Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hollywood Gone Retarded. McG making Terminator 4, Studio fucks Hitman, Will Smith remakes Karate Kid

God damn Hollywood has gone batshit crazy....

I love me some Terminator movies. 1 rules, 2 is probably one of the best action movies ever, and part 3 was likeable. I dug the ending to the third one. But I come with a heavy heart today... Terminator 4, 5, and 6 are being planned with WB buying the rights to the film franchise. The sad news? Guess who is making it... this guy named... McG. Thats right, his name in credits is McG. What awesome credits does this guy have under his belt? Film classics such as Charlies Angles, and Charlies Angels Full Throttle, and We Are Marshall. I kinda look at McG as being the retarded little brother of Brett Ratner.

Anyways the small glimmer of hope that we have to hold on to is McG is not signed yet. A screenplay has been completed by "Terminator 3" scribes John Brancato and Michael Ferris, and the financiers and studio are close to locking a director. While industry buzz has director McG as the odds-on favorite for the assignment, the producers said no final decision had yet been made.

Oh yeah... And I am sure you are wondering where Arnold fits into all this... he doesn't. Ol Vin Diesel is rumored to take over... McG... Vin Diesel... fucks sake. This is almost as shitty as this news.....

Xavier Gens the director of the upcoming video game movie Hitman, which "looked" pretty damn awesome, has been pulled from the project... the reason why? After being hired to shoot an adaptation of the ultra-violent video game Gens took Asian action films such as The Killer and A Bittersweet Life as his starting point and turned in an explicitly violent, very bloody cut of the film that apparently included a number of head shots and extreme gore moments that would have guaranteed the film a hard R rating. Which really shouldn’t have been any sort of surprise if the studio execs had been paying any attention at all - it’s not like they wouldn’t have seen the dailies or effects work ahead of time - but apparently after seeing Gens’ cut of the film the studio removed him from the project and placed Nicolas De Toth in control of a new edit of the film. Who’s De Toth? He’s the man behind the edit of Live Free Or Die Hard, a job he was hired for specifically to turn in an entirely bloodless version of the film and word is that this is his task with Hitman as well. So what are we going to get? A bloodless version of the film assembled with no input whatsoever from Gens. Because for some reason, they think R rated movies don't make any money at all.... like this years 2 biggest movies... 300 and Knocked Up. Oh wait a minute. This is pretty stupid but not as stupid as....

Sony Pictures is developing a remake of The Karate Kid that will be produced by Will Smith's Overbook Entertainment and Jerry Weintraub. Weintraub also produced the 1984 film, starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, and its three sequels.

We were also advised that Smith's son Jaden, 9, is attached to star in the remake. Jaden Christopher Syre Smith starred opposite his dad in las... you know what fuck this I stop there. This is just too god damn retarded to even continue.

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  1. Don't forget, McG did a shit load of episodes of THE OC! HAHHAHAHA