Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Perez Who!? Ultra Entertainment Presents:

I'm sure you all have noticed the change of scenery around here.....many you are probably saying "What the hell happened to Ultra Entertainment?!"....Well, this is our call to action! After 300 posts here on this blog, we've come a long way, and learned many things. We've strived to provide with our readers with a huge variety of topics, and we've listened to what our readers want, and given them more of it. Yet still, we've yet to reach the level we want as far as subscribers and all around notoriety on the net. For months we've looked at everything, and saw that one of our problems was our name. Not catchy enough...too long...etc. etc. When we first started this project, it was more of an experiment, so a lot of these factors didn't mean much to us. Well now we're taking it to the next level, so it's time for some changes. I'm sure one big question is: "What's with the name and colors?" Well, after seeing how big time some nobody can get by simply throwing a famous name behind his, well we can do the same damn thing, without the overly gay vibe thrown all over EVERYthing. On top of that, we can even go pink, that's right, we can use a famous name and be pink, and still be the spot for all your STRAIGHT entertainment news. You can come here, and see pics of hot women just like the other sites, except we'll be featuring the hot women and not talking about how we wish we WERE those hot women. And we're not ONLY about Hollywood. As always we will bring you sports, politics, music, video games, pop culture, pretty much whatever the hell we want, which has always been our style. So, spread the word, is the place to be if you want entertainment, without the gay. You are no longer forced to be annoyed while enjoying your entertainment, and you can feel totally ungay while reading this site. So visit often, please subscribe to on the right, tell your friends, post our site all over the net, AND remember........Lohan>Hilton!

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