHOT YOURSELF IN THE HEAD!

The first person shot, 14-year-old Michael Peek, had punched Coon in the face right before the shootings began, Smith said.

Coon "came out of the bathroom and bumped Mike and he (Mike) punched him in his face. Mike started walking. He shot Mike in the side," said Smith.

P W N E D ! ! !

So see! In the end, what started all this? Why did this all begin? Because of a stupid black kid thinking he was Fiddy Cent! Way to go kid!


  1. i was very the racism of this post. it was really really sad

  2. racist p-r-i-c-k. you know perez may be a bit touched but at least the dude isn't racist. u just insured that i will never visit your site again!!

  3. Well, I disagree with the post. Usually successful school shooters are white dudes. they are the ones who have militia parents and get all the gun training at a young age.

  4. Exactly, it's the black guys who hide in trunks with their dads and sniper people from a distance like a couple of pussies.

  5. "Exactly, it's the black guys who hide in trunks with their dads and sniper people from a distance like a couple of pussies."


  6. What I really like... is how EVERY comment on here is obviously by the same person.